Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese

Benefits of Raw Eggs And CheeseDo I really need this information?
Aajonus Vonderplanitz was without question an extremely controversial activist in the fields of nutrition and health.

The way he presented himself to the public eye (Ripleys or the Doctors) may not have created a lot of confidence however the many people whom he reached through his books, Primal Diet newsletters, Q&A sessions, Primal Diet Workshops, interviews and consults saw the real Aajonus – an extremely caring and competent person.

He did not make a big point of the years he spent researching before his books came out, but did occasionally mention details in Q&A sessions in private homes, to people he knew. Then after his books came out he continued to research and do private consults, constantly gathering data. When he found a better way to accomplish something (such as a more effective remedy or faster road to recovery) he was generally quite pleased. He would mention these in Q&As, Primal Diet Workshops or private consultations.

It was up to a small group of enthusiasts to somehow get Aajonus’s amazing findings and remedies out to those interested all over the world. That was and is the purpose of the website and it is the purpose behind any compilations or recordings being distributed through that website.

There have been attempts to stop him and to minimize the flow of his information out to the world but those of us who realize the importance and potential for much better health are still here and working through the Optimal Ways of Living trust to make Aajonus’s information available worldwide.

Thus we present to you Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese. Even those who are Aajonus-scholars will find some new and vital information herein.

Jim Ellingson
Nutritional Foundation for Well Being

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Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese

Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese is a thorough compilation that is the result of many hours of transcription, and the assembly of nutritional advice not found anywhere else.

You will have access to this pioneering work in a practical format, in this author’s straightforward style.

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