We Want To Live – Appendix F

- Appendix F -

(from page 40)

’“I’m afraid, too. Yet, I’m certain that excellent health and raw (live) foods are as connected as falling and gravity. The doctor said if you ate anything it would make you worse. Your abdomen didn’t swell and bruise from the raw food mixture. It has given you strength. God, I love you Monica. Don’t die on me, please. Please let me help you?”
I explained the three different food formulas I devised to get her well.’

The formulas I fed Monica were:
(1) the tomato mixture; (2) plain raw kefir blended with unheated honey and whatever fruit appealed to her at the time, and (3) an orange and banana blended with a primary yeast that had been grown on raw milk and dried below 95° Fahrenheit.

With what I know now, I would have used raw chicken and fish marinated in fresh lemon, or lime or pineapple instead of formula 3. Eating raw chicken and fish better ensures that nerves heal properly and promptly.

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