Benefits of The Primal Diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz

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Happier on the Primal Diet, Healthier, Lost 25 Pounds, Successful in Life

A Significant Positive Difference in My Life…

Sore Throat and an Ear Ache… All Symptoms Gone in the Morning

Raw Egg Whites – A Doctor Speaks

…Signs of Diseases to Come… Under Control on the Primal Diet

I No Longer Accept That Disease Is the Way of Living…

Once I started to change my attitudes toward food, my health vastly improved.

Doing Remarkably Well on the Primal Diet

Physically Better

Using Your Remedies…


Faster Healing

Abundance of Energy and Positive Feelings


The [Primal] Diet is Wonderful

Well Being & Perfect Digestion Within Three Weeks

We Are Using Your [Primal Diet] Book


Better Sleep; I am Doing Really Well


Crippling Migraines… No Longer!


OK About Being Different


Calm & High Energy As Result Of the Primal Diet

What We Eat Has Such A Profound Effect On How We Feel

No Need For Coffee – Craving Gone! Real Food Makes Me Feel Good


Aajonus and Healing With Raw Foods – A Review


Disease Free Living At Age 69


Fed Up With Supplements...




Disposition, Equilibrium and Health


Sun Sensitivity 95% Gone


Do You Suffer From Any of These?

Before and After Comparison Showing Gains on

the Primal Diet

Strenuous Exercise Program, Raw Food Diet and Heart Health


Getting Better Everyday

I Love Eating the Primal Diet Way


Key to a Long, Happy and Healthy Life…


Feel Better, Fear is Gone




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