HYPERACTIVE individuals are unusually active and are unable to relax, often feeling anxious.

I hope by now people realize that children are not hyperactive because they are deficient in sedatives, drugs, or abuse. Children who are hyperactive lack the enzyme-mutation for digesting, assimilating and utilizing cooked proteins, especially in cooked and processed meat and eggs. Also, hyperactive children lack the utilizable proteins necessary to deal with irritants like mustard, alcohol, caffeine, preservatives, additives and pesticides. Many tests from Canada and the USA show that preservatives and malnutrition cause hyperactivity in children that leads to violence in adulthood. Avoiding cooked and processed meat and eggs, mustard, alcoholic and caffeine beverages (including sodas), preservatives, food coloring and other additives help settle this condition.

Eating raw fresh meat with raw eggs, or raw meat with lots of raw fats alone, usually makes hyperactivity disappear. Also, getting lots of sunshine and fresh air helps the body utilize proteins.

If people are hyperactive because they have high adrenaline levels rather than because of the cooked-protein allergy mentioned above (children of this type are usually thin until at least teenage), eating a Nut Formula at least twice weekly subdues the excess adrenaline. If the Nut Formula fails to subdue hyperactivity, try eating some cooked starch with plenty of raw fat. Eating 3-4 ounces of the Nut Formula or cooked starch with raw fat thirty minutes before homework time, or a test, allows the mind to work without being distracted by excess adrenaline. A hobby, creative pursuit or sport is also helpful for high adrenaline types.

All hyperactive children have potential genius, but unless they can utilize proteins or harness adrenaline, their genius may turn into antisocial behavior. If the excess adrenaline is not spent in physical activity, the body will spend it in anxiety, irritability, bullying or arrogant bravado.

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