Will Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and Agribusinesses Control Our Lives Through Federal, State and Local Governments ?

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition

Please sit calmly, and gradually absorb the information below. It is not meant to cause panic. I intend to give every reader insight into their future health probabilities by viewing present agriculture, business, political, medical and social trends. I hope to inspire everyone to oppose legislation and regulations that set trends, portending future disease for all of us.Firstly, I focus on big chemical industries’ apparent long-term goal to control all agriculture and food supply throughout the world through government and fear-based propaganda. Some people may call it conspiracy but their rhetoric addresses it as reasonable safeguards. However, the safeguards have little or nothing to do with safeguarding our health. Are their safeguards instituted to protect their profits and control consumers? To glimpse the broad perspective on how big chemical/agribusiness appears to be accomplishing world food control, we must look at our present beliefs, habits and environments that suppress us into the beliefs they want us to accept as ours.

In the USA one-hundred years ago, everybody who had food to eat expected rather good health, especially if they lived in small towns. The diseases we have today were rare. At that time, the greatest fears were freezing and starvation. Most other deaths occurred during cold seasons from gradual nightly carbon monoxide and tar poisons from burning wood or coal in fireplaces, wood stoves and ovens where houses, cottages or shacks were closed, poorly ventilated or non-ventilated. That created lung toxicity that caused frequent flu and other respiratory diseases.

In major cities, many diseases and deaths were caused by the same indoor pollution plus smog from silversmiths and blacksmiths every few blocks. Rarely was there a sky-high smoke stack that pumped the smog high into the sky, diluting the toxic particles. Also, many factories, homes and buildings used coal-burning furnaces that vaporized mercury into the air. Heavy metal poisons were constantly in the air as they are today but they were held in concentrations in households and narrow streets. When animals are exposed to such air-pollution as coal dust and vaporized mercury, many develop pulmonary diseases like the Black Plague. Vessels for eating and drinking usually were made of poisonous metals, adding to the toxicity that caused diseases of the times.

Factually, What Causes Diseases Today ?

We are conditioned to believe that germs are the cause of most of our many diseases, that those “germs” are “pathogenic”. It is 99% myth, superstition and false. Animals exposed to all of nature’s microbes do not get diseases. We develop disease from accumulation of industrial pollution, including vaccines, medication, processed food and household compounds just as they did 100 years ago.(i) However, we have 60,000 more industrial chemicals than we had 100 years ago.

Animals in the wild constantly expose themselves to microbes. They lick their and each other's feces and “germs”, including strangers, and never get diseases. The superstitions that we are fed daily by the pharmaceutical, medical and opportunistic bacteria-phobic industries through academia and media, especially television, would lead us to believe that nature is inherently designed to harm and kill us. Academia believes, and indoctrinates us to believe, that most anything from academia and science, even though ideas, laws and formulas change, is truth and the only rational reality. Academia teaches us that science and business are most important but teach us nothing about ourselves and our health. Academia teaches us to revere and accept everything that medicine says is right.

Note that all medical procedure manuals are sponsored and financed by big pharmaceutical houses. Nearly since the inception of the FDA, FDA officials have had ties with big pharmaceutical houses.(ii) Many of them accepted high-ranking and high-paying positions in pharmaceutical houses after leaving the FDA.

Is The Push To Medicate, Our Greatest Demise ?

The priests of our modern industrially and technologically advanced societies are mostly doctors, media, government officials and academic teachers. They lead and govern present-day witch hunts and inquisitions such as vaccine and medication worship. Vaccines are the most disease-causing single agents of modern times, including penicillin. All vaccines have been produced and marketed after the diseases had run their courses. If we look at graphs that depict peaks and valleys of people affected, for instance, by polio, we see that polio was at its lowest, virtually gone for the two years prior to the polio vaccine's release. However, in the year following government-sponsored but citizen-paid polio vaccinations, the incidences rose and peaked considerably. Suspiciously, all recording was halted by government mandates. Now, only voluntary reporting exits. Few people report it because it is a waste of time. Almost nothing is done about it.

