AIDS: Owanza, a colleague, has observed that advanced symptoms of AIDS is partially related to the destruction of melanin. Melanin stagnates when the lymph is in poor condition due to chemical inundation and clogging. Melanin also stagnates from lack of enzyme-mutations, lack of lysine in unaltered states, poor retention of phosphorus due to liver damage, and ingestion of swollen, ruptured and corrupted molecules (nutrients) from heat processing. The loss of the melanin creates impairment of oxygen absorption and prevents photosynthesis of light from the sun. Advanced AIDS seems to be a disease of isolation, the person being unable to interact internally and externally, bio-chemically and ecologically. The result is death through cellular suffocation. AIDS is not contagious. For the direct man-made scientific cause of AIDS, see the book BIO-ATTACK ALERT, Theodore A. Strecker, LL.D.

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