Former vegan bodybuilder getting well on the Primal Diet!

Hi Aajonus!

You may just be helping to save my life, buddy.

I've been a suffering invalid for the past ten years, because of an inability to fall asleep. This came about after I got into bodybuilding and went on a completely nonfat, no-carb, all protein diet, with lots of cooked chicken breast and cooked egg whites.

Tried everything in the world to help myself, including the full gamut of Western Medicine, then The Gerson Therapy (vegan-ism), Natural Hygiene (vegan-ism) and most recently, extended periods of water-fasting.

I woke up five nights ago with an insatible desire for something, which I couldn't figure out. After tasting every bit of food in my house and not being satisfied, it finally came to my attention that it was RED MEAT that my body was asking for.

I had been full-on vegan for two years now. I was stunned! It was the middle of the night, so I had to go to IHOP unfortunately, in order to satisfy my craving, but it was a revelation to me. The very next night the same thing happened.

Ironically enough, I had just read an article a few days previous about somebody who had recovered from cancer using raw liver. This goes against all my training in Natural Hygiene, which posits that protein should not be consumed in illness, as it just adds to the already huge pile of toxemia which your body is trying to eliminate.

Then, while researching that, I came across your name. This was the day after my first meat craving. I've since read your book, and this is my fifth day on The Primal Diet.

Aajonus, for the first time, I'm going to get well.

You have no idea what hope I feel in my breast at this moment. My body is getting better.
I can intuitively sense it. I am experiencing very strange sensations of fatigue, that are not like my normal fatigue, but I know that it is very positive. My sleep is also getting better. My body does indeed feel more soothed!!!

I"m so excited!! I moved to Venice six years ago, so I could be near Gold's Gym, which is what I want to do with my life. I have wanted to become a competitive bodybuilder ever since I first discovered bodybuilding, and consequently got sick, a decade ago. Now I also want to become a nutritionist and help others to overcome their health problems as well.

I'm just so excited to hear about you, and see all the good work you've done to help people.
I hope I get to meet you someday.

I just wanted to say "Thank you."

Melinda B., Venice, California

One thought to “Former vegan bodybuilder getting well on the Primal Diet!”

  1. On October 27, 2007 at 3:59:00 PM PDT, kieba said…

    OH Melinda
    Please do email me also with any questions/concerns/comments etc. on body building….being a woman…the primal raw diet…raw vegan and vegetarian etc.

    I am an X competetive natural body builder and was Miss Natural California in 92-92 and 2nd in the Nation I was also vegetarian for 20 years and for the majority of the past 4-5 yrs vegan/raw my health/strength and endourance all sufferend greatly with a gradual decline in all to the point of becoming very ill with anemia and digestive problems… Plus lost much muscle mass and had about 7% bodyfat, lost much weight anyway, I have now been doing the raw primal diet (but on a smaller scale) for 10 months and I am Better then I ever have been !!

    At 48 yrs old, I feel like a 28 yr old strength, stamina, No anemia, deeper sleep and less amount it is Awesome…this is how I run my bootcamp here in Hawaii too

    Take care and keep it up for your Optimal Health
    — Kieba

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