All vaccines require time to grow, manufacture, package and market. Sometimes it takes 2-3 years to make vaccines but at least 12 months. Always, the diseases for which vaccines are marketed have gone dormant prior to release of the vaccines. The disease is over and gone except for a few minor cases. Because there is no major epidemic reported by the medical industry of that disease, the medical industry takes credit for eliminating the disease. However, it was already gone. Big pharmaceuticals and their doctors, especially those of Center For Disease Control (CDC), constantly program us to believe that even though the disease is not present, we will risk our lives if we fail to be injected. The media and academia parrot that rhetoric even though there is no scientific proof that the diseases will return and that any vaccine is effective, ever. Results from recent Canadian studies proved that flu vaccines were useless.(iii)

Take for instance, the Rh-negative-blood factor that pharmaceuticals claim causes birth defects. There is some evidence that more birth defects result in women with Rh-negative blood. The medical establishment, educated, promoted and paid by big pharmaceuticals, created a vaccine to prevent deformities in children from women with Rh-negative factor. However, there is no science that that vaccine is effective. My ex-wife Mary has Rh-negative blood, had the vaccine immediately after giving birth to our son Jeff but her second child was born with severe defects. She lacked hip bones and died at 12 years old. Now, we must ask, since the vaccine was ineffective, did the vaccine cause the deformity like many vaccines cause the very disease they are intended to prevent, or was it her Rh-negative blood?

In today’s TV-educated world, we do not fear the real threat to health and happiness. In fact, we embrace the very causes of disease and unhappiness -- that is chemical pollution -- as if it were our savior. Dangerous concentrations of elements exist in nature but not in abundance unless we mine them, such as uranium, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and lye. Ninety percent of all modern diseases are caused by chemical pollution. Seventy percent of that 90% is from medical poisoning such as vaccines that inject 50-76 quadrillion molecules of mercury in us from EACH vaccine, even many of those that now claim to be mercury-free. Since pharmaceuticals have reduced mercury in vaccines from 76 quadrillion molecules to 50-56 quadrillion molecules per vaccine, the FDA allows them to call their vaccines mercury-free. Obviously, the FDA is not protecting us but protecting the profits of pharmaceuticals.

Penicillin invades our bodies with sterilized grain-mold that causes severe damage to our nervous systems and intestinal tracts. Penicillin has caused the quality of life to immeasurably decrease along with saving lives. However, it saves lives by filling us with such an alarming toxicity that the body stops detoxifying old dangerous toxins previously stored in our systems to try and stop the poisonous penicillin contaminants such as carcinogenic aflatoxins. They cause adrenaline rushes that give us a false sense of better health. Even though sterilized, penicillin molds rise from their graves and become active in 9-18 months. Those molds destroy much of the bacteria responsible for normal healthy functions, especially primary and necessary digestion. If we cannot digest properly, malnourishment results causing varying degrees of deformities and diseases.

We Have Incredibly Advanced; To Where And What ?

We did not have many diseases in the USA about 400 years ago. That was long before big industries became the norm and made our country and people economically rich and gradually unhealthy. It is fiction that the average life-span 100 years ago was approximately 37 years of age. From 1973 through 1976, I traveled all over North America on my bicycle. My robed, bearded and long-haired appearance at the time disturbed people. I was often asked to keep moving. When I slept in graveyards, people usually did not disturb me, probably because I looked like images of Jesus. I frequently slept in graveyards. In those hundreds of graveyards in rural areas, dates on gravestones recorded that many people lived very long lives just as we do today. However, in cosmopolitan cities, the average lifespan revealed from gravestones was much shorter.

In our pollution-filled environments, in and outside of our homes, work, play and travel places, if we did not have air-condition and heat, peoples’ lives would be much shorter. We have more disease in America than most of the third-world countries combined. Many diseases that dominate poor third-world countries now are diseases that immediately followed mass vaccinations paid by the USA and British governments, such as AIDS and Ebola. At least 27 African countries are now run by the World Bank because those countries sunk into debt to the USA and British governments for medical aide.

