No Coffee, No Cigarette and No Headache!

Significant Physical Changes While On the Primal Diet

“Here’s a “success story” that you might find interesting. Although I bet you’ve heard all this before.

“This is about a couple of what I consider to be significant changes in perception of my physical processes. And these took place a LOT sooner than I could have anticipated.

“The first one is probably the most amazing. Well no, they are both amazing to me. Here they are:

No Coffee and No Headache

“I want you to realize that, for perhaps the last 45 years or so, my mornings have always started with the ritual of the coffee pot and then, with steaming mug in hand, a cigarette.

Realize also that if I did NOT have that coffee, and even though these have been decaff for several years, I will turn on a terrific headache by noon or a little later.

Okay. So now you’re getting the idea of what’s coming here. On the VERY FIRST DAY of starting my Primal Diet (thank you again for spelling everything out so carefully) I went into the kitchen at around 7:30 a.m. and dutifully reached a green juice out of the frig (made the night before). Right after getting up, I had thought, “Okay, I cannot expect to throw a green juice down on top of a coffee, that’ll wreck
everything. I’ll have a coffee later, sneak it in there somehow.” So I mixed the spoonful of raw cream into the juice and just downed it. Went to my computer. Started working. Looked at the time. Nine-thirty.
Woops. An hour late for that raw meat. Wait a minute. How could two hours go by without the coffee and cigarette? I stood up and looked at my body from inside out, so to speak. No desire for coffee. No need.
Not even a tiny itch. I thought of the aroma, the warmth, the comfy feelings. Nuttin’. Nada. It blew my mind. The day progressed with my first raw meat, and so on and so on. No headache. Incredible. Actually unbelievable. But there it is. Then I remembered a bit in the book about a “coffee substitute” that involved green juice, and I also recalled I had scoffed. Yes I admit it. Scoffed. Like “Yeah right, like some green juice is going to substitute for coffee. Hah!” It was one of my main worries. Well I’m ready to tell the world this: In the
past week on the diet, even having gone off it here and there due to time constraints or just forgetting to eat ’cause I was busy, I have only had ONE coffee and more than half of that wound up going cold and tossed down the sink. It tasted weird, made me feel weird, and I didn’t like it! I went off coffee a few years ago and I had a headache for 10 days. All I had to do after that was sip it and I’d get the headache again. So it’s been a week and NO HEADACHE. I think about coffee once in a while, but I don’t make it ’cause I don’t really want it, it doesn’t “feel right” when I picture it going down. So where’s the headache? Why has it been so easy? Why don’t I crave a coffee in the morning any more? Answer: Who cares? Gimme another one of those green juices please!

A new perception of the thing called “hunger”

“This is too complex for some people, but I know you have the perception to understand it. A few days ago I was running very late on the diet all day, everything was way behind, I didn’t have time to stand around
mixing stuff. Next thing you know I’m out shopping, feeling starving, gotta eat or I’ll die, so I stop at a favorite take out joint and buy a HUGE sandwich and just scarf it down while driving home. Stuffed, I pull
into the driveway. Half-hour later, still feeling TOTALLY stuffed, I look around in the body and get this very cool perception: I’m still starving. I’m so stuffed my stomach is groaning. And I’m starving. I mean a very true and real perception of a communication from the body saying, Hey, I’m hungry here! Gimme some REAL food. So without further ado I threw eggs and cream at it and . . . ahhhhh, thanks! Hunger gone.

“The success here is simply this: I have a new perception of the thing called “hunger”.

“There’s the growly you-can-feel-it-in-your-stomach hunger that everyone knows. There’s another kind that’s based on irrational craving for something specific — probably comes from allergies–which has nothing
to do with the first one. Then there’s the hunger for a “kick” — like coffee, chocolate, sugar, anything that’ll kick the adrenals.

And now there’s this new, completely different and independent hunger for NUTRITION, that seems to be sourced simply in the cells of the body. I don’t know how else to describe it. I don’t know how it communicates to me, but there’s a very specific and identifiable “feeling” that is it. Does that make sense to you? Does to me.

Thanks for this.”

Rod MacT.

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