Living experience on a raw food farm – Day 21

Day 21 1/2/05

I’m laying here on my bedroom floor listening to the sounds coming through the vent. Marie is playing harmonica and tapping her foot. I hear the sound of Lucy and Lisa laughing, Barbie crying and playing with the toys. The warm air from the living room hits my face as I look down the hole, it’s really peaceful and nice. It’s warm outside and inside. It’s a Sunday and we’re all relaxed. We finished the chores early. I just finished putting my cell phone up to the hole to record the sounds. It’s nice, really nice. I laid around a lot today.

Reading the Vedic astrology books and a Christian/Amish one called “How to train up a Child.” It’s actually a really good book. It gives the experience and advice of a man and his wife on how to raise children right. I enjoyed reading it. It was helpful. It’s all about being strict and loving. Seems like a good combination. It’s funny because it is really hardcore Christian. It has verses from the Bible in it. There’s this one great quote where the guy is talking about public schools and how bad they are. He tells parents that home schooling is good and to not worry about what “Sodomites and Socialists” think of them. I love that line. Is it ironic if you don’t like Sodomites to say “Fuck Sodomites”, or “Fuck Sodomites in the ass.” I wish the Amish surfed, then I could live with them by the beach. Work hard and surf, it would be a good life.

They’ve been using new hay the past several days. It’s the hay they kept in the silos. They call it “Haylage” like silage. It smells really sweet, maybe it fermented. It makes the barn really dusty. I have trouble breathing in there sometimes. Albert and the family went to church today. It felt good to see them looking so nice. Usually, I see them in the work or house clothes. They looked nice as they left. They went over Mathew 3 and 4 today in Church. It’s the part where Jesus fasts for 40 days and the devil comes to him and tries to tempt him. It seemed pretty interesting. They have bibles in German and English here.

For breakfast I had yogurt colostrum with a raw potato and raw onion. Lunch was Jersey cream, honey and a pear. Popcorn and cheese (cheddar) as a middy snack. Beef cubes, awesome cream of potato soup and fermented stuff, and an apple for dinner. “Evo of speela” (I want to play).

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