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29 May 2019

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As you will see, some of the Workshops and Q&As have not yet been covered and some have only been partially covered. This is still a work in progress and we hope to be able to complete it before too long. If you want to contribute any additions or corrections to this list please email them to  Click here for more info about Aajonus Collected Audio Recordings

19980627NC 27 Jun 1998 Nevada City CA Workshop

Length: 01:31:55
00:00:01 Aajonus’ story 1998

19990124PAS 24 Jan 1999 Pasadena National
Health Federation Workshop

Length: 02:41:13
@01:06:56 supplement research 1977-1978, 2300 supplements
@01:22:35 Georgian Russians – January 1973 National Geographic
@01:28:34 cooked meat, bacteria
@01:35:00 example of polio
@01:38:49 cancer
@01:40:18 example of 63 tumors, 35 year old vegetarian
@01:56:41 children example 1 year old
@01:59:44 cancer recovery
@02:07:57 mini readings

19991107NC 17 Nov 1999 Nevada City Ca Workshop

Length: 05:01:10
@01:28:57 example of emphysema 72 years old
@02:44:00 raw pork, animal tests, raw and cooked meat with hormones, pesticides, antibiotics
@04:16:22 mini reading

20000326LA 26 Mar 2000 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:18:42

20000506NC 6 May 2000 Nevada City CA Workshop

Length: 06:52:14
@00:37:58 pain formula 2000
@00:46:19 testimonial
@01:56:01 colloidal silver
@02:48:38 soy, Pottenger, Sally Fallon
@03:39:42 water

20000902CCS 2 Sep 2000 Cancer Control Society

Length: 00:18:35

20010224NC 24 Feb 2001 Nevada City CA Workshop

Length: 07:40:15
@03:39:05 pain formula

20020406NC 6 Apr 2002 Nevada City CA Workshop

Length: 06:00:55
@00:35:33 feeding dog, diarrhea, vaccines
@00:40:37 laboratory experiments, animal dewormers
@00:46:49 food combining
@02:32:52 dried meat, about pemmican, how to make
@02:42:05 organic eggs
@02:42:31 organic eggs, fed on 80% cooked soy
@02:48:47 blending eggs destroys three cancer preventing enzymes
@02:50:28 feeding chickens
@02:50:54 egg white enzymes cancer
@03:21:57 start of mini-readings
@05:51:31 ground beef, 5htp supplement
@05:55:15 Rosi chicken

20020414LA 14 Apr 2002 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:56:27

20021208LA 8 Dec 2002 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:45:57
@01:13:54 ground meat
@01:16:31 chicken, leave the meat at room temperature for better taste
@01:27:56 EMFs in cars, Prius Hybrid

20030209LA 9 Feb 2003 Los Angels Q&A

Length: 01:37:06
@00:00:01 Aajonus traveling
@00:17:29 herbs
@00:20:04 cancer reversal, 65% reversal with fats only
@00:23:24 celery causing edema, cravings, allergy to sodium
@00:29:39 can cartilage grow back
@00:30:45 hot water bottle, cancer
@00:31:19 rubber water bottles
@00:33:21 dental, bacteria on teeth, plastic fillings
@00:39:34 eating anything burns in the mouth, acid, radiation, cancer
@00:41:47 cancer, unable to swallow even water
@00:50:02 specific advantages of different meats
@00:54:27 flying with food, traveling, x-ray on security check
@01:04:20 high meat, how long will it last
@01:05:28 dried meat, pemmican
@01:06:25 taking out meat to warm it up to room temperature for better taste
@01:06:59 getting kids to eat raw food
@01:15:38 nut formula, preserve with an egg
@01:16:02 eggs in refrigerator: keep them out or heat in warm water bath
@01:17:30 weight loss, stress, keep weight for detoxing
@01:21:38 heart health for overweight, not enough protein

20030426NC  26 Apr 2003 Nevada City CA Workshop

Length: 05:17:19
@00:47:48 high meat
@00:49:37 long term studies laboratory research
@00:55:01 negative effects from eating raw meat
@00:57:00 violent vegans foaming
@01:06:08 eating according to blood type
@01:07:12 children on the diet and examples
@01:11:26 Q&A before workshop
@01:11:34 raw meat at restaurants
@01:14:00 law allowing restaurants to serve raw meat
@01:17:18 restaurants meat quality and antibiotics
@01:18:49 advanced glycation end products, AGEs stored in the body
@01:23:44 what type of fat to eat with fruit
@01:28:36 vegetable oils act as solvents
@01:31:02 being irritable during weight loss on vegetable oils
@01:33:05 starting the day with vegetable juice
@01:36:07 salt destroying red blood cells
@01:41:34 cucumber to cool and calm the body
@01:42:05 salt craving
@01:46:56 eating cooked food uses up digestive enzymes
@01:48:24 burning feeling after drinking juice
@01:49:19 why will the juice in the morning get you tired
@01:51:18 ketones as fuel from old toxic cells after 5 hours of sleep
@01:56:01 avocado as a fat is detoxifying
@01:56:41 ketosis during the day is healthy on a raw diet
@01:58:33 avoiding getting hungry after the vegetable juice
@02:00:14 food combinations to avoid
@02:01:29 vegetable oil hardens the arteries
@02:02:44 eggs as a fat source
@02:07:18 Pottenger’s cats and Howell’s rats, experiments
@02:09:46 eating fecal matter, cancer reversal
@02:12:28 eggs as detoxifiers
@02:16:26 fillets not eaten, left out, maggot food and eat the maggots
@02:17:47 doing the diet but not able to follow time schedule
@02:18:07 ketosis and body eating itself
@02:19:39 mini-reading 1
@02:26:37 mini-reading 2
@02:29:36 synthetic fleece plastic
@02:42:11 cholesterol level on raw diet
@02:42:40 heart disease, reversal
@02:44:12 health benefit from eating meat almost raw
@02:45:04 high cholesterol example
@02:47:04 Mayo clinic used raw foods to reverse asthma, diabetes and obesity
@02:49:48 experiments on raw fooders, cardiac and physical
@02:59:18 exercise for losing weight, worry circles
@02:59:20 exercise for losing weight
@03:00:12 example of martial artist, heart rate, jump ropes, exercise
@03:01:42 need for exercise when on the diet
@03:01:56 irritability, worry circles
@03:03:44 special foods to heal faster
@03:04:03 white tissue in the body heals faster by eating white meat
@03:05:13 finding turkey repulsive
@03:05:51 underweight, irritability, anxiety, follow the meat meal with cream, eggs and honey
@03:06:38 diet without honey
@03:07:05 sleepy from eating honey and dates, fruit for dissolving and detoxification
@03:09:12 butter with milk and cream, diarrhea or constipation
@03:10:17 raw goat milk, honey and eggs, cramps in stomach
@03:12:42 energy to keep going, 21 days with 1.5 hr sleep/day, milk report
@03:18:44 kids reactions on pasteurized and raw milk
@03:19:15 kids on raw meat – example
@03:22:07 2% of people too toxic to follow the diet
@03:22:35 partially following the diet
@03:24:00 eating for energy, avoid vegetable juice
@03:24:03 eating for energy
@03:26:22 Pottenger, Howell – 5 generations to get well, 40 years
@03:28:17 mucus, different kinds and colors during flu
@03:30:12 April 2002 cancer clients, total remission followed by flu
@03:35:50 toxicity of mercury fillings, when to remove them
@03:37:00 example mercury fillings
@03:39:24 dental surgery, no Novocain
@03:40:50 eggs to prevent anesthetics from staying in body
@03:42:40 cavities
@03:46:47 return to eating schedule
@03:50:46 cooked starch replaced by nut formula
@03:55:19 is the diet self regulating in terms of overeating
@03:55:59 weight loss cycle
@03:57:17 egg whites for eyes
@03:57:42 high eggs 6 months old, smelling through the shells
@03:59:26 weight loss cycle
@04:01:50 diseases related to obesity
@04:03:11 beans and carbohydrate acrylamides, processed fats and lipid peroxides
@04:04:06 obesity better than being skinny, easier to get them back to health
@04:04:51 psychological issues, skinny vs obese people
@04:04:58 famous vegetarians Hitler, Arnold Ehret
@04:08:11 mini readings start
@04:13:09 mini reading 1
@04:19:57 mini reading 2
@04:26:27 mini reading 3
@04:35:25 mini reading 4
@04:53:45 edema swollen legs
@04:56:41 how to help people quit smoking
@04:57:59 for prema, how many eggs (remove bile)
@05:03:11 raw coconut oil
@05:04:15 Weston Price, fake raw butter, oil

20030622LA 22 Jun 2003 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:30:47
@01:30:47 eggs and detoxification
@01:34:10 treatment of bruised cartilage

20030817SD 17 Aug 2003 San Diego Q&A

Length: 00:34:08

20030914LA 14 Sep 2003 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:51:24
@00:00:01 antinutrients in plants, vegetable juice
@00:03:59 swimming pool, electrical chlorinator
@00:06:00 in Alaska you have to be 1/4 Native American to get seal
@00:06:38 iridology, diagnostics reserved by medical profession
@00:11:23 rashes on the back
@00:13:17 metabolic types depending on from where you are coming from
@00:14:24 raw chicken, high chicken, fever and diarrhea
@00:17:33 high meat, Ripley’s believe it or not
@00:18:45 pemmican
@00:20:20 difference between meat from grocery store and whole food markets
@00:22:36 poisons in soy will kill birds and humans
@00:25:28 non New Zealand organic meat
@00:27:56 goat milk versus cow milk

20031026SD 26 Oct 2003 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:35:20
@01:33:56 lifespan of primitive tribes

20031207LA 7 Dec 2003 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:08:37

20040201LA 1 Feb 2004 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:39:11

20040411LA 11 Apr 2004 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:34:33
@00:48:13 high meat
@00:54:40 EMF, electricity, electrical field meter, Tri-field meter

20040502SD 2 May 2004 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:37:48
@00:51:21 veg digestion
@01:15:32 royal jelly vs prolis, tree sap, hardening of arteries comes from vegetable oils
@01:18:24 freezing meat-dairy, frozen fish, flash-freezing
@01:21:36 eggs, how do they heal? Aajonus theory
@01:31:33 allergies, eggs followed by cream or honey+butter
@01:36:23 supplements processed with heat or solvents

20040606NC 6 Jun 2004 Nevada City CA Workshop

Length: 05:40:07
@00:35:28 laboratory tests parasites and bacteria
@00:42:26 laboratory test, sealed room, parasites in fresh meat
@01:14:56 example fats protects you, North Carolina vegan community
@01:37:20 nut formula
@03:03:58 salt
@03:04:05 salt
@03:11:16 benefits of meat
@03:16:06 cholesterol and Aajonus physical test
@03:27:16 olive oil, flu-like symptoms, detoxification
@03:36:51 ketosis, ketones
@03:38:16 salmonella poisoning
@03:41:27 food poisoning, bacteria from spoiled cooked food
@03:44:22 goat milk
@03:51:08 everything should be opposite of what medical says
@03:54:21 lines in face, dryness, wrinkles treating with meat on the skin

20040912LA 12 Sep 2004 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:55:02
@00:07:10 replace every cell in the body to get well – 30-40 years for humans
@00:16:02 compensate for too little sleep by sleeping more

20041114LA 14 Nov 2004 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:59:15
@00:21:48 Joel Weinstock, 10-30 years IBS cure, whipworm

20050000CH:  see 20050423CH

20050220LA 20 Feb 2005 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:55:03
@00:00:00 good dental practice
@00:07:46 milk: fermented vs fresh
@00:11:14 natural birth control
@00:15:38 cause of yeast infections during pregnancy
@00:21:05 oxygen, pranayama
@00:23:56 why do old disciplines not work for us
@00:29:12 Twiggy
@00:32:06 cavity falls out
@00:39:20 economics, how long does food last
@00:45:32 hypothyroid
@00:48:43 health of dark people
@00:52:49 getting white, bleaching skin
@00:55:48 menopause
@00:57:09 trembling arm, elbow, hand
@00:59:36 scoliosis
@01:01:37 margarine & vegetable oils cause hardening
@01:06:06 long term effect of copper IUD
@01:07:40 birth with forceps: long term effects
@01:08:34 birth forceps, diet
@01:09:09 American diet, meat longevity
@01:09:40 living climate, heat, ac
@01:11:49 hygiene baths, showers
@01:16:27 birth Cesarean sections
@01:20:21 emaciated guy pictured on wewant2live website
@01:22:24 viruses are not alive
@01:24:10 virus, aids, HIV is man made
@01:29:26 HIV from hepatitis B vaccine
@01:30:06 viruses compared to bacteria, parasites, molds
@01:32:22 HIV aids
@01:40:41 immune system, no need to defend against viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds
@01:50:22 niacin B3
@01:54:38 blood stream acidity level, red white meat
@01:57:37 pork in between red & white, and about pigs
@02:00:51 cheese, enzymes, supplements
@02:08:37 do not chew
@02:10:35 ground meat
@02:12:40 women tumors vs men, prostate
@02:13:55 eye infections maintenance
@02:15:30 exhibit: Body Worlds is about the body
@02:18:38 lymph system
@02:21:34 Crohn’s disease
@02:24:07 always eat red white together
@02:25:23 eating out on raw diet
@02:26:33 story of Aajonus on Mo Daphne show
@02:28:52 law, restaurants, raw meat
@02:32:53 eating out continued, frozen meat
@02:43:28 respiratory detox cancer lymph
@02:45:16 mucus color detox
@02:47:53 getting parents onto partial diet
@02:50:39 circumcision

