HEMOPHILIA is an inability to properly coagulate blood, characterized by bleeding easily and difficulty in stopping a bleed. Heredity or taking medications causes this condition.

Eating a high raw meat diet, preferably a combination of fish with another raw meat of choice, restores health to platelets, and strengthens tissues. Hemophiliacs do not digest, assimilate, or utilize cooked fat properly. The thyroid is sometimes at fault. See Thyroid problem, page 246. Eating plenty of unheated honey and pineapple with raw fat and with raw meat helps digestion, assimilation, and utilization.

During a bleed, drinking 1 cup of raw white cabbage juice mixed with 7 tablespoons of honey helps coagulation. The juice mixtures suggested in Hemorrhage sometimes work better. See Hemorrhage, below.

Aspirin and aspirin-based medications prevent blood clotting, damage platelets and cause skin to easily tear. Avoid those poisons.

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