Think about the implications. Why would those governments donate nearly $3-billion dollars in vaccines and paid-personnel to inject 125-million Africans when they do not take care of the health in their own countries? Why did AIDS and Ebola rise like the plague immediately after those smallpox vaccines? According to a few concerned doctors, like Dr. Leonard Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, the vaccines created the diseases.(iv), (v) Chemical evaluation of both diseases in tissues of sufferers showed that the disease was grown in substances and had the same chemical agents that only exist in vaccine-developed diseases.

Following the injected pandemic, affected countries were offered exorbitantly expensive ineffective medical aide from the USA and British governments. Those countries accepted the medical aide -- which they would and were never able to repay. Consequently, the USA and Britain now run those countries through their banking system, the World Bank. USA and Britain have almost complete control of what happens in those countries’ governments, resources and industry. The most likely scenario is that the surviving people will not be able to stop that foreign control because the new puppet governments killed most of their free-thinking aware and educated individuals, or robbed them of their wealth. Is that a reuse of the age-old war and control of people through poisoning?

Will We Have Good Food That Creates Good Health ?

Now that we have a glimpse of probable modern reality, let’s look at how big chemical and agricultural companies pave their way to dominate the world’s food supply through their financial and political influence and strong-hold on most government individuals, including judges.

Monsanto created GMO crops that produce pollen, like any other plant, but they are not like other plants.(vi) When a farmer buys and plants the patented GMO crop, he agrees that he will not save seeds and will purchase Monsanto’s seeds for every new crop. When the last crop is tilled into the soil, the next crop will be eating the decomposed GMO plants. That will insure that the GMO genes will be found in any succeeding crop even if non-GMO crops are planted on that land later.

Additionally, pollen wafts to nearby fields that grow non-GMO crops and those crops are contaminated with GMO-crop genes. Monsanto has sued farmers for those infected crops. Monsanto sued a Canadian farmer who grew only non-GMO-crops.(vii) A neighboring GMO crop’s pollen wafted into his canola crop and altered it. In court, the judge (Canadian) ruled in favor of Monsanto. Most little farmers cannot afford to defend themselves against Monsanto so they sell their farms or turn their farms over to Monsanto, and quit farming. Monsanto investigators, not government investigators, inspected the farmer’s land and crops, without his permission or warrant, to gather their "evidence." The farmer spent years fighting, and eventually lost because the Canadian Supreme Court sided with Monsanto and eliminated justice for small farmers. The legal battle cost the farmer and his wife huge legal fees, rights to their existing seed that they had developed over years and tremendous anxiety. They lost their freedoms associated with their land, crops, human rights and dignity.

Monsanto’s GMO disease-resistant crops have proved less disease-resistant and require more chemicals than natural crops. Many scientists have proved that GMO plants produce new chemicals that, when they or the produce of those plants are eaten by humans, they cause allergies.(viii) Why is our government, especially the Bush Administration, pushing for GMO acceptance on our dinner plates? Why has the Bush Administration threatened the European countries that have completely rejected GMO crops and food with lawsuits and embargos if they do not accept our GMO crops and food?

Have Monsanto And Dow Threatened Our Meat Supply, Too ?

Imagine a similar scenario with animals. However, since sperm is not airborne how could Monsanto, Gulf and Western, and Dow create such a monopoly with farm animals? They could create diseases and call them Mad Cow, Mad Sheep, and bird flu with medicines, such as de-wormers that are coated on the animals’ spines or in their feed. They could pay writers, doctors and politicians to fabricate, exaggerate and publicize the potential harm to the public and thereby create terror and even panic in the masses. They could claim that to prevent a pandemic, millions of animals must be slaughtered. They could deny testing as an unnecessary delay and danger to the public, that it will infect all herds and flocks in weeks. They may claim that the disease is restricted to a particular area for now. They may claim that they found one or two animals in surrounding herds or flocks that have the disease and they, too, must be slaughtered. Yet there is relatively no scientific evidence that the disease is communicable. They could restrict the slaughters to small farmers who cannot afford legal means to stop them. Does any of that scenario sound familiar? Consider the cow herds, sheep and recent bird-flu/chicken-flock slaughters? What would they do next?