20050417LA 17 Apr 2005 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:44:27
@00:00:00 stones from vegetable oils and syrups
@00:02:57 difference between ripe and unripe
@00:07:14 how we get disease
@00:07:49 Merck, Bayer, diabetes, raw milk
@00:09:25 viruses are not alive
@00:13:20 toxins store in body is how disease develops
@00:14:55 meat in restaurants – use of antibacterials
@00:18:36 nuts, enzyme inhibitors in seeds, nut formula
@00:21:28 Elnora Van Winkle: Biology of Emotions, instincto diet
@00:23:27 fruitarians do not do well beyond 7 years
@00:23:48 antiseptics in meat – eat more fat to bind with toxins
@00:25:03 Alzheimer’s: doctor says no fat
@00:25:45 Alzheimer’s is from aluminum
@00:28:10 cancer, acrylamides, Sweden
@00:30:58 heart condition, cholesterol
@00:32:02 smell unable to sense Mercury removal
@00:33:20 sprouted beans, seeds
@00:34:17 pain in hand, antibiotics
@00:37:10 trouble sleeping cause clogged nose – poisons leaving brain
@00:42:59 humidifiers
@00:43:10 vegetable oils, solvents
@00:44:43 compare parasites, bacteria, viruses
@00:49:43 trichinosis IBS connection
@00:52:24 midday nap
@00:53:14 what Aajonus is drinking
@00:58:25 vegetable juice after meat meal
@01:00:15 kidneys, cleansing
@01:03:40 poisoning natives, smallpox
@01:06:05 safer alternative for abortion
@01:08:31 Primal Diet varied in different regions
@01:10:26 Aajonus, diabetes
@01:12:20 home renovation, paint and products
@01:14:59 fermented coconut oil
@01:19:54 aluminum screens on windows
@01:22:08 best alternative, no raw meat
@01:22:53 free radicals – what are they
@01:24:08 irregular heartbeats
@01:25:52 about CoQ10
@01:26:35 fish oil
@01:27:50 traveling with food
@01:30:13 high meat during detox
@01:31:19 human growth hormone (HGH)
@01:32:21 insomnia, protein deficiency
@01:36:29 prostate cancer and riding a bicycle
@01:37:46 detoxing through teeth
@01:38:34 flu-like symptom, bacterial infection in heart
@01:42:16 injury restricting mobility
@01:43:11 Bangkok stem cell center

20050423CH 23 Apr 2005 Chicago Workshop
Length: 05:52:13
@01:38:08 do not chew
@01:52:18 car accident
@02:10:20 constipation remedy
@02:11:50 trichinosis IBS
@02:20:19 glands
@02:25:07 organs
@02:33:26 eat at night
@02:34:57 lecture, North California vegetarian
@02:45:13 organs
@02:50:24 primates and fruit
@02:57:55 muscles
@03:31:24 kids – many examples
@03:44:31 bath
@04:05:23 age, nut formula
@04:08:15 balanced diet
@04:36:40 salt and water
@04:47:44 parasites
@04:52:22 Hitler, Bush
@04:55:49 salt continued
@04:59:49 bacteria, viruses, fungus
@05:08:32 cheese supplements
@05:11:35 yogurt, cheese
@05:19:14 cheese, grains
@05:20:18 detox with fermented food
@05:23:31 raw meat with processed vegetables
@05:24:33 fish vs red
@05:26:13 EMFs
@05:35:59 lymph and exercise, massage
@05:37:43 food on flight
@05:42:41 fermented vegetables
@05:43:04 sanitation, raw food handling
@05:45:38 hunter-gatherer life span
@05:49:38 raw soy, raw milk
20050724LA 24 July 2005 Los Angeles Q&A
Length: 02:19:08
@00:50:45 chocolate and coffee addiction
@00:52:50 fermented foods for detox, Sally Fallon and Price are theorists
@00:54:10 example of detox from cooked sugar and milk

20050800CH:  see 20051008CH

20050912LA12 12 Sep 2005 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:05:33
@00:00:11 1918 flu epidemic, man's correct diet
@00:02:29 black plague, mercury
@00:06:21 epidemics are poisonings, Ebola, smallpox, measles
@00:17:29 flu is viral
@00:20:02 pain in lower back
@00:23:26 fish, ocean caught
@00:24:01 ground meat with electric grinder
@00:28:08 eat at night
@00:31:29 juicer, GreenStar
@00:38:14 recover flexibility
@00:39:23 fungus, toe nail, fingernail
@00:50:46 coconut cream vs oil
20051008CH 8 Oct 2005 Chicago Workshop
Length: 06:40:15
@01:07:01 example of drinking cabbage juice for chronic bleeding
@01:33:45 example E. coli
@01:57:32 virus explained
@02:21:37 food
@02:25:25 acrylamides
@02:28:00 food company experiments with raw and processed foods
@02:29:37 calcium
@02:34:44 story tapeworm
@02:38:48 trichinosis
@02:39:05 fat - get fat, fat will protect
@02:39:36 cancer
@02:48:53 athlete bodybuilding
@02:56:05 timing of eating
@03:11:11 timing of eating, fluoride
@03:15:02 Pottenger’s cats
@03:20:25 foods intro
@03:22:41 foods carbohydrates
@03:26:49 foods proteins
@03:35:54 healing, sleep, court
@03:40:07 research, Venice beach
@03:43:50 foods fat
@03:51:20 Earthaven
@03:52:36 example Earthaven vegetarians
@03:56:38 fats, half cup arsenic
@03:59:31 fat, citric acid cycle
@03:59:47 detox with fruit coconut cream
@04:05:17 eating schedule
@04:05:19 eating at night
@04:08:12 example eat at night
@04:10:23 water
@04:16:29 water, juice
@04:20:39 food getting cold
@04:22:54 mercury filling
@04:24:09 fats for protection, Dean Ornish experiment, fats protect against cancer
@04:27:32 contagious chicken pox
@04:29:32 Eskimo life span
@04:30:56 hepatitis B
@04:32:15 food during holidays and traveling with food
@04:32:16 holidays, social flying
@04:36:42 cost of lab tests
@04:40:32 vomiting from eating raw eggs
@04:40:41 raw eggs discarding toxins
@04:42:07 coconut
@04:43:00 Gulf, Lakes polluted
@04:43:32 cholesterol, all cholesterol is good
@04:43:33 cholesterol ldl
@04:44:45 iridology, when, how, broken
@04:45:38 oils solvents even coconut
@04:49:33 cancer therapy 17% survive
@04:50:57 clay
@04:56:56 frozen pastured vs fresh supermarket meat
@04:59:05 people with chemotherapy
@04:59:32 quality of Amish dairy
@05:00:30 children vaccinations
@05:05:03 farmers, mineral supplement, chicken
@05:05:03 feeding chicken mineral supplements
@05:07:27 sourcing honey bees, eating syrup
@05:10:19 sourcing big pharmacy, Bush
@05:13:56 take out composite filling
@05:14:46 groups coming after Aajonus
@05:25:02 dental care, plaque
@05:27:08 dental cavities will heal
@05:31:44 deer glands milkshake
@05:35:16 grass fed omegas
@05:38:44 mad cow de-wormer
@05:41:02 healthy weight gain
@05:42:54 mini readings
@05:44:55 reading 1
@05:51:07 reading 2
@06:00:26 reading 3
@06:03:39 honey removes wrinkles
@06:09:23 reading 4
@06:12:46 discarding metal, oysters
@06:14:21 African races 10,000 years ahead
@06:17:51 reading 5
@06:25:10 reading 6

20051100SD: see 20051127SD

20051113LA 13 Nov 2005 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:15:45
@00:38:47 supplements
@00:43:33 chemtrails
@00:46:09 food pyramid 15 80 5
@00:47:27 Bush, Hitler, connection
@00:50:18 carbs age acrylamides
@00:51:45 story of foaming vegetarians
@00:53:24 food for traveling, X-rays
@00:58:30 money from free medication and vaccines
@01:00:57 bird flu
@01:04:57 TVs in grass huts
@01:06:10 young mom’s stretch marks

20051127SD. 27 Nov 2005 San Diego Q&A

Length: 02:10:29
@01:06:09 heart arrhythmia
@01:07:30 rebuild prolapse
@01:08:46 gout and raw meat
@01:10:01 flu, viral, salmonella
@01:11:48 butter vs cream
@01:14:25 honey, saliva, tumor dissolved
@01:22:27 eye painting products
@01:25:46 plankton
@01:27:45 Organic Pastures, Claravale
@01:31:05 coconut cream
@01:39:51 Aajonus’ house temp
@01:41:22 vegan diet, fat
@01:44:13 blood type, alkaline, acidic
@01:47:10 coffee replacement
@01:49:14 fungus, coffee
@01:56:42 raw milk and other allergy
@02:00:41 salted butter
@02:01:47 how the body eats
@02:03:19 blood analysis
@02:05:10 uric acid, cooked protein
@02:05:38 free radicals
@02:08:45 vegetable oils, rash
@02:10:53 juicing equipment, coconut
@02:18:33 avian flu
@02:58:58 viruses look contagious
@03:03:27 black plague
@03:05:17 dog 1.5y, bald spots, vaccine
@03:11:33 flu treated with antibiotics

20060129SD 29 Jan 2006 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:51:54
@00:00:00 industrial coconut juicer
@00:01:46 fat molecule size
@00:04:38 tapeworm
@00:07:08 IBS Joel Weinstock whipworm
@00:12:43 measure fat level
@00:15:19 40 years to rebuild body
@00:16:16 aging wrinkles skin quality
@00:31:30 mercury detox
@00:32:26 Jacuzzi filtering
@00:40:42 raw unheated cocoa water
@00:42:47 ww2l website
@00:55:12 sustainable world
@01:04:35 cravings
@01:07:13 eggs
@01:08:32 food when traveling
@01:10:27 fermented food as detox for cooked
@01:18:55 Aajonus, dog MS recovery
@01:23:21 internal infections, fibrosis

20060212LA 12 Feb 2006 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:03:23
@00:00:51 household cleanser

20060319SD 19 Mar 2006 San Diego Q&A

Length: 02:00:31

20060416LA 16 Apr 2006 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:06:53
@00:52:14 antibiotics E. coli trichinosis
@01:06:51 fruit illegal in Maasai tribes
@01:11:58 Elnora Van Winkle
@01:29:59 humans, natural fruitarians myth
@01:32:57 Earthaven, vegetarians

20060429CH 29 Apr 2006 Chicago Workshop

Length: 05:23:09
@01:36:02 urine drinking, fasting
@01:38:50 cellular regeneration times
@01:42:10 only one raw meal... one step at a time
@01:48:05 chickens eat chickens for proteins
@01:53:56 virus, retrovirus, vaccines, Pasteur
@02:08:22 toxins from cooking acrylamides
@02:41:24 eggs, allergies and biotin deficiency
@02:51:31 type 1 diabetes cure
@03:07:30 proteins from nuts and grains
@03:10:08 AGEs stored in body
@03:15:03 ratio of fat proteins carbs
@03:16:40 meal timing
@03:43:40 Aajonus parents were raw, no more
@03:50:10 fruit meal in afternoon
@03:51:18 coconut cream for cleansing, soaps
@03:54:26 no fruit, Asia TV in grass huts, commercials
@03:58:15 meal before sleep, no more than 5 hours without eating
@04:03:01 Arnold, body builder vs weight lifter
@04:04:47 salt
@04:07:49 water, 8 glasses myth
@04:11:19 MRI contrast
@04:11:43 enzymes not alive
@04:12:25 removing toxins from vaccines
@04:13:20 meal at night
@04:13:53 eating fat with the meat
@04:14:37 body building
@04:15:42 butter coconut nuts
@04:17:37 body fat levels and time needed for replacing bad fats
@04:19:20 Price was a theorist, no facts, jaw structure
@04:20:20 only seen people under 25 regenerate tubles and dentine,
@04:21:40 cavities never caused by bacteria
@04:22:15 bacteria eat the deteriorated dentine cells
@04:22:41 dog diet, raw food, meat, egg, butter, cat eats fresh, dogs old rotten

20060500SC: see 20060527PH

20060507SD 7 May 2006 San Diego Q&A

Length: 02:12:36
@00:00:01 digital recorder
@00:02:12 status of Thailand clinic
@00:05:36 experiments for detox book, getting rid of toxins from cereals, tapeworms from donated foods, children
@00:22:22 MSM, sulfur
@00:23:08 spontaneous self combustion, sulfur MSM
@00:27:30 colds, flu, virus, bacteria, parasites
@00:30:02 Yale: 80% of cancer reverses following a flu
@00:30:29 lung cancer treatments
@00:37:14 eating massive amounts of eggs
@00:37:15 eggs digests in 10 minutes
@00:42:35 garden experiment, egg shells
@00:46:45 eggs and vegetable juice
@00:47:59 alkaline diet and cancer
@00:50:09 healthy vegetarians 8/3000
@00:55:39 soy, toxic estrogen, newborn damaged from vegetarian
@00:57:15 2 year old damage from mother’s vegetarian diet – 50% dead cells;  @01:02:49 book is what works, not theoretical
@01:04:01 lung cancer treatment, doctor lies
@01:08:24 ducks fart under water, nuts, phytic acid
@01:09:32 traveling to India, food sources
@01:14:16 raw milk dairy products individual remedies
@01:20:36 raw meat in Thailand
@01:22:16 Muslims sources of dairy and meat
@01:23:21 movie called Latino shot in Nicaragua in 1984 - actor did opposite of health rules
@01:28:04 West Nile virus, Ebola, aids
@01:30:23 colostrum, cream, difference
@01:34:22 Organic Pastures
@01:42:13 raw dairy never goes bad, bacteria in milk
@01:48:24 no enzyme activity in cheese
@01:53:17 bird flu how to avoid, viruses, swine flu vaccine
@01:59:15 how to detect if honey has been heated
@02:00:00 seaweed, salt hyperactivity
@02:04:10 salt, kelp
@02:08:26 colon cleansing destroys E. coli, how to restore
@02:10:34 sun exposure, wheat germ, water
@02:11:15 water amounts and sources

