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Nature should not be feared; She is healing, vital and loyal. Our bodies should not be feared; they are part of Nature and are always in the process of healing. While eating our way to better health, it should be remembered that healing often takes time, endurance and requires patience. I wish you a richly healthy life.


I have recommended that my clients acquaint themselves with all of the ailments listed throughout this section because most people have many of these ailments, but not to the extent that they can be diagnosed. I have suggested that they highlight all of the sentences that have applied to them sometime in their lives. Highlighting makes it easier to locate applicable symptoms, explanations and remedies.

Symptoms were usually alleviated and ailments usually mitigated in people who ate the foods that I had specifically recommended for their ailments. Where more than one food or combination was recommended, I suggested that they eat all that was recommended but not all at one meal. When someone desired more food than was specifically recommended, I suggested that they supplement the recommended food with food that constitutes a balanced raw diet. See the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease. They chose the foods that they desired, then prepared and ate them raw. Consequently, the speed of healing increased. But people who did not continue to eat raw food on a regular basis did not heal properly. Because optimal healing needs proper nutrients and takes time, their ailments gradually returned. Ailments that did not heal usually advanced. Detoxification and healing - to the point that people no longer felt hindered by advanced ailments – took weeks, months or years, depending on severity. Symptoms of ailments that quickly mitigated usually returned, indicating that more thorough cleansing and healing was required for better body functions. When symptoms lingered because the body continued a process of cleansing and healing, or when symptoms mitigated quickly and then returned for more cleansing and healing, people sometimes became disconcerted and discouraged. Doubts rooted. However, everyone who held fast to eating the raw diet experienced proper cleansing and healing, mitigating the severity of their ailment(s), often to the point that eventually they forgot they had had the ailment. People who trusted in Nature’s raw-food precedence, and to a degree in their instincts and intuition, with endurance, patience and time, most often achieved significantly better health.

Throughout Volume 1, I gave examples of the many healthy rewards I obtained using courage and patience when going through a major detoxification and eating a raw diet. I will give you another, here. Immediately prior to the first printing of this book in 1996, a violent rash erupted on my nose, around the inside of my left eye and the top center of my forehead at my hairline. On the second day, the rash looked as if it were developing into karposi, accompanied with chronic headaches. I did not have AIDS but was concerned. I used my salve for burns, ate raw chicken every 4 hours, ate 8-12 raw eggs daily and drank raw milk constantly to keep pain to a minimum. By the fourth day, small blisters formed. I released the pus on several but it was not enough for a laboratory test. On the fifth day, a chunk of my skin fell off near my burned eyeball. I became alarmed.

I quieted myself and took the skin to a lab and requested that they test for chemical and medical toxins as well as cancer. The laboratory reported listed components used in aerospace/dental epoxy, and basil-cell melanoma. Since my nose was the primary focus of tissue, the lab technician asked me if I had splintered my nose. He told me that some plastic surgeons use epoxy in such cases because they can’t pin a shattered nose together. I told him that when I was fifteen, my nose was shattered by a hard ball going about 60 mph thrown by an adult. My nose shattered into seven pieces. It took two major surgeries to correct it over seven years. The first surgeon told me that the surgery took 6 hours. He did not tell me why, or that he had glued my bone together using aerospace/dental epoxy.

The technician explained that, during an operation such as the one I’d undergone, the surgeon would have normally cut and pulled the skin covering my nose, and would have clamped it to my forehead. Then, he would have had to allow each spot-glued piece of bone to dry before gluing the next fragment. He would have had to let the epoxy dry completely, because if wet epoxy were to have come into contact with tissue softer than bone, the epoxy would have burned and melted it.

Almost 30 years after that surgery, my body decided to detoxify the epoxy. The epoxy-detoxification process took six weeks. If I had panicked and gone to a dermatologist, I would have been given antibiotics, steroid ointments, radiation and chemotherapy, adding more toxins to my body, and scarring my face as well. Now my face, skull and brain have the opportunity to live and function healthier, better and more efficiently. Already, my sense of smell is keener, and food tastes better. I’m hoping that the scars and damage to my left cornea, nose and forehead where the dissolved epoxy, causing cancer, burned my eye and burned massive holes in my skin will heal. One year after that cancer in 1997, my left cornea contained 8 layers of scars and vision loss to 20/180. Almost 8 years later, an eye exam revealed only 1 layer of scar remained and my vision improved to 20/40. I have observed consistently that the body always gains more than it loses during a detoxification. I trusted it that time, too, and I am not disappointed.

