Fibromyalgia Former Sufferer Recovering on Raw Primal Diet

I went on the [Primal] diet and we put the man I take care of on the diet. His color improved immediately, so did his energy level. I don’t take narcotic pain killers like other fibromites [coined word for fibromyalgia sufferers] I know. Most of my days are full and active unlike other fibromites I know. I haven’t had a blood sugar crash since I started the diet and the anxiety attacks are very few and very far between. My hair is stronger, my eyes are clearer, and my skin is better. I am very fair skinned and this summer I got a real tan for the first time EVER because I could be outside with out burning badly. I have read a lot of health books, mainstream and alternative. Yours is the first that has made sense for me and to me almost all the way down the line. Keep doing what you’re doing. If others don’t listen, their loss. Thank you.
– Marci

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