20060520-OM 20 May 2006 Omaha Workshop
Length: 00:08:51
@00:00:01 experiment on raw mercury in swordfish
@00:04:33 anemia, iron supplements for baby

20060527PH 27 May 2006 Phoenix Workshop
Length: 01:15:47
@00:00:00 Aajonus’ story
@00:48:00 coconut, coconut water, water
@00:52:56 salt
@01:03:05 cause of nose bleeds, green cabbage juice stops bleeding
@01:08:14 dried herbs and vegetables, cheese, clay
@01:12:18 dried meat
@01:13:13 green fecal matter from green juice
@01:13:38 exercise on Primal Diet
@01:14:25 cheese type
@01:14:34 limes are antibacterial

20060820SD 20 Aug 2006 San Diego Q&A
Length: 02:09:38
@00:00:25 evidence of bird flu, Thailand, virus, parasites, bacteria
@00:16:14 vaccines and disease, getting rid of 5 billion people for control
@00:19:19 wheatgrass juice
@00:22:14 what's the science behind the diet
@00:23:51 red meat anxiety and activity, adrenal thyroid, blood pressure, Angelina Jolie’s nose
@00:30:56 allergies, excess mucus is for removal of foreign particles
@00:36:36 melanoma cancer, tumor dissolves in a few days
@00:40:35 goji berries
@00:42:20 macular degeneration, eyes, thimerosal, 10% of diseases existed before industrial pollution
@00:48:28 ice not for reducing pain, only burns
@00:52:12 applying heat to injury increases circulation
@00:59:44 problem getting food: what would you eat, preserving food
@01:05:23 getting meat with lots of fat in Thailand
@01:07:52 eating bones, Eskimos
@01:09:02 food when traveling: nothing kosher, no pre-prepared meats, bring your own butter cheese honey
@01:13:35 pasteurized cheese
@01:15:48 fowl during traveling, commercial chickens are fed soy
@01:16:30 raw soy will kill poultry or humans
@01:17:00 if over 25% soy I don’t touch eggs or chicken, if it says “organic” I won’t buy the eggs
@01:19:35 century eggs, raw food never goes bad
@01:22:20 egg taste, chocolate
@01:22:49 eggs: do not wash
@01:23:39 eggs dissolve brain tumor, E. coli, salmonella
@01:27:48 movie: Latino,
@01:30:57 food supply
@01:35:36 eggs from regular markets, eggs from health food – not vegetarian fed nor organic, free range, cage free vs pastured
@01:38:12 inflammatory breast cancer
@01:39:31 vegetable oils, lymph congestion, arterial sclerosis, heart disease
@01:42:27 unclogging lymph system, lymphatic baths
@01:44:12 bath in hot tub, chlorine: getting rid of vapors, swimming pool
@01:46:50 whey fibromyalgia
@01:49:59 air sickness / sea sickness
@01:52:44 essential oils, massage oils
@01:55:49 lip gloss treatment
@01:57:24 forgotten high meat
@01:58:13 coconut cream machine, industrial juicer

20060910LA 10 Sep 2006 Los Angeles Q&A
Length: 03:23:33
@00:00:00 eating bugs
@00:01:25 Aajonus surgery for stones in bladder
@00:08:22 cheese: no bio-active enzymes, with honey as a mineral supplement, with butter to avoid constipation, cheese alone removes toxins
@00:12:51 supplements are rock / rust lockjaw
@00:28:29 difficulty sleeping at night, insomnia
@00:34:07 night sweats ending detoxification
@00:35:20 insulation: fiberglass, Styrofoam alternatives
@00:38:36 lower back pain
@00:39:43 dairy intolerance, nerves detoxing at night
@00:41:37 PCBs
@00:42:13 goat milk vs cow milk
@00:43:58 how does honey affect blood sugar
@00:47:38 children: no eyebrows, eyelashes, vaccine caused
@00:49:42 experiment on mercury levels in swordfish
@00:53:07 resolve blurry vision, eye damage
@00:55:49 eating only eggs does not increase cellular division
@00:56:36 body building on Primal Diet
@00:58:17 exercise, worry circles, anxiety activity lines, stress rings
@01:00:40 warts
@01:04:05 cause of stiffness, arthritis
@01:06:28 bacteria in cooked food
@01:13:56 stiffness, increased pain in arm
@01:17:21 parasites in meat experiment
@01:20:42 tests on animals with parasites and without parasites
@01:23:39 organ meats will help the same organs, nutrient density
@01:26:22 ocean pollution, fish sources
@01:29:35 pre-teen sports, raw diet example
@01:33:43 respiratory problems, 25-30 eggs
@01:35:57 chemtrails
@01:36:44 Morgellons disease, synthetic clothing
@01:41:54 pork, trichinosis reverses IBS in 5-7 days, Crohn’s
@01:43:23 Whole Foods organic, their all natural beef getting bakery waste
@01:46:03 stents and chelation
@01:51:20 lymphatic baths: time of day
@01:56:45 diverticulitis: med professions says need fiber to push food through, if eating raw peristalsis happens, don’t need fiber
@01:59:00 high meat, eating shit
@01:59:53 loss of sight: red meat deficiency, remedies
@02:01:51 egg allergy
@02:02:38 military vaccines
@02:05:50 headache at bowel movement
@02:07:02 vaginitis, honey and fruit
@02:09:51 correlation between cancer remission and Primal Diet
@02:13:15 cancer and high meat
@02:14:03 anthrax, vaccines, vitamin C, supplements
@02:15:24 supplements, vitamin C
@02:17:47 chemically sensitive
@02:21:02 menopause: change of type of hormones
@02:21:45 eggs with dairy to create mucus
@02:22:20 Lyme disease
@02:24:18 trichinosis in mongoose, instincto eater
@02:26:40 malaria
@02:27:14 polio, poison induced disease
@02:31:46 plastic bottled water, fluoride
@02:40:09 Terramin clay
@02:44:35 detoxification, clogged up nose, headache, burning face, perspiration
@02:47:24 detox through hair follicles causes balding, graying & hair loss
@02:52:06 getting rid of infections
@02:54:17 food during traveling, X-rays
@02:58:53 endometriosis, protein deficiency, cells used in different areas than where they belong
@03:02:12 PH of saliva, urine, and blood, intestines, fecal
@03:04:23 where does alkalinity come from, vegetarians stay alkaline a long time, fruit demineralizes the body; David Wolf, foaming vegetarian story, fruitarianism
@03:11:00 eating fruit and insect bites
@03:13:16 wewant2live we site
@03:14:12 Elnora Van Winkle, there are 40 MDs on Primal Diet, actors on diet
@03:16:44 raw blood, refrigeration, milk
@03:18:47 Price, Pottenger, Howell
@03:19:35 rejuvelac detoxifier, eating fermented of what cooked food you ate
@03:21:41 chemtrail announcement

20061029SD 29 Oct 2006 San Diego Q&A
Length: 02:03:38
@00:00:01 Aajonus’s stones in bladder
@00:15:56 sulfur, eggs and milk, MSM is toxic; spontaneous self combustion
@00:19:50 emotional detoxification, old feelings coming up, pancreas has to create hormones when eating cooked food, problems around 50 years
@00:22:14 Elnora Van Winkle cataloging chemicals in neurological system and brain; book: Biology of Emotions
@00:27:23 deal with detoxing through gums and teeth, dental decay caused by metals, not bacteria
@00:35:14 root canal, tooth can heal on its own
@00:39:01 big belly, needs to maintain stomach longer time depending on age
@00:40:55 baths
@00:43:38 air quality, detoxification, planes dumping fuel, mucus vs lubrication
@00:53:32 fungus vs bacteria, mold, penicillin, antibiotics from mold or limes
@00:59:06 clay, coconut cream, polish teeth
@01:00:35 clay sunshine, vitamin D
@01:03:09 hives

20061111OM 11 Nov 2006 Omaha Workshop

Length: 05:18:52
00:00:00 intro
@01:02:19 start of workshop
@01:03:33 body fluid systems: blood, neurological, lymph
@01:11:12 lymphatic system
@01:15:05 clogged lymphatic system, hardening of arteries caused by vegetable oils
@01:17:01 invention of plastic
@01:19:30 vegetable oils hardening in body
@01:20:06 digestive tract
@02:53:30 cooked animal fat is OK
@02:56:02 cooked fat cells swell 10 to 50 times
@02:59:00 what foods do in our body, fat, proteins, carbs, vegetable juice, starch
@03:00:12 starches bind with neurological hormones
@03:03:31 starches on Primal Diet, nut formula
@03:05:36 eating meat alone, weight loss, meat with butter to prevent burning the meat as fuel
@03:08:29 cream, avocado and oils are hard to digest
@03:09:00 eating cycle, no carbohydrates in morning, AGEs
@03:14:26 eating cycle, meat meal around noon
@03:15:11 70-80% AGE stored in body for lifetime
@03:16:29 children on the Primal Diet
@03:17:16 eating cycle 2-3 hours after noon meat cream, milkshake
@03:19:02 eggs most easily digested food, 12-37 minutes, eggs alone weight loss
@03:20:47 coconut cream
@03:25:19 eating cycle, noon, vegetable juice, fruit meal, coconut cream, custard
@03:27:46 lymphatic baths
@03:33:08 eating cycle, 5-6 vegetable juices in small amounts
@03:34:10 eating cycle, 7-8 last meat meal
@03:35:55 always fat with meat
@03:36:02 meat, cellular regeneration, division, white meat for nerves, abdominal, skin, connective tissues, red meat for eyes vision, muscle, dark glands, blood
@03:39:37 eating cycle before sleep, milkshake
@03:40:26 eating cycle: eat during night, never 5 hours without eating otherwise red cells eat each other
@03:42:26 milk refrigerated – growth hormones neutralized
@03:47:03 clinic in Thailand, TVs in grass huts for commercials, unripe pineapple, insurance, medical care is waste of money, car accident, bladder stone, surgery info
@04:03:53 eating cycle eat during night – example
@04:04:42 water is a solvent not a nutrient, 8 glasses a day is a myth; coca cola, movie: Rabbit Proof Fence
@04:10:58 raw milk, California medical milk commission
@04:16:37 raw milk blamed for drowning accident, salmonella
@04:23:40 medical history of milk
@04:27:06 water alternative
@04:27:46 cheese to draw out toxins, and as mineral supplement with honey
@04:35:55 minerals and salt
@04:36:31 salt causes mineral imbalances
@04:43:25 cavities: have them filled or not, porcellain vs plastic, young children and cavities
@04:49:23 medication, depression, hypertension, thyroid, high meat
@04:51:52 Aajonus on Ripley’s, high meat story
@04:53:08 Tarzan high meat
@04:55:13 alternative to meat in the morning, kefir, eggs, honey, eggs making stomach sick drawing out poisons
@04:57:23 green feces without eating vegetables
@04:58:12 animals need bones, cooked bones vs raw, bulldog on raw food, skin problems, weight loss, vaccines caused, reverse diet to red meat in morning and chicken in evening, same amount of bones
@04:59:45 Aajonus’ dog was 240 pounds - eating bones
@05:02:10 diatomaceous earth
@05:04:00 what to eat after having cooked food, honey cheese eggs
@05:05:11 commercial enzyme supplements
@05:05:39 shaving cream recommendations
@05:06:23 toothpaste
@05:07:42 fermentation, fermented food helps to remove toxins from cooked equivalents
@05:10:42 whole grains, nuts, starch
@05:12:00 nuts lower fats and cholesterols
@05:12:15: cholesterols
@05:14:04 hot baths, keeping the water hot
@05:14:50 cholesterol tests and strokes
@05:15:56 body odor, reducing, odors keeps insects away

