Foot problems

Aching or burning feet: Drinking a combination of raw tomato, raw cucumber and raw carrot juices helps soothe the feet. Applying cold slices of fresh raw tomato, or cucumber or potato to the soles of your feet soothe and relax the feet. Or soaking your feet alternately for two minutes in cold and then in warm water as many times as you like stimulates circulation and relaxes the feet.

Athlete’s foot: See Athlete’s foot, page 228.

Cold feet: Drinking a combination of raw tomato, raw spinach, raw carrot juices with the juice of ½-1 hot fresh raw pepper (chile, jalapeño, etc.) and 2 tablespoons unheated honey increases body temperature. Alternately standing on your toes for 1-2 minutes and then on your heels for 30 seconds increases circulation to the feet, warming them.

Corns: Alternately rubbing stone-pressed olive oil twice daily for 1 day and then rubbing cold-pressed-below-96° Fahrenheit peanut oil twice daily for 3 days gradually causes the corn to let go. Peel off the corn and you will find smooth skin. Or, bandage a piece of fresh raw lemon peel or pineapple peel on the corn (inside of peel against the corn) overnight for several nights until the corn comes off leaving smooth skin.

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