JAUNDICE usually results from liver contamination, exhaustion and malfunction from pasteurized dairy, most medication and chemicals.

Sometimes kidney dysfunction causes jaundice, and sometimes the inability to digest cooked lactate (the milk sugar in pasteurized milk) is responsible. Undigested lactate strains the liver. The same applies to carbohydrates in grains, such as rice, that cannot be completely digested or assimilated, and collect in the liver and kidneys.

Avoid medication, chemicals, including foods grown with pesticides and herbicides, food treated with additives and preservatives, and avoid drinking any milk that has been heated above 100° Fahrenheit for the rest of your life. Avoid drinking raw milk for 3-7 days while the liver gets cleansed and alkalized. Drinking ½ cup of raw fresh carrot juice, preferably with 2 tablespoons raw coconut cream or raw dairy cream the first thing every morning for 3 weeks supplies the liver and blood with missing nutrients during this disorder. See the foods suggested in Alkalizing food, page 178.

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