20061126LA 26 Nov 20006 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:52:39
@00:00:15 black artery, diarrhea, how to get back on diet, diarrhea caused by poisons, 90% of diseases caused by pollution, dental decay not caused by bacteria
@00:04:58 cancer, free radicals
@00:12:03 fat needed to collect poisons, cooked fat swells 10-50 times
@00:14:32 anything dehydrated needs enzymes
@00:18:45 Univ of Toronto, mercury, neurology
@00:20:34 get back into diet after diarrhea
@00:21:27 sulfur, MSM, minerals are for plants
@00:22:15 MSM
@00:23:20 cancer statistics: with no treatment lived 12.5 years longer, treated lived 3 years, medical profession lies; on Primal Diet 95% live beyond 5 years; 17% beyond 6 years on medical treatment; those on diet that didn’t make it were too thin and wasted away
@00:29:49 swelling, inflammation, heat, MSM, honey not over 93 degrees
@00:32:53 skipping meal when not hungry
@00:35:42 cancer, coconut cream
@00:39:00 high blood pressure
@00:39:01 high blood pressure is needed for those who have it, prevents heart attacks
@00:44:20 vitamin E, Kodak, niacin supplements
@00:44:28 vitamin B3 and B6, supplements, 99% of vitamin E comes from Kodak & Fuji, vitamin C is natural and different from ascorbic acid
@00:46:19 vitamin C under microscope
@00:47:08 Linus Pauling, vitamin C, citric acid causes psychological side effects, chemical vitamin C poisons people
@00:48:32 a pound of meat contains the same amount of vitamin C as two oranges
@00:49:47 treating abscesses in the body
@00:49:48 abscess, treat with lime and clay
@00:54:40 MSM: isolated sulfur, how it works
@00:55:29 sulfur as antibiotic, spontaneous self combustion
@00:59:07 eggs, Mercola is theoretician, avidin, biotin, Mercola was Aajonus’s student, is 4 years into primal, lying about his research. Mercola getting skinny and hyper by eating fruit and super foods. Eat eggs with other food to gain weight, eat eggs alone for weight loss
@01:04:14 raw milk and gas, cold milk causes the stomach to contract, predigested (kefir) OK cold
@01:07:47 cheese is made with molds
@01:08:27 homeostasis, pregnancy, healthy woman can change genetic structure from toxic sperm, getting pregnant on the healthy ovary
@01:11:27 getting sick on cruise ship, using a virus for preservation of pre-packed food
@01:11:27 why people get sick at the same time, new method of preserving food with viruses
@01:13:29 viruses are not alive – explained
@01:17:54 herbs and superfoods, algae and digestion
@01:17:54 herbs, superfoods, algae 10% digested
@01:19:35 bee pollen in pain formula
@01:19:35 Pain Formula, bee pollen
@01:21:30 if using more than one formula, alternate them & take a day off
@01:22:26 inedible, dried herbs, dried substances have no enzymes
@01:23:27 vegetables high in toxic minerals: free radicals when cooked
@01:24:01 medication poisons the body and stops detoxification
@01:24:39 whey
@01:26:47 tiredness during detoxification, healing takes place during sleep
@01:28:51 keep house warm, needs to balance the climate, humidifier, plants for oxygen
@01:30:05 what causes eczema, and how to prevent it
@01:32:43 how to speed up detoxification (not desirable)
@01:34:12 magnetic therapy

20061217SD 17 Dec 2006 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:19:16
@00:37:19 foods for kids & babies
@00:39:03 smart 5 yr old kid: buffalo liver milk, start 4th grade at 5 yr old know 187 countries and borders all presidents and vice presidents
@00:41:08 children do not need vegetable juice
@00:41:45 diarrhea from vegetable juice
@00:43:58 cabbage, sauerkraut, fermented food, needed when eating cooked, eat fermented food to balance bacteria, detoxification
@00:50:34 fruits are not natural food for humans
@00:51:12 curds and whey with meat
@00:52:56 vaccine detox
@00:55:06 analyzing vomit to find out which poisons are leaving the body, cancer patient example, thallium
@00:58:47 eating when vomiting, keep food down by timing, 20 minutes after, 10 minutes to eat, eating eggs on empty stomach for energy, bird poisons
@01:01:37 overweight on cancer, fat and happy
@01:08:16 eggs alone will burn fat, to reduce weight eat eggs alone, with other food will gain weight
@01:10:04 bladder burning: molds dumping into the bladder
@01:10:40 cooked fat swells 10-50 times, thin people on cooked food do not digest fat properly, three kinds of cholesterol
@01:12:56 soaps, all soaps made from petroleum, 50 years ago made of coconut fats
@01:14:30 coconut cream, do not filter to keep some fiber
@01:16:17 candida
@01:18:33 Mercola website, high blood pressure is important for people with congested arteries

20070113AN 13 Jan 2007 Antigua Workshop

Length: 04:44:51
@00:01:08 body fluid systems: blood
@00:02:35 body fluid systems: lymphatic
@00:06:12 vaginal cavity discards poisons
@00:07:47 Samuel Epstein, cancer statistics
@00:08:38 penicillin: 2000% times more Crohn’s
@00:09:28 molds, plastics, vegetable oils
@00:12:31 body fluid systems: neurological
@00:13:31 cooking foods cauterizes the minerals
@00:16:07 digestive tract: mouth to stomach
@00:17:52 digestive tract: intestines
@00:18:34 digestive tract: bowels, E. coli
@00:20:07 water
@00:22:08 movie: Rabbit Proof Fence
@00:25:58 glands, organs
@00:28:38 vegetable oil, native tribes’ food
@01:57:27 pancreas reworks enzymes that come in from food
@02:02:09 10 year study of cooked vs raw by Francis Pottenger, Edward Howell
@02:05:50 enzymes
@03:19:30 liver, milk, smart 5 yr old child on raw diet
@03:26:29 AGE, acrylamides, Swedish research
@03:34:15 fruit meal, detoxification
@03:39:41 sauces, cooked food loose taste
@03:41:39 chewing meat interferes with digestion
@03:42:48 grinding meat splits fat molecules
@03:43:57 blending food avoid oxidation
@03:48:20 eat within 5 hours during the night
@03:50:01 salt, collection of molecules rips cells
@03:53:14 eggs, repair digestion, emphysema
@03:58:56 story of suing police, eggs in court
@04:01:00 eggs alone for weight loss
@04:02:10 eggs from store and soy-fed chicken
@04:04:42 bananas for pain, diarrhea
@04:06:23 alcohols penetrate cells
@04:07:56 chemicals from meat, mad cow
@04:09:25 lab test, experiment animals, mercury
@04:10:47 hormones in meat
@04:12:23 deal with colds and flus
@04:13:15 effectiveness of doing diet partially
@04:14:56 difference between goat and cow milk
@04:16:11 sea salt natural sodium
@04:16:46 cooking: glass, china, stainless
@04:17:30 pasta, starches, nut formula
@04:18:45 experiment on frozen meat butter
@04:22:38 garlic and onion as seasoning
@04:23:54 dairy & migraines headaches
@04:25:00 powdered milk, soy, infant formula baby
@04:25:48 report by John Hopkins, raw food dairy
@04:29:02 cold, pneumonia aids
@04:31:22 autism vaccine damaged child recovery
@04:35:47 higher cholesterol is better – examples
@04:37:47 Aajonus glucose and physical test
@04:42:26 reason for high blood pressure, report
@04:44:01 cold milk

20070218SD 18 Feb 2007 San Diego Q&A

Length: 02:02:15
@00:00:01 synthetic fibers, plastics furniture clothes
@00:08:08 swordfish, mercury, vaccines
@00:14:04 cause and cure of scarlet fever
@00:15:51 book: Man's Correct Diet
@00:16:47 bacteria never cause disease, mercury
@00:23:24 experiment on animal dewormers parasites
@00:24:40 parasite cleanup, bacteria, fungus, virus
@00:26:20 contagious virus, flus
@00:28:10 UK test of flu vaccine, Dec 2006 on 8000 people
@00:29:03 pneumonia, antibiotics, example aids
@00:32:04 example from audience: no flu vaccines, fever, hospital
@00:33:55 fruits deteriorate protein in body
@00:35:10 Aajonus when he was a fruitarian had strep throat
@00:36:50 penicillin mold, IBS, Crohn’s, brain damage
@00:38:28 pasteurized dairy, tuberculosis, milk
@00:39:45 traveling, vaccine effect stops symptoms
@00:41:27 Latino movie
@00:48:14 body fat, fat swells when heated
@00:49:51 get the cheap meat cuts, Eskimos
@00:51:15 iridology: learning Aajonus’s way
@00:52:45 Aajonus books based on 28 years of experiments
@00:55:03 why is Aajonus not on TV, cut off Fox & Oprah
@00:58:29 coconut cream instead of dairy
@01:00:00 raw vegetarians
@01:01:09 Aajonus, how he began eating raw
@01:03:07 chicken and lubrication formula
@01:03:20 traveling, cruises: bring your own food
@01:05:51 Aajonus, exercise, activity, sleep
@01:08:18 chemically sensitive people
@01:09:02 movie theater tips, rotten chicken
@01:11:28 forgot to air high meat
@01:12:05 dying children from mosquito bites
@01:14:02 malaria, high carb food draws insects
@01:16:39 dying children: care packages, powdered milk
@01:20:02 polio myelitis, damaged tissue in spinal cord activates
@01:21:45 Swedish research on acrylamides
@01:23:35 Merck
@01:24:19 ill not enjoying life
@01:37:21 best kind of practice, activity
@01:37:40 red and white meat
@01:39:57 healing crisis, end of a long detoxification, fever
@01:44:03 cooked fat also protects, but is large story
@01:47:48 cholesterol levels explained
@01:50:55 high blood pressure tests in UK on 45,000 people
@01:55:06 molds
@01:56:58 blood circulation, vegetable oils solidify
@01:58:30 MS patient to tropical climate for healing

20070225LA 25 Feb 2007 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:16:16
@00:00:45 Aajonus crowbar attack, detoxing Novocain
@00:04:03 starting out on Primal Diet, milk and honey
@00:05:04 water system in house, filters
@00:15:11 movie, water, Rabbit Proof Fence
@00:23:45 vitamins: Kodak Fuji developing fluid
@00:30:55 care packages & powdered milk
@00:31:59 organ meats of choice
@00:33:04 organ meats from organic, soy feed
@00:35:30 soy is poisonous for humans and birds
@00:36:10 Aajonus’ source of meat
@00:39:30 whey, whey powder: problems from
@00:42:03 how to prepare organs, seasoning
@00:42:48 Aajonus cooking hobby
@00:43:30 cooking removes flavor
@00:43:59 glands, shake, butchered deer
@00:46:47 water, thirst, vegetable juice, celery
@00:50:31 thirst is fat deficiency, wrinkles
@00:52:21 raw cheese to draw out poisons from brain
@00:53:45 thirst, vegetable juice, AGEs, celery, negative carbs
@00:55:54 no high carb foods for first 6-7 hours of day
@00:56:30 morning meat meal, honey function
@00:58:40 vegetable juice recipes
@01:01:22 making kefir with grains interferes with bacteria
@01:02:46 agave, honey, freezing honey
@01:04:52 fertile eggs
@01:06:20 thinking clearly, milk, meat
@01:07:20 preground seasonings, most are irradiated
@01:08:27 teeth, mineral deficiency, dissolved bones
@01:11:58 tiredness: most healing during sleep; lethargy
@01:13:25 mercury in vaccines, smart people
@01:15:06 Reagan, no residuals to actors, banned transportation of raw dairy
@01:17:14 strength of monkeys and apes
@01:18:10 nutrients reserve, raw fat molecules are small
@01:20:49 tiredness advice
@01:21:28 natural bio-identical plant-based hormones
@01:22:48 trichinosis: all humans had it up to 100 years ago
@01:23:17 Joel Weinstock: IBS stopped in 5 days
@01:24:01 government doesn't want us to be healthy strong and brilliant
@01:25:38 most of poisons come from the medical profession
@01:26:14 natural progesterone from a horse, extraction
@01:27:34 menopause
@01:32:37 butter, oils only for detoxification
@01:33:58 source for raw cheese, butter, dairy
@01:34:41 Whole Foods: natural doughnut feed beef
@01:37:40 blood clots: symptoms explained
@01:37:49 blood clots: chest pain, heart
@01:46:52 high blood pressure, UK test on 45,000 people
@01:48:27 medication costs
@01:52:00 citric acid cycle: pyruvate, carbs; one fruit meal a day
@01:54:13 honey, carbohydrates
@01:58:55 whey followup, vegetable juice

20070519CH 19 May 2007 Chicago Workshop

Length: 05:57:39
@00:00:00 video of neurons disappearing because of mercury
@01:23:28 blood stream, white cells, cooked food
@03:02:56 Earthaven vegetarian community
@03:10:30 fats, hormones, thyroid problems
@03:12:42 blood tests
@03:20:06 Aajonus TV series
@03:22:14 Twiggy story
@03:24:31 examples children on diet
@03:34:00 scientists who have died
@03:38:01 takes 5 generations to replace cells, Howell, Pottenger
@03:41:17 animal fats myth, hardening of arteries
@03:43:07 lymphatic baths, example of stem cell company
@03:49:30 protein
@03:49:35 vegetable proteins lack B12
@03:50:11 proteins in vegetables, meat, HGH
@03:50:55 proteins from raw meat increase growth hormones
@03:54:43 carbohydrates
@03:57:38 carbs, starch, old men on diet, AGEs
@04:06:43 nut formula
@04:09:58 eating schedule, balanced diet
@04:15:13 always have butter with the meat meal
@04:17:16 honey for enzymes, news article Navy use
@04:19:45 bees killed by chemtrails and mobile towers
@04:38:47 sauces, empty meat, plain meat
@04:39:29 water
@04:43:43 sports drink: cucumber tomatoes
@04:47:00 salt, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, book: Cancer Disease of Civilization, Eskimos
@04:48:51 Eskimo cauldron cooking, cavities, cancer
@04:49:03 Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Eskimo life style
@04:50:40 parasites from raw meat, Aajonus
@04:52:20 St Paul's hospital in 20-30s changed to raw milk; in 1947 it was outlawed
@04:53:31 bacteria do not cause disease
@04:54:26 parasites
@04:54:56 Aajonus’ tapeworm story
@04:56:24 Hitler, sugar, Bush family financed Hitler
@04:58:45 Bush family, Carlisle group, weapons
@04:59:30 salt
@05:01:37 salt, drinking ocean water
@05:03:07 parasites, bacteria, virus continued
@05:10:23 eat shit and live, vegetarians
@05:11:58 raw cheese for digestion and handling toxicity
@05:14:36 yogurt, don't drink cold milk
@05:20:50 making cheese from nuts and seeds
@05:21:12 any time to avoid cheese
@05:22:32 bacteria, supplements, kefir grains
@05:23:44 soaking germinates fermenting beans, phytic acid
@05:24:45 detoxifying from eating cooked vegetables, grains
@05:28:33 combining meat with vegetables: neither digests
@05:29:45 raw fish vs red meat ratios
@05:30:14 does coconut meat have the same effect as coconut cream
@05:31:09 EMF electric blanket warning
@05:40:56 exercise rebounder; lymphatic massage is worst
@05:42:24 lupus
@05:42:28 what foods to bring when traveling
@05:43:25 flying with food, glass, X-rays, EMFs, radiation
@05:46:59 cooked food turns off good electromagnetic minerals
@05:48:21 fermentation and bacteria
@05:50:34 hunter and gatherer,
@05:50:45 Eskimo longevity, Black Plague from coal
@05:51:59 poisoning native peoples, book: Savages
@05:54:06 soy, lactose intolerance does not exist
@05:55:39 gluten is OK with a lot of butter
@05:56:32 how long can raw milk be stored

