IMPOTENCY: Owanza says, “Relax.”

Most often this is not just a physiological problem. If a person finds himself or herself in a relationship where sex is no longer exciting, letting the imagination run wild with fantasy before and during sex usually gets the juices going again. In some relationships it may be best not to tell your mate your imagined fantasies because your mate may become insecure or offended. For some people, telling a fantasy ruins its potency. For others, sharing your fantasies is exciting and causes sexual arousal.

Physiological impotency occurs from deterioration in the nervous system, medication that lowers blood pressure, psychotherapeutic drugs, genital-related problems, including prostatitis and vaginitis, childbirth, and surgeries or injuries that have damaged nerves.
Spermicides, lubricants, birth control pills and chemical douches absorbed into vaginal and uterine walls cause poor mucus formation and/or production, and nerve damage. A pure unheated-above-96º Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil is the best lubricant that will not cause side effects.

Eating plenty of raw fat with raw fresh unripe fruit (non-steamed dates may be included) and having at least ¼ cup of unheated honey daily stop nerve deterioration. Eating, or blending and drinking, 4-8 tablespoons raw coconut cream with ½-1 cup peeled cucumber helps dissolve hardened nerves. Regularly, eating raw fresh fish heals and rebuilds deteriorated nerve tissue over time.

Another reason for physiological impotency is an intolerance for milk heated above 100° Fahrenheit (pasteurization is about 160° Fahrenheit). If a person suspects that he or she may have a milk intolerance, abstaining from drinking and eating milk products for 2-3 months usually restores potency. Then, for most of those people, drinking and eating only room-temperature or warmer raw milk products will not affect potency as long as unheated honey is eaten with them (for example, up to 2 tablespoons of honey per 1 cup of raw milk or raw plain kefir).

See also pages 123-124. In cases of low sexual hormone production, eating plenty of raw shell fish, like oysters, clams, scallops, and urchin with other raw fats often increases hormone production and sexual appetite. Another aphrodisiac is 2 ounces of cold-pressed-below-96° Fahrenheit peanut oil, 1 raw fertile egg, 1 tablespoon raw carob powder and 1/8- ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract. Eating enough raw meat and 1 cup unheated honey daily usually sustains erection for an hour or more.

Drinking 2 cups of hard peeled cucumbers blended with 2-3 ounces fresh raw coconut cream and 3 ounces of unheated honey usually helps to develop and sustain erections. Adding 1 teaspoon bee pollen to the cucumber/coconut cream mixture strengthens erections for many men but not for others. Experiment and discover for yourself. For some men, raw garlic or red onion is also effective in maintaining erection; for others, garlic has the opposite effect.

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