JEBK-ETWA (main)

This rare view of Aajonus shows him as a flower first blooming in the springtime.

He already has the depth of knowledge that he will display throughout the coming years.

In this 3-day Primal Diet™training, he tells us details about how his iridology is different than what is commonly taught. He lays out things here that do not appear in his books, in his Q&As or Primal Diet workshops or later interviews.

How do you really look at a person and see their health and their needs? He casually lays out some clues.

Is this what he planned to teach way in the future in his ideal location in Thailand? In about 2007 he showed me the actual blueprint where the interns — on a 3 year apprenticeship – would practice under his close guidance.

The format of this 3-day class in 1996 is an interview with a very knowledgeable nutritionist. The interviewer encourages Aajonus to clarify many subjects of interest to anyone seeking health.

In this 3-day class, in simple terms he clarifies where other dietary approaches to health fall short. He gives remedies and recipes by which to recover health. He covers a tremendous variety of subjects.

Find out:
• Why eat meat?
• How to be able to concentrate your attention
• What fruits and what meats are best for an overly anxious person
• Advice to bodybuilders
and more and more.

Have fun with this! If you are like me, you may want to take notes and to print out Aajonus’s recipes and remedies that are most important to you now. Then review this a few times each year for new insights.