20070603SD 3 Jun 2007 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:57:02
@00:00:01 motorcycle accident in Thailand
@00:00:01 motorcycle accident dealing with injuries
@00:17:02 bird pandemic, virus bacteria parasites
@00:21:25 virus is solvent
@00:22:24 lymphatic system, cleaning the body
@00:23:47 people's strength in the 50s
@00:24:55 avian flu vaccine
@00:26:48 Bush family financed Hitler
@00:28:19 bird flu virus, bird study
@00:29:15 what is the human bird flu
@00:29:27 there is no immune system
@00:32:17 bee colonies, antibiotics kills bees
@00:33:23 Monsanto, GMOs, manure, spinach, E. coli
@00:35:40 man made E. coli studied
@00:36:31 getting government attention, raw milk bill
@00:40:05 CDC pamphlet on raw milk full of dangerous lies
@00:41:04 aids was man made in UCLA in 1961, cancer experiment
@00:43:51 aids was man made – Dr. Strecker
@00:47:07 growing viruses in Petri dish
@00:48:00 mercury-free vaccines contains 56 quadrillion molecules of mercury
@00:48:07 plan to reduce population by year 2027
@00:49:33 Whole Foods Bush family “organic” food
@00:51:46 Whole Foods natural beef is fed bakery waste
@00:53:56 Organic Pastures
@00:56:19 low fat milk causes weight gain
@00:57:46 Aajonus 23% body fat
@01:01:22 exercise, activity rings, anxiety
@01:02:26 Cornish hens
@01:03:59 Amish farmers increased prices
@01:06:05 don't drink water, drink milk
@01:08:50 baths coconut pineapple, sand filter
@01:11:38 bath how often, low temperature in Aajonus’ house
@01:12:44 he sleeps outside
@01:13:06 Aajonus experiment fertilized with clay urine coconut
@01:14:03 spleen adjusts blood thickness together with kidney
@01:18:02 how to check body fat levels
@01:19:32 documentary by Michael Moore
@01:19:48 antibiotics, penicillin, gangrene
@01:22:09 Aajonus urine therapy on cuts and bruises
@01:23:50 urine contents, antiseptic
@01:24:20 drinking urine, India vegetarians
@01:25:25 body fat, detoxification, eye problems
@01:28:00 brain detox, dental decay, bacteria is never the cause
@01:30:45 white tongue
@01:34:55 protecting nervous system while detoxing
@01:36:24 dairy, milk allergy
@01:37:33 Lyme disease
@01:38:35 salt, how to slow detoxification
@01:40:40 sarcoidosis: hardening in the body from vegetable oils
@01:43:23 how long will it take to get well
@01:45:16 mineral water, carbohydrates water
@01:46:26 water in desert, movie: Rabbit Proof Fence
@01:50:49 milk alternative for athletes: Sports Formula

20070610LA 10 Jun 2007 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:03:37
@00:00:01 Aajonus’ motorcycle accident in Thailand
@00:21:28 cheese and honey as mineral supplement
@00:22:15 cheese to remove toxins
@00:22:34 brain detoxification, plaque on teeth
@00:24:40 calcium pasteurized milk vitamin D added
@00:24:58 minerals destroyed by cooking calcium
@00:27:43 X-rays, how to get rid of radiation
@00:29:16 eat during healing, detoxification
@00:30:51 photos before and after accident
@00:31:39 clean meat, high quality meat
@00:32:36 adrenaline
@00:34:09 cheese and honey
@00:34:50 mineral supplements DMSO
@00:36:32 probiotic live organisms
@00:37:56 trichinosis Joel Weinstock IBS
@00:41:05 why high meat works so quickly
@00:42:32 dried probiotics, how to activate
@00:44:21 teeth regeneration
@00:46:32 calming down
@00:47:44 connection between PH and repulsion of some food
@00:49:14 red eyes, blurry vision, eyesight
@00:54:04 weight loss, carb cravings
@00:55:49 alternative quicker weight loss program
@00:58:15 honey enzymes digests proteins and fats
@01:00:16 weight loss detox
@01:01:07 tired all the time, eggs only for 3 days per month
@01:02:13 supplemental melatonin, how supplements are made
@01:03:31 vitamin E from Kodak & Fuji
@01:06:02 shingles, nerve damage
@01:08:13 reducing pain with heat or cold
@01:08:15 Pain Formula
@01:11:26 swollen ankles, lupus
@01:12:55 predigested milk
@01:13:56 cold milk contracts stomach
@01:16:38 cold meat
@01:16:51 how much milk to drink, Aajonus’ house temperature
@01:17:31 problem gaining weight, digesting proteins
@01:18:40 candida yeast fungus urethra
@01:22:11 heart racing, thyroid problems
@01:23:10 heart attack, charley horse, keep calm
@01:25:08 excessive cravings
@01:26:37 soy milk
@01:27:50 intestinal tumor, operation, cancer
@01:29:52 hemorrhoids treating
@01:30:57 chemotherapy, reducing pain
@01:32:14 sugar addiction
@01:34:42 mix honey and butter for nerve pain
@01:35:28 wants to lower weight
@01:37:12 Aajonus 23% body fat, raw fat molecules are small
@01:39:04 foggy mind, energy drop, need to gain weight
@01:43:32 fermented whole soy beans
@01:45:18 walnut oils, fruit oil, fermented oils
@01:45:42 making fermented oils
@01:50:46 steps after weight loss
@01:52:02 how to treat infection in foot
@01:52:19 martial arts, diet to develop chi
@01:54:33 honey, how determine if it has been heated
@01:57:15 bee hive destruction, healing power of honey
@01:58:25 amount of milk per day
@01:59:27 gym before work, how to gain energy

20070721CC 21 July 2007 Chevy Chase MD Workshop

Length: 05:13:19                                                                                                                                                                                  @02:15:32 oils, vitamin supplements

20070819SD 19 Aug 2007 San Diego Q&A

Length: 02:10:00
@00:19:33  coconut cream will lower cholesterol,
@00:21:00 low blood pressure, body has high blood pressure for a reason
@00:23: 15 garlic to control blood pressure
@00:58:50 supplements: how they are made
@01:19:03  water with lemon demineralizes
@01:38:13  parasites bacteria virus
@02:02:32  type 1 diabetes cured with raw milk

20070909LA 9 Sep 2007 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:43:20
@01:30:40  vegetarian diet: 8 of 3200 did well on it

20070929CH 29 Sep 2007 Chicago Workshop

Length: 07:44:01
@01:42:00  cancer on Primal Diet: 5 of 20000; cancer rate in society
@01:51:19 eating vegetables neutralizes acidic bacteria
@01:52:27  Joel Weinstock IBS trichinosis
@02:34:47  smart kid story
@02:41:34  smart kid
@02:51:59  digestion enzymes pancreas
@02:52:41  enzymes in cooked food
@03:06:05  swine flu vaccine reused for vaccine against avian flu and smallpox
@03:24:16  Twiggy story
@03:29:39 raw meat never goes bad, high meat
@03:41:35  high meat
@03:47:13  vegetable oils are plastic
@03:57:49  take care of yourself
@04:00:33  soy is deadly to humans and birds, how soy is processed
@04:03:13  Reagan, Bush, Hitler
@04:09:40  Pottenger, cell generation
@04:14:00  feeling tired after eating
@04:15:20  Pottenger experiment
@04:19:05  food categories fat most important
@04:29:54  fats and minerals in milk, colloidal silver, salt, water and tea
@04:31:05  colloidal silver
@04:32:12  salt water tea
@04:41:43  egg story
@04:42:14  vegetarian community Earthaven North Carolina
@04:47:03  woman slim relationship example
@04:52:40  Earthaven vegan community, fat protects you
@04:59:30  Aajonus running 13 miles/day
@05:05:35  cold, flu, pneumonia, what to eat, breathing problem: never lie down
@05:07:04  animal experiments with frozen meat
@05:12:37  proteins from coconut mainly detoxifying
@05:13:49  Asians rice coconut
@05:14:10  eating insects
@05:17:31  coconut cream and pressed oils as solvents, virus
@05:18:08  coconut cream and pressed oils for detox, viruses
@05:19:24  Italians who eat olive oils: higher temperament, more irritable
@05:20:53  viruses 300,000 different kinds, each is specific
@05:21:04  virus
@05:23:58  trash food for animals
@05:24:00  food for animals, cancer, dogs and cats fed with kibble
@05:26:15  eating bones, Eskimos, milk as supplement for minerals
@05:26:47  tooth decay and plaque explained
@05:28:05 minerals in pasteurized dairy and cooked food
@05:33:01  butter is the most digestible fat
@05:34:52 carbohydrates, AGEs, acrylamides from cooking
@05:37:16 tribes in the Andes, 90-95 old men in mountain football game
@05:37:51  100-mile run in this country needs 1-2 bottles of aspirin
@05:41:40  carbs starch nut formula
@05:53:45  Schwarzenegger, body builders
@05:56:35 how to use Remedies section in We Want to Live
@05:58:45 Eating schedule – what to eat, when and why
@06:07:02  formula for antibiotics in body
@06:16:50 read books twice a year
@06:17:09  frozen meat
@06:19:13  soy-fed fowl, 'organic’ soy
@06:20:16  supplements are processed with kerosene
@06:24:45  supplements
@06:43:14  fiber
@06:45:03  raw pork chicken
@06:46:40  vaccines
@06:48:55  carbonated water
@06:51:45  marinating lemon lime
@06:54:02  Aajonus source of info
@06:54:29  diet results on autism
@07:00:27  milk
@07:00:30  allergy to milk
@07:01:36  fish oil
@07:05:30  cheese allergy
@07:11:10  mini consult
@07:26:18  mini reading

20071118LA 18 Nov 2007 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:16:43
@00:09:45 farm bill, Schwarzenegger, raw milk
@00:18:58i Rawesome club
@00:31:14  sleep apnea, unable to sleep
@00:33:44  fungal infection, how to increase blood pressure
@00:36:28 dental amalgams – removing
@00:40:10  eating meat without fat, weight loss
@00:40:51  bad fats also bind with toxins
@00:41:48  raw fat molecules are tiny, cooked fat swells 10-50 times
@00:42:27  raw fats, healing neurological issues, low E. coli
@00:43:25  depression and neurological issues low E. coli
@00:44:35  bacteria excrement is our food
@00:45:05  bacteria theory was adopted to destroy mankind
@00:46:14  vaccine contents: mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, detergent
@00:48:18  E. coli destroyed, high meat to get the nutrients
@00:53:55  high meat story
@00:55:57  raw kefir and yogurt, high meat
@00:57:42  Aajonus individual consultation – iridology and hand
@00:58:48  kidney problem – medical tests are ridiculous
@01:00:59  Harbin B. Jones, cancer therapies shorten lives by 9 years
@01:01:50  cut ligament will grow back
@01:04:07  split tibia in motorcycle accident, how to handle injury
@01:08:38  nausea, blood sugar drops, dumping toxins

