Green Juice and Exercise Instead of a Root Canal?

“A couple of years ago I went to a dentist … and had all my mercury fillings removed (Complete with the dam).
“At that time they mentioned that there seemed to be a bit of an infection in the root of the upper left tooth. … She told me that standard dental tech was anti biotics and root canal, but suggested (She knows I’m a wierdo health nut and []she has similar attitudes) She said I should try green vegetable juices and exercize on a rebounder (Trampoline) …again, MY kind of prescription.
“The next day my jaw was more swollen. With my tongue I could feel a cyst at the root of the tooth about 1/4″ high and 1/2″ long (Of course it felt like the size of a lemon).
“I spent the day drinking vegetable juice (The parsley, celery, celontro, zuccuni mixture you suggested for me), eating tomatoes, napping and just laying around feeling rather punk with the swollen jaw and a bit of a headache (something I haven’t had at all since I’ve been on the raw diet). Today the swelling is 80% gone, the cyst is completely gone, the pain is 98% gone and I feel almost totally up to snuff.
“So there you are. I think that is amazingly fast healing for something like that.”

Love, Pem Los Angeles, California

One thought to “Green Juice and Exercise Instead of a Root Canal?”

  1. Just got a cyst on my lower jaw( after biting down on a fibrous carrot on the teeth that had the amalgams removed. I would love a cure for that. double downing on the veggie juice & heat pads since Rebounders are for lymph cleansing.

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