We Want To Live – Volume Two – Healthfully (the facts)


(the facts)


I’ve learned that if I eat donuts today I look
and feel like donuts tomorrow, and maybe for
the rest of my life. -- Jill, School teacher

This volume was written for better understanding of how food and nature affects us. The remedies are based on results, not conclusions that were based on speculation and assumptions that were based on theory and disseminated mainly for profit. The efficacy of all of the dietary wisdom given herein was born from 35 years of nutritional experimentation, trial and error. It does not depend upon our chemical understanding and explanations.

This material is for educational purposes (read Warning/Disclaimer, page 6).

Volume 2 Introduction - The Raw Truth (by Rob Strauds)
Understanding Food That Nourishes Us With Radiant Health
Specifics About Particular Foods
Conversations About the Primal Diet
Obtaining The Foods We Want And Need
Brief Preparation Guide
Vital Food Remedies
Health Methodologies; Opinions And Tips

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