20080426CH 26 Apr 2008 Chicago Workshop

Length: 07:19:31
@01:24:35  skinny weight lifters and wrestlers, Arnold Schwarzenegger
@01:33:26  digestion, bowels, E. coli, constipation
@01:39:31  toxins stored in fats, metallic toxins are stored in the brain and nervous systems, brain got larger to store more toxins
@01:47:32  longevity, humans should live to about 150 years old, Georgian Russians
@02:02:45  99,9% people on a vegetarian diet will pro have problems within 7 years
@02:06:57  canned foods, brain used as a dump site for toxins
@02:09:04  bacteria and dental damage, heavy metals coming from the brain
@02:22:55  Hippocrates used raw food for curing diseases
@02:52:50  ground off finger: grown back on Primal Diet
@03:10:39  immobilized girl in wheelchair recovery
@03:58:08  dried dehydrated food has no active enzymes
@04:03:20  Primal baby holding head up the day he was born
@04:04:24  cheese for collecting toxins, nausea
@04:06:04  cherries as a drug, FDA, helps reverse cancer
@04:08:56  what cooked food does in the body
@04:08:57  pasteurized dairy collects toxins and distributes them back to the body
@04:10:21  example of false leukemia according to medical tests
@04:12:52  example of high cholesterol basketball player and Olympic gymnast
@04:15:45  cheese in combination with honey as a mineral supplement
@04:17:29  mineral supplement honey and cheese for reversing osteoporosis
@04:19:21  cream soothes and relax the nervous system
@04:25:14  butter is the fat which is easiest to utilize in the body, Lubrication Formula
@04:29:39  mineral supplement 30 minutes after meat meal; animal experiments; osteoporosis
@04:31:52  raw eggs digest in 23 minutes
@04:33:11  raw eggs by themselves takes off weight rapidly
@04:34:06  fat needed for detoxification, crazy vegetarian
@04:40:08  what happens when you cook food, body reactions
@04:40:46  pancreas leeches enzymes for processing cooked foods
@04:45:42  Pottenger and Howell – experiments eating shit
@04:51:22  raw milk hearing in Sacramento, bacteria in raw milk
@04:52:59  fecal matter from grandchild reversed woman’s conditions
@04:53:54  shit E. coli pills in capsule supplement
@04:53:55  eat shit and live
@04:55:53  E. coli releases B vitamins in the meat
@04:59:52  eating shit for depression, E. coli deficiency
@05:00:49  people in anxiety need to exercise
@05:04:47  carbohydrates, how the body uses them
@05:07:15  glycogen sugar from protein, AGEs, acrylamides
@05:09:38  carrot juice, yellow skin not from carotene, bile
@05:11:08  coconut cream for detoxing, honey causes loss in blood sugar
@05:13:55  do not panic and go to a doctor to get their universal solution – antibiotics
@05:15:16  penicillin, antibiotics, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, color of irises, mercury
@05:19:26  penicillin mold destruction formula
@05:23:10  formaldehyde and chlorine removal formula
@05:24:29  honey in chlorine removal formula
@05:25:09  sip, do not gulp, nutrients are not digesting well when gulping. Less fluid needed
@05:26:31  food combinations help slow down the sugar getting into the blood
@05:29:44  vinegar to solve stones and plaque in the body
@05:31:46  vinegar for heart attack (congestive heart failure)
@05:32:21  sensitive teeth, cheese and honey to remineralize
@05:32:32  eating schedule: eating what, when and how much
@05:32:51  detoxing during the night
@05:35:58  cucumber as a collagen source instead of injections
@05:37:47  always peel cucumber cause coated with petroleum wax
@05:40:57  getting rid of wrinkles with cucumber, sperm, bone marrow
@05:47:25  drinking urine to solve digestion problems, constipation
@05:49:25  cheese to absorb poisons, cooked food reabsorbs the toxins
@05:52:19  always have butter or a fat with the meat meal
@05:53:14  gorillas eats onions to speed up digestion of meats
@05:53:53  fruits in the wild
@05:56:07  Moisturizing/Lubrication Formula every day for 20 years
@05:57:05  Pain Formula
@05:58:12  sip on milk or hydration drink, do not drink water
@05:59:10  water contents in food
@06:02:32  milkshake to calm and relax the body
@06:05:03  the aborigines do not drink water, movie: Rabbit Proof Fence
@06:08:33  fruit meal for detoxification
@06:36:23  salt example, chicken

20080629LA 29 Jun 2008 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:55:55
@00:00:01  toothpaste for whitening the teeth
@00:02:20  eggs to regain energy after a detox, weight loss
@00:07:10  best ways to eat bone marrow and the advantages of it, nonspecific stem cells
@00:10:11  is the body smart enough to know what to detox
@00:13:06  not following the diet, eating by your instincts: how effective is it
@00:15:05  muscle cramps after eating
@00:17:33  how to get raw butter, cream and milk
@00:20:19  frozen shoulder and bursitis
@00:22:51  headache, neck problem
@00:24:10  difference between coconut cream and coconut oil
@00:25:45  appearance of veins and capillaries on legs
@00:29:01  curing cancers on vegetarian diets
@00:32:01  why not gulp milk or any fluid
@00:34:25  don't drink your milk cold
@00:35:29  changed recommendations on meat types, depends on the person
@00:36:59  getting rid of scar tissue and wrinkles, stem cells
@00:39:22  EMF meter off dial
@00:40:17  magnets to reduce EMFs
@00:41:27  itching during night, detoxing, problem sleeping
@00:47:22  avoiding chemtrails
@00:48:21  about fasting, protein needed every 5th hour
@00:54:09  Ecofest, Right to Breathe Healthy Air, chemtrails
@01:34:05  avidin in egg whites, biotin deficiency

20080824LA 24 Aug 2008 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:53:35
@00:00:01  people stop having as good reactions of the diet, diet has to change over time
@00:04:31  Fulani tribe’s diet
@00:05:40  Fulani tribe agriculture documentary 2002
@00:44:19  kidney problems, pain, stones
@00:45:19  cooking food fractionates the ionic bonds
@00:47:11  free radicals created by cooking
@00:53:28  why should we not drink water
@00:56:12  water during extreme sports,
@00:57:06  Sports Formula 2008
@01:01:15  vinegar
@01:01:58  vinegar to dissolve moles
@01:05:37  what is fibromyalgia
@01:07:36  for dog, black sludge diarrhea from raw food
@01:08:51  dog vaccinations, takes 7-9 years to get rid of vaccines
@01:10:05  example paralyzed dog at 14 years, recovered in 6 months
@01:11:08  dog example
@01:12:40  fingernails that are peeling away in layers, collagen deficiencies
@01:14:33  second most important dairy or food in diet
@01:15:00  growth hormones
@01:15:00  growth hormones in raw meat
@01:16:26  bone marrow and stem cells
@01:16:26  is there a maximum amount of bone marrow to eat, stem cells
@01:19:09  cream with meat, sour cream with meat
@01:20:55  bruises: ice for 2 minutes then heat
@01:22:31  61 yr old athlete on the diet does 12500 jump ropes an hour
@01:24:15  hiking, backpacking and food to bring, high meat
@01:26:24  story of guy on high meat
@01:27:00  depression and constipation caused by E. coli deficiency
@01:28:15 suppository to feed the E. coli
@01:30:30  bacteria, virus
@01:31:27  vaccines, causes of disease, Black Plague from mercury in coal and from blacksmiths
@01:34:30 anthrax
@01:35:14  Alzheimer’s caused by aluminum in the brain
@01:36:50  eating a cooked meal every month or week to keep the body not forgetting how to handle cooked food
@01:40:09  high meat for hiking, story
@01:40:59  eating ground high meat
@01:41:21  coffee anemia (depression), osteoporosis
@01:43:56  autoimmune hoax: the body will never turn against itself
@01:45:16  why cortisone heals, 90% of toxins leave through the skin
@01:49:49  famine food shortage, how would a Primal Dieter prepare
@01:55:09  stainless steel water bottles attract radio waves
@01:57:04  metal lids, ball jar lids, enamel
@01:59:13  wake up with swollen hand from eating fruits
@02:01:01  irradiation of vegetables
@02:03:33  difference between coconut water, oil and cream
@02:06:59  coconuts: organic or non-organic does not matter
@02:08:39  vegetable-based protein
@02:11:09  Ritalin
@02:16:50  pain, cover body in oil and vinegar
@02:18:48  herbs made rashes worse, detoxing through the skin
@02:21:28  mixture for hot baths, info on short baths
@02:23:20  shower, steam sauna or dry sauna
@02:23:51  fungus, skin disorder, burn, itching and rashes   @02:24:52  hummus is garbage
@02:25:30  enzymes in beans like phytic acid which prevents digestion
@02:26:09  nerve disorders, pain, fibromyalgia
@02:27:24  chemicals in drinking water, building a water tank with clay, coconut cream and vinegar
@02:29:03  experiment, skin, applying vinegar and coconut cream
@02:31:16  getting rid of antibiotics
@02:33:54  dental surgery, loose teeth, get rid of mercury
@02:39:10  for better vision: egg white in eyes once or twice a day
@02:39:46  egg whites, biotin deficiency
@02:41:20  example of eggs for emphysema
@02:44:20  supplements, kerosene
@02:47:35  what causes osteoporosis
@02:50:47  reading of a poem dedicated to Aajonus

20080920CH 20 Sep 2008 Chicago Workshop

Length: 07:49:07
@00:00:00 introduction – Aajonus’ story
@01:27:34  brain has grown larger to store toxins
@02:07:48  trichinosis, IBS, Joel Weinstock experiment
@02:17:17  E. coli, 90% of depression is caused by low E. coli
@02:19:00  90% of anxiety comes from not exercising enough
@02:19:47  iridology activity rings
@02:26:12  Ritalin and drug problems
@02:30:38  Bush, Carlisle group supports war products
@02:32:03  E. coli important for brain and nervous system, high meat
@02:33:17  body odors because of synthetic flavorings
@02:33:46  coloring in farmed salmon
@02:34:55  organic chicken is fed with 85% processed soy, raw soy will kill birds and humans
@02:35:46  natural supplements tested, made with kerosene
@02:37:50  how vitamins suppress symptoms
@02:38:52  animals eat feces
@02:39:21  doctor Sarah Arab used E. coli to dissolve human brain tumors
@02:40:40  E. coli in spinach, manufactured E. coli
@02:42:45  8600 varieties of salmonella on people's skin
@02:43:53  plastics in blankets and clothes
@02:45:44  plywood outgasses for 15 years
@02:47:15  selecting cutting boards, formaldehyde
@02:49:17  glands, hormones
@02:52:23  thyroid and parathyroids
@02:54:44  adrenal glands
@02:54:58  gonads for reproduction
@02:56:29  thyroid problem, bone marrow, stem cells to mitigate graying of hair
@02:57:00  bone marrow and stem cells
@03:00:17  hair growing back after chemotherapy, AZT used for AIDS to kill people
@03:01:08  AIDS is not contagious, only through injections
@03:01:50  AIDS was manufactured in UCLA to study cancer
@03:02:04  Dr. Strecker, book: Bio-Attack Alert, AIDS in hepatitis B vaccine
@03:23:24  the liver’s job is to create 60 kinds of bile
@03:23:29  the liver’s job is to create 60 variants of cholesterol
@03:24:03  high cholesterol examples
@03:24:44  examples high cholesterol athletes
@03:26:14  fats protect the body, arrests poisons
@03:31:08  enzymes
@03:32:47 168 year old in Georgia Russia
@03:34:39 buffalo shit is predigested vegetation
@03:38:15 cancer cells, fat deficiency, E. coli
@03:45:00  skin rashes are toxins leaving
@04:16:26  Maasai tribe Fulani documentary
@04:26:48  Lubrication Formula
@04:27:01  things that can bring skin back to life: stem cells, sperm and bone marrow
@04:29:43  fats in pressed oils make solvents, viruses
@04:30:37  fat as energy source, hunter tribes eat cream or fat before going to a hunt
@04:31:54  Sports Drink
@04:32:30  always peel cucumber because of petroleum wax
@04:36:17  blended cucumber as collagen precursor
@04:37:16  what damages are caused by drinking water
@04:40:22  protein
@04:40:23  Lubrication Formula
@04:41:14  proteins in grains, nuts and legumes
@04:41:38  protein
@04:40:43  actors who were slender who have become thick from cooked
@04:44:00 tribes stay slender
@04:49:26  vitamins in processed food and supplements are like glass under magnification
@04:51:07  protein from meat, laboratory tests on frozen and unfrozen meat
@04:55:15  meat protein and bone marrow are only things that speed regeneration of cells
@04:57:33  carbs, starch, Nut Formula
@05:08:24  AGEs: advanced glycation end products
@05:44:04  eggs breaks digest in less than 27 minutes, emphysema example
@05:49:32  eggs alone cause weight loss
@05:52:41  questions and answers
@05:56:37  high school tennis champion on diet
@05:57:36  organic food, cows fed with bakery waste
@06:01:32  finding fruits in the wild
@06:02:38  source for bone marrow
@06:06:16  headache, salt stored in the brain
@06:09:58  honey not high carbohydrate, bee vomit, insulin
@06:11:31  can everyone eat high meat
@06:11:45  cancer: gentle way to get through

