Anxiety and Exercise, from Aajonus

Anxiety and Depression Causes

If you have depression it’s because you have low bacteria in the intestinal tract, or some poison in the bowel that’s interfering and getting to the nervous system by way of feeding the nervous system and brain. If you have anxiety that’s a matter of lack of exercise – you have hormones for physical activity that need to be expressed and then if you don’t express them through physical activity you’ll be in anxiety and you’ll get to work it out emotionally. And that’s no fun – it’s not good with relationships. So, that’s the intestinal process.

[excepted from transcript of Q&A May 27, 2012]

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Greatest Benefits of the Primal Diet

Q: What are the greatest benefits of this diet?

Aajonus: (# seven:) ... after the initial dietary and social adjustments, freedom to indulge in a life that is less burdened with anxiety, emotional distraction and pain.  We are able to experience more of the joys of life than the suffering.

I had worried because the doctors severed my vagus nerve to my stomach for stomach cancer when I was 20 years old. They said that the surgery placed me in the category of those most likely to perish from bacterial and parasitical invasion from food. I was warned never to eat raw food again in my life, not even salad.

The reality is that everything the medical profession told me was the opposite. When I realized that, a load of fears and anxiety left my daily experience. It is easy for me to enjoy my life now that I know we are beings who are favored in Nature rather than threatened by Nature.
Industrial man, on the other hand, is to be feared for making the toxic food and environment that is dangerous to our health.

from Super Health For Everyone From Foods Only an interview with a Finnish reporter

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Activity or Anxiety: How to Stabilize Your Nerves

 If you don’t spend those hormones in physical activity, you’ll spend them in anxiety. It causes ticks, nervousness, anxiety of all sorts. I can’t tell without photographing your eyes to see how many activity rings [circles around the irises] you have but I can tell by yskin you’ve had high activity hormones your whole life. If you are debilitated, you don’t have the joy of utilizing your hormones for physical expression. You’re utilizing them on your bad health. Because your hormones are 60-80% fat, your body will use them to chelate poisons if you don’t eat enough fat.

Q: I haven’t been able to eat any fat since 1995.

Aajonus: That’s because you didn’t have raw butter and unheated honey.

Q: I had each of those things but not together. What about cheese? I think I can’t possibly eat cheese.

Aajonus: Unsalted raw cheese and honey will stabilize your nerves. [excerpted from transcription of Q&A March 26, 2013]

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Activity or Anxiety

Many people think that because I do not exercise, I am against exercise. Contrarily, I am an avid advocate of activity and exercise.

I call them worry circles [circles around the irises, seen during iridology] to remind people that if they are not active enough, they will utilize those hormones in anxiety, worrying about anything or everything. There are two doors from which to choose: Activity or Anxiety. Which do you choose?

People who produce activity hormones and do not utilize them in activity, whether regimented exercise or busy everyday activity, often are never satisfied for more than moments, are easily irritated or impatient, and usually cannot make relationships balanced enough to be happy, especially intimate relationships. [excerpted from essay Exercise; the Good, Bad and Beautiful ].   

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Aajonus: ... not really a single condition. If someone gets hyperactive, it means he produces a lot of hormones for physical activity: adrenalin, testosterone, estrogen. Those three produce energy for the body to be physically active. So people who produce a lot of those hormones need to be physically active or they can get high anxiety. Exercise is the remedy when you’re at that end of the bi-polar. If you’re depressed, it means you have low bacteria in your colon and you’re not feeding your brain and nervous system. So, high eggs, high meat or do those suppositories with the fat.

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Q: Anger?

A: Most of your anger is high production of activity hormones but not expending them through exercise. So they’re expended through high anxiety.

Q: You’re saying the physical comes before the psychological.

A: Always. Look at all the babies born to tribal people. All these babies are laid-back and happy, not fussing all the time. And the children obey the parents. Everything is easy. Once you give a kid a vaccine when he’s born, you better believe that will be a difficult child. That’s why they’re vaccinating children the day of birth with hepatitis B vaccine. There you have a difficult child who’s not going to be mindful... going to be a pain in the ass. My mother was one of 13 children. They all got along. They all worked together. They all got degrees. They were all raised on raw milk in Alabama, a warm climate. They weren’t poor. My grandfather was a drug-pusher. He was a pharmacist and owned a drugstore. They made their own raw ice cream and sold it at the drugstore. They grew up healthfully so of course they got along. What happened when we came along in the next generation, poking us with tetanus shots... They gave me my first tetanus shot at three months old. I got autism at three months old with my third tetanus shot. They created it purposefully.

[excerpted from transcript of Q&A February 3, 2013]

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