Monsanto could offer the world its genetically modified (GM) animals that they claim are disease-free and disease-resistant.(ix) They could convince government employees, including politicians, academics and the general public to believe that to be safe, all animals that are not genetically modified are serious disease-causing risks to the world. The government is demanding micro-chipping all farm animals by 2008 so that they will know the location of everyone one of them.x Gradually, all non-GM animals may be seized by the government, slaughtered and disposed. All that would be left is GM livestock. Consequently, Monsanto gets royalties worldwide on all livestock-breeding as long as there is a One World Government. Monsanto may require that when you buy and breed Monsanto’s patented animals, you must sign a contract to pay royalties on any and all meat, eggs and milk produced from their genetically modified animals. Additionally, they may get deep-pocket politicians to levy a royalty and tax on all meat, eggs and milk produced by their genetically modified stock. Then you get the puppet USDA to open offices in other countries to spread their dominant perspective on other countries and impose unconstitutional authority on the world. Sound crazy? This year, United States Department of Agriculture opened offices in several foreign countries.(xi)

Along with Monsanto, there will be other companies claiming that they have clean risk-free animal products that could allow for the extinction of natural animals. They claim that they are healthier and superior animals than natural. Several companies, financed by USA government’s NASA, grow meat in laboratories from animal tissue without the whole animal, without blood, breath or exercise.(xii) Several companies are growing chemical food such as genetically modified antifreeze that is a chemical copy of a fish protein that is now a part of ice cream.(xiii) FDA is about to approve cloned animals and their milk and meats.(xiv)

Are We Facing Outlawing Natural Farming And Legislatively Imposing Only Chemical Farming ?

If you were a cut-throat big chemical agribusiness company, would you want to rid the world of natural farming and require chemical farming? How in the world would that unlikely and crazy idea be accomplished? You could gradually condition people to distrust nature and natural farming through medical, political and media avenues. You could attack the most used natural fertilizer: manure. You could blame feces for causing diseases because of something in feces. E.coli are ubiquitous in all feces in every creature on earth, so you call it “pathogenic”.

However, in reality, E.coli, found in the final stages of intestinal tracts, is responsible for the finite digestion of amino acids that are specialized enough to nurture our brains and nervous systems. E.coli is responsible for releasing from food and synthesizing B Vitamins. If you use viruses and chemicals on food to destroy E.coli, what do you think will happen to the E.coli in our intestines? (See article below regarding the FDA’s approval of six viruses that will be used on food to kill bacteria.) Pharmaceutical companies have been claiming for decades that their chemotherapies restrict damage to cancer cells only; but most often, the quality of people’s lives who receive chemo-therapies diminishes greatly.

To gain world dominance and profits, what do you do next? You could blame one little girl’s death on E.coli that fertilized an apple field and got into her raw apple juice (the Odwala incidence of November 1996). Would it matter that it is impossible for E.coli to multiply enough to cause HUS kidney disease in raw apple juice? Obviously, not. Now you have defamed the most revered American fruit, the apple that is in American apple pie. People begin to worry about eating apples and drinking apple juice. They imagine that they have to kill everything; burn and kill to be safe.

In reality however, the little girl’s kidney disease (HUS) that doctors claimed killed her was likely caused by the antibiotics she received from her doctor. Last month, five children were reported to have been infected with E.coli 0157:H7 in California. Only the two children who received antibiotics suffered kidney damage (HUS). Antibiotics such as Cipro have caused HUS-like kidney disease in laboratory animals.

Even though no laboratory tests with animals have proved E.coli causes HUS, they blamed the rare strain of E.coli. They labeled it “0157:H7”. That strain rarely occurs in nature. In fact, I was unable to find it and had to obtain my experimental dose from a university. HUS has only occurred in Petri dishes with control–bred strains of 0157:H7, hormones and kidney tissue but not in animals in their natural environments. Because many feed-lot herds are fed processed food and injected with or fed BSEhormone to increase milk production, the 0157:H7 may only be found in those unnatural animals.

