INFERTILITY is the inability to produce offspring. If a woman’s reproductive organs are properly formed, infertility generally results from poor mucus production in the ovaries and uterus. The mucus or its fiber is too sparse, or too thin, or too short, or weak. Fertility clinics are usually unnecessary. Spermicides, lubricants, birth control pills and chemical douches absorbed into the uterine walls cause poor mucus formation and/or production, and damage ovaries and ovum quality and production. An unheated-above-96° Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil is the best lubricant that will not cause side effects.

Drinking 2 smoothies daily, 5 days weekly for 6 months, or 1 smoothie daily, 5 days weekly for up to 2 years, along with a healthy raw diet that includes raw meat, corrects the mucus formation and ovum problems. Foods and substances to avoid that interfere with mucus and ovum productions and quality are: coffee (including decaffeinated), caffeine, aspirin, sodas, teas, horseradish and mustard. Caffeine also disturbs the spermatozoa’s swim. See Eggs, page 184.

Occasionally, simply douching with a raw fertile egg at fertility time will suffice. If the mucus quality remains insufficient during pregnancy, miscarriage may result.

I have had clients who had not been able to get pregnant for up to 16 years. They became impregnated after two years or less on a healthy raw diet that included raw meat.

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