Earlier Chronic Ailments, Now Excellent Results on Primal Diet

“My wife is expecting a child in April, and our midwife is also a research scientist, having studied at Harvard the effects of drugs on newborns. She is strongly opposed to vaccinations and drugs many women are given for pain when they are in labor.

“The reason I mention this is because I believe my troubles with assimilating and metabolizing nutrients may go all the way back to the beginning of life. Inspired by findings she has shared with us in prenatal classes, I have gone back to old records which my mother kept which show that from the age of 1 I received many, many vaccinations. My mother was a nurse, and believed in Western medicine. All through my childhood I was weak and sickly alot of the time. And although I was able to earn a scholarship to play college football, I was plagued by injuries that ended my competitive athletic career sooner than I wanted, and a sense that I
couldn’t always trust my body to perform optimally. Because of these injuries and my overall health as a child, I have developed a lifelong interest in health and fitness.

“I first came to see you with the following list of chronic ailments:

  • inability to gain weight no matter what or how much I ate
  • (assimilationof nutrients was bad, my digestion was not good and I was losing interest
    in all but salty and sweet foods. I was craving fat but ingesting it in the wrong forms).
  • daily low back/hip pain (often severely limiting my ability to bend or sit comfortably).
  • eczema (sometimes severe, particularly in flexion areas of the body, since I was a baby)
  • irritability low energy (almost complete shutdowns nearly every day about 2:30 p.m. or so)
  • sensitivity and pain in some of my teeth (including sensitivity to cold)
  • high incidence of upper respiratory infections
  • frequent sinus blockage
  • low tolerance for high temperatures and exposure to the sun
  • joint pains that traveled to different areas of the body (sometimes the knees, or shoulders or other areas)

“I had sought relief for these problems from Western medicine (drugs-antibiotics, aspirin, decongestant tablets and nasal sprays, muscle relaxants, cortisone creams for the skin). Eastern medicine (accupuncture, herbal medicine), homeopathy, vitamin and supplement therapy. I had also been to marriage counseling (for the irritability issue).

“Each year, I passed my Western medical physical with flying colors, but I still felt very poorly, troubled by the conditions listed above.”

“For a year and 3 months now, I have been following your dietary suggestions over 90% of the time and eating raw foods (primarily raw meats-except pork, raw fats-eggs, dairy and vegetable such as avocado and
cold pressed oils, vegetable juice with raw milk or cream in it), fruits-especially pineapple, papaya, tomatoes, raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar, some salads and very little cooked starch or bread.

“Your book and consultations have really had a profoundly positive impact on my health! I have eliminated all the problems on the list except for my skin now (which only bothers me in 2 small areas now, primarily during the winter. In the summer, the diet and the stronger sun cleared my skin completely!

“I have returned to running for exercise (which I had stopped doing due to pains),

My weight has gone from 217 to 230 (and my muscle mass is much improved, I am not fat and I should state that this weight gain was something I desired!).

My energy levels are much more consistent (no huge dips now).

I am thoroughly enjoying the sun and heat now (which is good since I live in Sou. Calif.!)

I have been able to quit using caffeine to extend my wakefulness and energy,

and I seldom crave sweets anymore. If I do, unsteamed, organic dates and raw honey do the trick, or carob powder with raw butter and honey over bananas.

“And raw fats are amazing! They soothe the nerves and give me lots of energy. I especially love raw cream! And after a year of eating plenty of raw dairy, my 1998 physical showed very low cholesterol levels.

“I am appreciative and grateful for finding solutions to problems that were interfering with the quality of life, and may have been indicators of much more serious and life-threatening illness to come. I am sorry I didn’t
encounter this “paradigm shift” in the way I eat before I was 42! But I am enjoying the best health of my life now!

“Thank you.

“p.s.- Carrie found a photo of me from around Christmas [three years ago]. What a difference! I was gaunt, my face was blossoming with acne roseacea all around my nose and mouth. She said “want to see what a year on a raw diet can do?” when she surprised me with it.”
Don S. 44 years old

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