Crohn’s Disease

CROHN’S DISEASE is an inability to digest many cooked foods and the inability of the body to prevent undigested food from entering the blood, lymphatic and nervous systems. When undigested food particles enter those systems, they cause extreme reactions, such as painfully swollen and enlarged joints, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Most cooked grains and potatoes are poisonous in cases of Crohn’s.

Crohn’s disease is usually caused by medicinal antibiotics, especially in infancy and childhood, and vaccines. When antibiotic and vaccine toxins enter the intestines, they destroy the healthy bacterial environment of the intestines. That chemical damage to intestines may reach as deeply as intestinal DNA, preventing the natural bacterial environment of the intestines from perpetuating digestive bacteria. In such a case, unless a raw food diet is continuously consumed, symptoms of Crohn’s will persist throughout life.

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