20081207SD 7 Dec 2008 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:51:33
00:00:20 Newsletters
00:02:00 teeth and decay
00:03:47  Aajonus visiting wild native tribe in Phillipines
00:05:30 anemia
00:13:00 chemtrails & food contamination
00:14:45 pollution in oceans and lakes & fish, what fish to eat
00:15:32  Toothpaste Formula
00:17:45 digestive enzymes in capsules
00:17:18  digestion getting worse,
00:19:00 supplements
00:19:30 digestive problems & Crohn’s disease
00:20:15 arthritis and rheumatism
00:20:30 sore knees after eating
00:20:50 eggs
00:21:00 bacteria
00:21:30 enzymes and digestive juices
00:23:00 eggs and weight loss
00:23:55 diet for digestive problems
00:25:40 healing takes acidity
00:26:30 Crohn’s disease
00:27:15 heart palpitations or pounding
00:28:15 raw eggs for healing of cells
00:28:48 high meat for brain and nervous system & bowels
00:30:30 moldy berries
00:31:00 century eggs
00:31:55 eat high meat before a meat meal
00:33:00 too much honey with meat
00:33:20 cheese
00:34:13  knee arthritis
00:35:10 any problem in the body is collection of toxicity that is causing damage to the system, not bacteria; there's no such thing as an autoimmune disease; body never eats itself; bacteria are eating up dead tissue and toxicity and damaged cells. The body never attacks itself.
00:35:50 remedy for arthritis in knee.
00:36:45  eczema, caused by metallic minerals
00:37:15 chemicals are toxic combinations of metallic minerals
00:38:00 lime juice is your antiseptic.
00:38:10 remedy for eczema
00:39:40  castor oil, castor beans, castor oil is a poison
00:40:39  swelling and pain in gum is cleansing, dental problems, lump on gum
00:42:47  bone marrow, stem cells
00:43:15 bone marrow for concentrated stem cells: use on gums and skin
00:45:43  bee pollen, Pain Formula, Lubrication Formula
00:48:06  stem cell product, high eggs
00:49:22  cheese is molded dairy, blue cheese.
00:52:45  Chinese eggs, black eggs, century eggs, high eggs
00:53:41  eggs to feed brain and nervous system for clarity, focus, memory
00:55:02  weight loss, eliminating Lubrication Formula
00:56:40  tar in lungs
00:57:59  skin problems, detoxification
00:58:00 90% of all toxins in your body leave through the skin, use coconut cream or clay
00:59:30 pus is white blood cells
01:01:40 bath water ingredients
01:02:15 LA City water
01:02:50 use of dry clay on skin
01:03:50 acne
01:07:22  bleeding gums, dental issues
01:08:59  black pepper taste when eating raw eggs
01:09:57  dry skin on hands
01:11:23  gum bleeding from gum problems
01:12:03  bone marrow grass fed, not organic
01:12:21  poisons stored in fat will pass when eaten raw
01:13:09  coconut cream: how long it will last
01:14:23  coconut cream used as soap
01:16:56  knee problem after surgery
01:19:00 how to draw out anesthetics
01:19:30 clay packs
01:20:00 clay baths
01:21:43  EMFs from juicer and blender; Tri-field meter, GeenStar juicer
01:23:16  EMFs in cars
01:24:27  reducing EMFs with magnetic pillow
01:27:47  EMFs over 3 milligauss alters human cells
01:28:47  EMFs cell phones
01:29:20 air tube earphones for cell phone, phones
01:31:53  EMFs when buying car, in airplane
01:35:03  cell phones popping popcorn
01:35:25  testing cell phones EMFs
01:42:45  EMFs from computer in Aajonus’new house
01:43:00 EMF Meter
01:50:40  how much honey with beef

20081214LA 14 Dec 2008 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:55:41
@00:02:15  Aajonus visiting primitive tribes in the Philippines
@00:26:52  mold in eggs
@00:32:08  chicken and fish to regenerate nerve tissue
@00:32:59  toothpaste formula and Waterpic
@00:34:51  bone marrow, stem cells, guns
@00:36:21  dry skin on face: bone marrow, coconut cream
@00:37:51  wash face with fermented coconut cream
@00:38:54  carbonated water
@00:43:01  Waterpic – how often
@00:47:02  getting rid of skin tumor
@00:48:20  loose tooth, EMFs from computer
@00:51:43  dogs and cats with cancer, dog and cat food is very toxic
@00:53:47  mental focus
@00:58:57  fish oil, cod liver oil, coconut oil

20090000NJ: see 20090509NJ Cherry Hill NJ Workshop

20090201SD 1 Feb 2009 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:46:30
@00:00:09  supplements
@00:00:53  met Ron Paul, Raw Milk Bill
@00:05:29  lactic acid in raw milk prevents bacteria growth
@00:10:18  skin cancer, cancer is a detox
@00:11:49  Aajonus visit to primitive tribes
@00:18:21  skin cancer
@00:19:32  feet rash: need to perspire, use hot water bottles; lymph system
@00:22:37  mercury in fish, vaccines
@00:25:17  vaccines, Acceptance of Responsibility Form, Geneva convention
@00:28:53  breath smells bad: old tissue in the intestines breaking down
@00:31:33  acne: toxins leaving through the skin
@00:32:16  apple cider vinegar causes metallic detox, AZT
@00:34:43  making the day’s food in the morning
@00:36:59  lupus and MS
@00:38:51  chicken from farmers market fed with corn and soy
@00:40:24  raw soy fed to a bird or human is lethal
@00:41:48  rocky junior chicken bad smell, skin is boiled and will rot
@00:42:47  caps on coconut cream jars, ball jar lid
@00:48:37  coconut cream sources
@00:50:13  fungus
@00:51:22  toxicity, ant poison
@00:52:20  balanced diet for detox
@00:54:10  tribe in Philippines
@00:54:49  eat fish with red meat, mercury
@00:56:07  dry skin from chemo, bone marrow
@00:56:53  loosing hair from chemo, color change
@00:58:18  live cell vaccines killed all of Pasteur’s lab animals
@01:01:16  hearing problems, stem cells, bone marrow
@01:05:25  itchy skin
@01:07:20 story: eggs at airport, chicken at theater
@01:10:43  new on diet, getting blisters on tongue, joints making cracking noises is not enough fat, need Lubrication Formula
@01:13:11  Lubrication Formula for stiffness
@01:14:51  high blood pressure, cholesterol
@01:16:52  weight loss diet
@01:17:25  dryness in bronchial tubes
@01:18:00  vomiting, sweating are detoxes
@01:20:53  dogs can live to 28 years old
@01:21:39  cod liver oil
@01:23:59  back problems, warm water bottles
@01:27:15  juicing vegetables and avoiding EMFs
@01:30:29  grains in Primal Diet, Nut Formula
@01:32:18  need variety: Recipe Book
@01:34:17  toxins not released when eating raw, growth hormones and antibiotics, mercury, beneficial mercury
@01:37:32  how to figure out what causes symptoms, neurological, toxicity, swollen joints
@01:41:31  mercury in fish, lean fish is not recommended
@01:41:59  tribes in Philippines
@01:45:03  Italy has raw milk vending machines

20090222LA 22 Feb 2009 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 01:59:21
@00:00:01  detox from Aajonus’ cut off fingertip
@00:05:00  freezing bone marrow, stem cells
@00:09:46  possible to reverse toxic thyroid
@00:11:54  keep cheese from molding
@00:13:46  eat cheese with honey twice a day 20 minutes after a meal meal
@00:14:26  how long can cheese be stored at room temperature
@00:15:58  eggs, unwashed soy-free raw eggs don't go bad
@00:21:55  get tired by 5 in afternoon: people should take naps, eat eggs during the day to keep sharp
@00:24:48  liver spots: glandular cells not suited for other than skin cells
@00:28:11  not healing: not enough proteins, ginger juice
@00:29:37  vinegar with meat
@00:30:58  pain in back, custard, papaya, pineapple
@00:34:25  how to deal with a bite from a rattlesnake
@00:36:38  malaria: another myth disease blamed on nature
@00:39:38  good foods during pregnancy
@00:42:02  foods for feeding babies
@00:47:30  skin wrinkles
@00:48:15  dry skin example, bone marrow on face
@00:50:32  ache in teeth goes away with coconut water
@00:53:34  antibiotics, liver shake, eggs
@00:56:16  mattresses, polyester outgasses from heat from the body
@01:02:52  gums in bad shape after cancer
@01:05:37  unable to sleep during night, nervous system detox midnight to 5
@01:07:00  leaking gas stove
@01:08:24  proportions of red and white meat
@01:09:41  hyperactivity in children
@01:10:54  dizziness
@01:15:09  goat milk
@01:16:16  allergy, cold milk
@01:18:12  hydration formula
@01:18:12  Sports Drink
@01:19:48  goat milk is not for thin people
@01:21:06  thyroid and hormones are for emergencies
@01:23:15  how much honey with meat
@01:25:19  lime and lemon
@01:26:29  white poop
@01:27:20  refrigeration of eggs, milk and other foods
@01:30:31  how to get trichinosis, pig intestines
@01:32:03  benefits of trichinosis, Joel Weinstock IBS
@01:35:00  do you ever throw food away, high meat
@01:36:55  seafood: bigger fish vs smaller
@01:37:43  ships in Panama canal dump toxins and nuclear waste
@01:38:28  can fish be frozen
@01:38:57  ideal diet for young children
@01:39:49  anemia, doctors look at hemoglobin levels
@01:41:39  year old high meat, molds may cause a detox
@01:42:42  past expiration date milk, raw food never goes bad
@01:44:02  best middle of the night meal
@01:44:48  starch, nut formula
@01:45:27  narcolepsy, caused by aluminum and mercury
@01:46:41  leave milk out, honey
@01:47:26  eyes change
@01:48:36  relaxing nervous system, keeping warm
@01:49:18  getting zits and getting puffy, too acidic
@01:50:17  detoxing through skin, cucumber for collagen precursors
@01:52:02  why not drink juice during heavy detox
@01:52:39  how to eliminate snoring
@01:55:01  psoriasis spreading on back, abdomen, arms
@01:55:19  airplane fuel kerosene, use a mask in the plane
@01:57:03  cold feet, metals, mineral deficiency if both hands are getting cold

20090425CH 25 Apr 2009 Chicago Workshop

Length: 04:16:43
@00:00:01 Aajonus’ motorcycle accident, fake honey
@00:02:00  Aajonus’ story: background, autism
@00:04:55  Aajonus’ story: appendix removed, function of appendix
@00:09:47  Aajonus’ story: diabetis, angina pectoris
@00:28:25  diabetes and autism cured by raw milk and carrot juice within 10 days
@02:14:59  parasites, tapeworm, third world countries and care packages
@03:07:00  vegetable oils as solvents, will crystallize in the body
@03:11:46  protein from nuts, seeds, germination creates more toxins,  legumes meat
@03:14:02  protein from dairy, meat and eggs
@03:15:26  drinking too much at a time, water
@03:16:22  water dehydrates the body
@03:17:49  history of drinking water, bottled water, Pepsi and Coca-Cola
@03:19:41  water from malaria swamp, malaria cure
@03:27:52  proteins, Nut Formula
@03:29:24  proteins, coconut fiber, fish
@03:31:30  fluoride, cavities
@03:31:44  no disease and no cavities in primal tribes
@03:31:54  cavities by using fluoride toothpaste
@03:34:30  celebrities on diet
@03:37:35  carbohydrates 5% citric acid cycle
@03:37:43  carbohydrates 5% needed
@03:38:20  mosquitos & watermelon
@03:40:31  carbohydrates, cooked rice if Nut Formula does not work
@03:41:44  salt and water will dilute dissolve and fractionate substances
@03:41:47  what happens when you eat salt
@03:47:23  cholesterol
@03:47:24  heart problem and cholesterol levels
@03:50:42  test on 48,000 people: high cholesterol and blood pressure, heart attacks
@03:51:33  trouble staying on diet, food preparation in the morning
@03:55:01  clay, honey with cheese, Terramin clay
@03:59:23  high white blood cell count levels, leukemia example
@04:01:35  eating red and white meat together
@04:01:36  anxiety, irritability, hyperactivity, depression
@04:02:54  depression, high meat story
@04:04:15  high meat story
@04:06:22  how to raise energy levels during the day
@04:06:44  Aajonus sued city of LA for Venice beach police harassment
@04:12:51  how long is meat good for, Ripleys show
@04:14:36  frozen meat experiment, skin disorders
@04:16:04  determine if meat has been frozen
20090509NJ 9 May 2009 Cherry Hill NJ Workshop
Length: 04:51:23
@00:17:09  glandular system, hormones
@00:18:00  thyroid glands back up heart and lungs
@00:19:18  toxins formed by cooking food
@00:23:11  thymus gland
@00:23:35  adrenal glands
@00:24:58  Aajonus visiting primitive tribe in the Philippines
@00:35:26  natives living to 150 years old, 7 times maturation
@00:39:34  infertility, getting pregnant on the diet
@00:41:20  organs: liver, gallbladder
@00:43:11  organs: pancreas
@00:44:32  organs: spleen
@00:57:08  malaria cure
@01:00:09  malaria
@01:02:13  ground off finger regrown - newsletter
@01:04:30  raw milk: if never refrigerated will regenerate nerve cells
@01:05:11  animal tests frozen and fresh meat
@01:07:51  blood stream, lymphatic system, lacteal system
@01:10:59  neurological system
@01:11:28  unable to determine age of mature animals
@01:14:13  at Cancer Control Society convention Aajonus said he got well even though he wanted to die
@01:16:46  68 lb patient who couldn’t gain weight
@01:20:48  human body and foods, energy from fats, citric acid cycle
@01:23:01  fat binds with poisons, size of cooked fats vs raw
@01:25:26  wrestlers, body building, Arnold Schwarzenegger
@01:27:21  overstimulated frugivores, monkeys
@01:30:21  gorillas that ate ripe bananas went crazy and became violent
@01:33:41 fat is the most important nutrient, Twiggy story
@01:36:18 get fat, Aajonus body fat
@01:40:16 proteins from beans are toxic, animals have the enzymes,
@01:41:44 cooked beans form toxins
@01:42:00  protein from nuts and grains
@01:42:14 nuts: we are unable to digest and utilize the protein
@01:43:18 grain are for birds, cows, horses
@01:46:17 correctly fed chickens do not peck each other
@01:49:25  sources for good food
@01:50:57  protein sources for humans, raw meat
@01:51:30  Aajonus motorcycle accident
@01:52:39  meat definition, red meat, white meat
@01:56:15  my goal is to live healthy
@01:57:00 water
@01:59:11  fats in food, different kinds and what they do
@01:59:41  fats
@02:23:55  kidneys
@02:39:56  fruits, 5% carbs from carrot juice
@02:40:42  AGEs from glycogen
@02:44:33  collagen precursors: cucumber and unripe fruit
@02:49:06  lymphatic baths
@02:51:13  milk with vegetable oil and dolomite
@02:53:13  organic fruits, petroleum wax
@02:55:16  fruits should be eaten unripe
@02:56:43  vegetables, juice for vitamins, synthetic vitamins
@02:56:44  vegetable juice, we do not digest vegetation
@03:00:50  vitamins under microscope, natural vs chemical
@03:02:50  vitamin E, Kodak and Fuji developing fluid
@03:05:01  vegetable juices as supplements for vitamins minerals and enzymes
@03:06:33  vegetable juices, combining with celery
@03:07:59  vegetable juice for heavy metal detoxification, cilantro
@03:09:57  how to eat to stay more aware and have a lot more energy throughout the day
@03:10:56  heavy metals stored in the brain, brain getting larger from toxins
@03:12:29  toxins from brain dumped through the mouth causing dental decay
@03:15:12  fluoride causes decay
@03:18:30  Aajonus on The Doctors TV show
@03:21:00 blaming bad food on E. coli
@03:22:39  epidemic from E. coli on spinach
@03:23:16 E. coli O157:H7 is toxic created for biological warfare
@03:24:15  chemical fertilizer, Monsanto & Dow
@03:24:58  California milk producers having to add chemicals to raw milk to limit levels of coliform, coliform is beneficial
@03:27:06  eating schedule 1: morning
@03:31:44  eating schedule 2: meat meal, butter
@03:34:48  eating schedule 3: cheese and honey
@03:36:51  eating schedule 4: milk, sport drink
@03:39:03  drinking water, water dehydrated the body
@03:40:00  eating schedule 5: milk shake
@03:41:00  eating schedule 6: milk, sports drink
@03:41:08  eating schedule 7: cheese, vegetable juice
@03:41:35  eating schedule 8: fruit meal with fat
@03:43:28  eating schedule 9:
@03:44:09  treating injuries with heat
@03:46:10  eating schedule 9: eggs
@03:47:58  eating schedule 10: meat meal, butter
@03:48:34  eating schedule 11: night
@03:52:04  salt, sodium is an explosive
@03:56:21  bacteria, parasites, fungus, virus
@03:56:34  whipworm, tapeworm, trichinosis, Joel Weinstock, IBS
@04:02:43  janitorial parasites, bacteria, fungus
@04:04:32  virus as solvents
@04:10:27  flu changes in three days, 24-72 hours different virus
@04:11:59  for what reason do virus change
@04:12:36  man made viruses, biological warfare
@04:16:46  all flus are blamed on nature and animals
@04:18:43  book about water and salt, Himalayan salt
@04:20:06  DHA from algae, omega-3
@04:20:41  gypsum used in drywall, use in garden
@04:21:26  primitive tribes, portioned out meals
@04:22:17  eating once a day, Aajonus experiment
@04:23:46  cilantro: where do the toxic metals leave body
@04:24:36  how will different kinds of cheese be digested
@04:25:05  soaking nuts and seeds to remove phytic acid
@04:29:56  cheese before a meal, before Sports Drink
@04:30:49  absorption and digestion rejuvelac
@04:31:34  fermented vegetable juice to detox from cooked vegetables
@04:32:06  sexually transmittable diseases
@04:32:50  everybody has polio myelitis in the nervous system
@04:34:40  1918 flu pandemic, first flu vaccine
@04:35:35  book: Man's Correct Diet
@04:37:02  Pasteur injections killed all lab animals
@04:40:40  child, raw fat, scoliosis
@04:43:27  kombucha
@04:45:42  cleaning teeth without going to a dentist
@04:47:20  teeth filling substance, root canal
@04:48:41  tooth implants alternatives
@04:49:17  polio from sugar, polio comes from canned food