In the Odwala incident, health officials and a cola conglomerate supported and encouraged the mother of the dead girl to campaign in congress against raw juices and cry for pasteurizing all fruit juices. Did the conglomerate cola company plan to buy Odwala juice company while it was under attack for the little girl’s death? It did buy it and the cola company gained a the largest natural juice company in America at a distressed price, and gained shelf life for its new juices, without regard for nutrient value. A federal law was passed to prevent interstate transport of raw juices and most states adopted it. All commercially available juices that are pre-made must be pasteurized or cooked. You can only buy fresh raw juices from a juice or health-food store bar. All of that resulted from one little girl’s death blamed on raw apple juice that was not scientifically logically responsible for her death. Can you imagine the money and power behind laws being passed on one incident with a large cola company taking over the largest natural juice company in America?

Now that everyone believes that raw natural fruit juices can be dangerous, deadly dangerous, what’s next? You could continually reaffirm and instill in the masses the belief that chemicals are beneficial and nature with is various ubiquitous creatures and micro-organisms is deadly dangerous. You publicize every little incidence of so-called food-poisoning. You create unheard of contaminated-food incidences and publicize them until you have robbed people of any faith remaining in the good of nature. Those who remain steadfastly trustful of nature and its microbes will be seen as dangerous-to-the-masses cult fanatics. They probably will be derided the same as any one who rationally and intelligently questioned and refuted any illogical official story. You continually condition the public to fear nature, blame many incidences of food-poisoning on E.coli. You blame every animal in nature for disease: Rats, cats, swine, dogs, and even bunny rabbits (rabies). You blame them for diseases that actually man has created and developed from his pollution. Then you blame E.coli for contaminating one of the most revered vegetables on the planet, spinach. It is even considered as the food that enables the super-powers of the well-known Popeye cartoon character. Oops, all of a sudden Popeye’s dead from eating spinach.

Let’s cut to the point. The future of this scenario is: Since we have been conditioned to think that E.coli can contaminate the healthiest of foods, we believe it would be wise to outlaw manure as fertilizer. Monsanto and Dow would come to the rescue with their chemical fertilizers, proclaiming that only they are safe and clean of dangerous nature. Government officials would rule no more manurefertilization for crops. With a One-World-governing body such as the EU and Codex, the entire world would have to follow that rule. Monsanto, Gulf and Western, and Dow rule! For the rest of modern civilization, we get only dangerous GMO food that is toxically grown.

Have We Lost All Reagan-&-Schwarzenegger-like Tough Guys ?

Why are all of the macho guys running and hiding from the ridiculous Hollywood B-movie scenario that a few micro-tiny bacteria could take over an organ or bodily system and maim or kill us? Have we lost courage? Have individuals from the pharmaceutical and medical schools of thought made wimps of most everybody? Why are we taught to fear certain natural bacteria that have not proved to cause disease in animals or humans even though regularly exposed to them? Why are we taught to fear bacteria and brave chemically poisonous vaccines that are full of diseases grown on animal tissue, or eggs, that are then sterilized and mixed with mercury, aluminum, detergents and formaldehyde? Why are we taught that those chemical soups are our saviors from many diseases and have them injected into ourselves? Why do most people accept that they must trust and embrace chemicals that are known to cause serious diseases in many animals and humans to protect us from micro-tiny natural bacteria? The most important question is, why do we believe it when it does not make logical, rational or common sense?


If we continue to believe the chemical, agribusiness, medicinal and pharmaceutical propaganda based on fear and panic, we will be forever poisoned by them. The only way we can gain true immunity is to be exposed naturally the way humans had been for millions of years. However, under the circumstances, is the immunity theory valid. Maybe almost everything in nature is in symbiotic relationship with us. Maybe we suffer with because we abuse nature with chemical agriculture, and cooking and processing toxins into our food.

Sadly, the reality is that if we want to live healthfully in this modern age, we must buy land and farm it primitively. We should support any and all farmers and organizations that fight for our rights to non-chemical, non-GM food. We must contact our government representatives and oppose legislation that endangers our lives. We must demonstrate against any business and politician that controls and owns government representatives and policies.

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