Living a Long, Healthy Life – Thank You, Aajonus!

"I realized that I was doing some startling things for
me...and feeling a strong sense of my body being healthy.
Not only that, but a kind of knowing that there is
tremendous hope in my world of living a long, healthy life,
of confidently being on the right track. And I would not
have being doing this if it weren't for the way that you lived
your life for yourself - and for the rest of us. I know that I
have already thanked you for being courageous, persistent,
and having a vision of health. It's time to thank you again.
Thanks, Aajonus.
"Ever since my contact with you, my fear of microbes has
lessened considerably and has allowed me the insight of the
connectivity of all life. I love your reference to viruses as
communication links among the species. All this stuff about
unity among all life is beginning to make sense, finally...There
is a lot of work for all of us to do to change the paradigm.
Thanks for taking responsibility for making us aware of the
possibilities we have to improve our health, and that of the
- Murray

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