Aajonus – Bigger In Death Than in Life


Truth IS stranger than fiction. 

Even stranger yet - TRUTH - because of institutionalized censorship and suppression both in textbooks and in the mass media, we often live a lifetime in expensive, agonizing ignorance.

Knowledge about our ancestral habits in nutrition - our right to consume healthy and nutritious RAW foods - is still being suppressed in the United States of America.

Meanwhile, in many European countries where optimal health is a NATIONAL PRIORITY, creamy - rich and delicious RAW milk is being dispensed from vending machines 24/7. What do these people know that we don't?

Further, Europeans - and many others such as the Asians, regularly dine on raw or very rare steak, sashimi, seafood tartare and roe - just as did our hunter - gatherer Neanderthal ancestors. 

The so - called primitive people of the world, notably the Arctic - roving Inuit - who never saw a McDonald's in their life 

- pity them - until they were corralled or otherwise herded into so-called 'civilized' communities - lived upon whale, walrus and seal blubber, smoked fish and polar bear - and yet had perfect teeth, NO Diabetes, Arthritis, or Tuberculosis -  the diseases of so - called 'civilized' man.

Then, once upon a time in southern California, there came a man - facing imminent death - who made an epochal twentieth - century rediscovery of staggering proportions.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz - a young man in his early twenties, was weak, demoralized and at death's door. Virtually bedridden from the effects of BLOOD and BONE CANCER - made a near - miraculous discovery. In an eleventh hour attempt to survive bone - numbing agony, finally discovered the ultimate TRUTH: that fresh RAW, FULL FAT, NON - CHEMICALIZED FOOD (the everyday menu of our so-called 'primitive' ancestry) is the simple, ten thousand year - old secret to achieving OPTIMAL HEALTH - FOR GOOD!

To learn more, go here: https://www.primaldiet.net.

M. R.

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    1. His first name at birth was John. He selected Aajonus as a romanized version sounding ancient. Richard was his given middle name.

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