Because eating raw food provides the nutrients for the body to properly cleanse (detoxify) as well as heal and rebuild, natural cleanses (such as colds, flu, and temporary aches and pains) should be welcomed. They may occur 1-4 times a year. Cleanses (detoxification) have been shorter in duration and less debilitating than cleanses that occurred before my Primal Diet. Almost everyone on the balanced raw Primal Diet felt more energy and vitality during and immediately after a natural cleansing than they had experienced when on cooked diets.

Note that sometimes different ailments resulted from similar overall problems in different people. For instance, a frequently high adrenaline level in one person caused acute hardening of the arteries, while in another person it caused Candida, and in another person it caused cataracts.

Some elderly people who had a lifetime of accumulated cooked-food residues or chemicals (for instance, years of medication, or exposure to household or industrial chemicals and gases) spent the remainder of their lives in painful detoxification. Consequently, I learned that it is sometimes more important to feel better while getting a little healthier. Therefore, now I suggest to my elderly clients who find themselves going through an uncomfortable detoxification that lasts more than three months, that they bathe as suggested under Detoxification. See Detoxification, Stopping It, page 255.

The less beneficial alternative for stopping painful persistent detoxification for the elderly is to eat a cooked meal once weekly. A cooked meal discourages continual detoxification of old stored toxins. One cooked meal each week of baked, broiled or boiled chicken, not fried, usually stops and prevents extreme detoxification of old toxins stored in the body.

Volatile toxic conditions are ailments where highly reactive toxins have accumulated, whether in the blood, nerve-serum, lymph, connective tissues, muscles, bones, glands or organs. It is a state in which live cells in the affected area(s) or system(s) are vulnerable to severe irritation and cellular destruction (as in my example above). Excess hormonal production (for instance, adrenaline and insulin) along with pollution, or not eating enough raw fat and meat, or not drinking raw fresh vegetable juices, frequently causes volatile toxic conditions. Drugs (medicinal and recreational), coffee, chocolate, processed peppers and sugars, pesticides, preservatives and sodas all irritate and overstimulate adrenals and pancreas, creating volatile toxic conditions. Symptoms of excessive adrenaline are: hyperactivity and or irritability and very dry skin or hair. Eating the foods suggested for alkalizing the blood balances the blood within 2-10 days (see Alkalizing Food, page 178). Symptoms of excessive insulin are hypoglycemia, irritability and edema. Completely refraining from eating ripe fruit and high-carbohydrate vegetable juices helps relieve that condition. Completely neutralizing all of those conditions has taken up to 10 years.

Drinking 1-2 cups of naturally sparkling mineral water daily helps restore the electrolyte balance and oxygen level in the blood and reduces adrenaline production.

Eating 3 ounces of unheated honey daily and 1-4 cups of raw fresh green vegetable juices at least five days weekly for the rest of one’s life, gradually replaces enzymes lost or leached from years of eating cooked food.

For optimal health, research and experience have conclusively proved to me that all food, except raw oils, should not be heated above 104° Fahrenheit. Raw oils should not be heated above 96° Fahrenheit.

The following remedies have worked an average of 85% in all cases. However, by man’s laws, they are not prescriptive.

When beginning the Primal Diet, a person who has not eaten many fresh foods such as raw fruits, raw juices and raw salads, may do better eating more raw fruits, an occasional salad and lots of unheated honey. Also, there are people who have diseases for which the body requires more fruit until the disease is reversed. However, after those people have eaten the Primal Diet for 1-2 years, I have observed that better health and mitigated symptoms have been achieved quicker by limiting fruit intake to once daily in the afternoon. A person who exercises may need more fruit, but usually in combination with a raw fat.

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