Kefir is Best Made With Each Individual’s Own Bacteria

Hi, Linda and Keith,
I am delighted that Keith is doing well on the diet. As you probably would not have believed prior to your PD experience, the right nutrients can help people develop the bodies they should have developed in adolescence and early adulthood. Fascinating, to say the least.
As I stated in my recipe book, kefir is best made with each individual's own bacteria in their saliva. Although kefir grain-bacteria predigest milk and make it more assimilable, those bacteria compete with the natural human bacteria. Ultimately, your own bacteria is best to digest raw milk.
healthfully and appreciatively,

Aajonus' books, DVD's, and newsletters have been a godsend.

I wanted you to know this diet is doing amazing things for my husband.  He started the Primal Diet (that Aajonus teaches) 2.5 months ago.  He has always been a malabsorber, and couldn't put on weight, and has had osteoporosis since childhood.   He was 147 pounds (at 6 feet tall) when he started the diet.  He is now 161 pounds, and gaining.  In two months, he will be 65, and he now has muscles where he has never had muscles before.  He no longer has to take naps in the afternoon.  His chest is filling out.  And now he has all this hair growing on his chest -- and it's coming in dark.  The only gray hair on his chest is the few old hairs he had.  (You can say that, for men, the Aajonus diet will "put hair on your chest."   :o) )  He no longer has digestive problems, which he always had.  And, my husband, now for the first time in his life, has a "rear bumper."  He had no muscle in his rear -- before now.  He no longer has to use a pillow to sit on hard seats. 
Aajonus' books, DVD's, and newsletters have been a godsend.  We appreciate the website and all the great information you have. 
ONE QUESTION:  Aajonus mentioned KEFIR in one of the books (I believe).  I wanted to know if he advocates drinking raw-milk kefir that is made from kefir grains.  I go to a milk farmer every week to get organic, totally grass-fed, raw milk.  He gave me raw-milk kefir grains.  I have been making my own raw-milk kefir from these grains.  My husband and I love it, but I wanted to know if Aajonus approves of using kefir grains. 
My best,

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