Hay fever

HAY FEVER is an extreme sensitivity to airborne substances that irritate the mucous membranes of the air passages and eyes.

Immediate relief can be obtained by eating a little honeycomb. Eating plenty of raw fat daily, especially eggs, with red and orange fresh raw foods eventually resolves this problem. For example, a fresh raw orange, carrot or tomato smoothie (see Smoothies, page 200) soothes and sets a condition for healing the sinuses. Fresh raw meat, like tuna and swordfish, help heal and strengthen sinuses.

Also, eating fresh local bee pollen can help reverse this condition. If a person starts by eating ¼-½ teaspoon unheated bee pollen at a time, six times daily, there will be only a remote chance of the rare incidence of anaphylactic shock. If hay fever is severe, working up to ½ cup of unheated bee pollen daily with at least 1/3 teaspoon royal jelly and 1 tablespoon unheated honey mixed with 12 ounces of fresh raw vegetable juice (including carrot) and sipping it throughout the day may be a more palatable form to consume the pollen. Drinking 1/6 of this mixture 6 times daily has stopped sneezing and headache. Avoid cheeses during hay fever season; they can cause dryness of the sinuses.

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