20090524SD 24 May 2009 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:49:46
@00:00:01  Aajonus’ motorcycle accident 6 weeks ago
@00:13:05  getting "true honey", unheated honey
@00:18:02  grass in milk for mineral contents
@00:22:21  pain, nausea, vomiting
@00:22:59  bacteria from saliva and urine as antiseptic
@00:23:56  urine, kidney manufacture ammonia to separate red and white blood cells, controls body temperature
@00:26:36  nausea is caused by poisons that dump into stomach
@00:27:50  poisons reduced by HCL or raw unsalted cheese
@00:28:49  clay to neutralize poisons, arsenic
@00:31:43  unheated honey, diabetes, insulin, helps the pancreas
@00:32:28  story: Thailand raw insects
@00:35:28  pharmaceutical profession makes money on their drugs, cholesterol levels
@00:36:32  pain from being around water, spleen
@00:37:52  sea salt in bath water, about salt
@00:42:57  radio interview on swine flu, aids is not sexually transmitted
@00:44:59  vaccines change DNA and RNA; AZT for AIDS
@00:49:05  vaccination in Vietnam, cut off their arms to prevent toxins to enter the body
@00:50:06  eat at night
@00:53:32  Lyme infection, colloidal silver
@00:55:28  osteoporosis caused by pasteurized milk, how to recover
@00:59:03  Italy sourcing seafood and meat
@01:02:08  nausea: cheese every 20 minutes
@01:03:36  Aajonus traveling and lecture schedule
@01:04:59  story: helped children with malaria
@01:08:09  how to flatten  fat gut
@01:09:30  Aajonus about body fat, cooked fat swells 5 to 50 times
@01:10:20  measure body fat, treating injury motorcycle accident
@01:12:38  high meat looks partially fresh, OK to stir
@01:14:10  person who only eats high meat
@01:14:39  eating raw dairy, capturing wild animals
@01:14:40  drinking milk from other species
@01:18:08  mineral-depleted soil, vegetable juice
@01:20:26  eating vegetables, we don't digest vegetables
@01:23:15  vegetarian getting onto the Primal Diet
@01:25:04  Aajonus animal experiments on frozen meats
@01:26:00 what foods you can freeze, dog with psoriasis
@01:27:49  joint problems, caused by leaky gut, Crohn’s: eat eggs
@01:29:45  do not gulp, suck when drinking, water and salt
@01:31:03  eat fruit with fat
@01:31:58  allergy
@01:33:02  eczema scalp, detox from vaccines
@01:34:54  gray hair caused by aluminum
@01:39:59  where to move to be able to live a healthy life
@01:42:03  Aajonus’ clinic in Thailand
@01:45:23  penicillin, rosacea
@01:48:24  treat your body like you would your own baby

20090607LA 7 Jun 2009 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:08:05
@00:00:04  Aajonus motorcycle accident 2 months ago
@00:03:53  Aajonus treating injuries from accident
@00:11:55  eat during night, anemia, Aajonus experiment
@00:17:41  juicing kale, beats, cabbage and other vegetables with medical properties
@00:19:13  orange skin from carrot not caused by carotene
@00:19:52  why Asians are yellow
@00:21:30  how to add minerals to the body
@00:22:14  cheese and honey for minerals
@00:22:22  raw cheese alone attracts poisons and dumps them out the feces
@00:23:06  salted or pasteurized cheese absorbs poisons and are reabsorbed by the body
@00:23:26  story of raw model on diet
@00:31:15  growth hormones in raw milk
@00:32:52  water retention
@00:33:18  do not gulp fluids, water dehydrates the body
@00:35:45  suck, do not gulp (explained/shown)
@00:37:43  water amounts in whey, coconut
@00:38:51  food shortages, food storage
@00:41:02  story of raw vegans
@00:45:57  David Wolfe raw vegan drinking raw milk and eating raw cheese
@00:51:35  food shortages, eating insects
@00:56:11  frozen or farmed salmon during winter time
@00:57:58  frozen meat laboratory experiment
@00:59:40  story: Thailand eating raw fish bones
@01:06:30  about laws that prevent people healing
@01:13:23  dog on raw meat and vegetable diet, not feeling well
@01:16:44  meat or bone marrow mixed with cheese
@01:18:38  papaya helps digestion, cancer example, papaya custard
@01:22:00 how to tell if papayas were irradiated
@01:22:36  Henry Kissinger report on overpopulation on how to reduce population
@01:25:47  pain in stomach, swollen, dark urine, appendix
@01:30:50  where to study Aajonus’ iridology
@01:31:35  insulation in building, what to use
@01:34:41  mattresses, what material to use
@01:36:28  chlorella
@01:38:04  soap, shampoo, detergent, hygiene products
@01:40:41  gut or pouch
@01:41:44  humans are not the only adult animal that drinks milk – all animals drink milk if they can get it
@01:43:12  which two foods to bring to an island
@01:43:29  Aajonus on Philippine island with primitive tribe
@01:48:58  coconuts 80% fat, coconut cream
@01:50:38  yeast detoxification
@01:51:50  slowing down detoxification by eating some cooked food
@01:54:52  gangrene
@01:56:37  diatomaceous earth
@01:58:38  68 year old mother with cancer
@02:00:52  Spanish book translation
@02:02:17  cancer patient has problems with bowel movement
@02:03:45  coconut water
@02:04:13  mattresses
@02:05:35  Aajonus has four books in the works; DVD workshop will be out in 3 weeks

20090913LA 13 Sep 2009 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 02:51:43
@00:00:01  motorcycle accident 12 April, and the one in 2007
@00:04:20  Aajonus forced injections early April 2009
@00:08:30  Aajonus’ house and food poisoned, rat poison on office chair
@00:10:01  Aajonus accused of practicing medicine without a license
@00:12:50  swine flu hoax, vaccines, "just say no to vaccines "
@00:17:22  what to do to recover from vaccinations
@00:18:51  mercury in fish, tuna, swordfish
@00:20:27  raw fish with mercury, mercury discarded with feces and urine
@00:23:25  mercury
@00:23:50  hair analysis, 60 ingredients in vaccines
@00:24:59  deaths by vaccines, same vaccine as 1976 reused
@00:26:17  Aajonus looking at land in the jungle
@00:30:09  freezing swordfish, meat, butter, Aajonus animal experiments on frozen meat
@00:34:05  Rawesome sesame oil is heated
@00:40:26  eating roadkill
@00:43:48  osteoporosis and salt cravings
@00:47:32  indigestion and heartburn
@00:54:53  fluid intake: suck do not gulp
@00:58:26  green juice recipe
@00:59:00 limes are antibacterial, use of limes for unnatural fungus
@01:00:29  green juice recipe, dogs and cats eat grass and spit out pulp, animal food
@01:08:37  difference between mixing eggs with juice or eating them separately
@01:11:27  stepped on something, foot injury
@01:12:46  red and swollen nose about 3 years ago
@01:18:05  sugar cravings, example spearfishing
@01:20:29  fruit cravings after sweating, Sports Formula
@01:22:19  damages from X-rays, one X-ray like 100 doses of antibiotics
@01:23:27  formula for getting rid of X-ray radiation
@01:24:37  what food to take when traveling, how to pass security
@01:27:51  percentages of ingredients in green juice
@01:28:16  watery bowel movement: probably from coffee
@01:34:17  Primal Diet without eating meat
@01:36:20  mixing vegetable juice with egg
@01:38:38  bone marrow formula
@01:39:24  rash on scalp, candida
@01:42:31  Primal Facial Body Care Cream and toothpaste: how long do they last?
@01:43:49  good cheese has been predigested with mold
@01:43:56  Germans in 1800 and 1900 ate steak tartar and moldy cheese and were strong and healthy
@01:45:24  mycelium
@01:46:10  teeth, ceramic crowns
@01:47:33  how to determine thickness of blood when on the diet, spleen, kidney
@01:50:04  blood clots, AGEs and sugar cause sticky blood
@01:51:33  experiments will be in Detox Book
@01:52:24  bone loss, what to do to restore bones
@01:54:14  food supplements, vitamin C, A
@01:57:40  how to explain the importance of fat to people not familiar with the diet
@01:59:04  gout, what it is and how to prevent it
@02:00:16  cooked starch: when to use
@02:02:10  topical treatment for warts
@02:04:45  supplement CoQ10
@02:05:40  vitamin E supplements are from Fuji & Kodak
@02:08:59  white stripes or spots on the nails
@02:09:30  forced vaccinations responsibility form
@02:12:28  leg and ankle poisons stuck under skin: hot baths to discard poisons
@02:16:14  not absorbing oxygen
@02:17:16  hernia
@02:19:03  allergies, chemtrails
@02:24:16  benefits of sunlight for the eyes
@02:26:15  pathogens, disease causing, bacteria are janitors, parasites
@02:26:16  pathogens, bacteria never cause disease
@02:32:16  muscle spasms
@02:34:53  wheatgrass juice causes alkalinity in the digestive system and acidity in the blood
@02:36:07  why do dogs eat grass
@02:36:44  headaches from milk and cheese
@02:36:44  milk cream cheese headache
@02:38:27  high blood pressure, garlic will raise or lower
@02:38:29  advice for high blood pressure
@02:39:26  problem digesting raw eggs
@02:41:14  heart problem: eat bone marrow and buffalo heart together
@02:43:02  unwashed eggs vs washed
@02:44:57  natural food for chickens
@02:47:30  freckles, liver spots: organ cells reused as skin cells
@02:49:25  Aajonus used a Chihuahua guard dog
@02:50:08  required vaccines when traveling
@02:51:35 Workshop DVD is out

20091003CH 3 Oct 2009 Chicago Workshop

Length: 04:52:32
@00:04:20  diabetes cure, Hippocrates used exclusively raw milk to reverse diabetes and emphysema
@00:05:24  Aajonus diabetes cure: milk and raw meat, success rate
@00:06:29  function of appendix in the body
@00:34:27  Aajonus learned by experience
@00:57:29  primitive tribe in the Philippines
@01:00:26  Aajonus, forced injections
@01:06:23  swine flu vaccination, ingredients, re-used old vaccine from vaults
@01:07:50  disease and death by poisoning from industrial pollution
@01:08:32  vaccines killed all of Pasteur’s lab animals
@01:11:10  acceptance of responsibility for vaccination
@01:16:22  body: the three circulatory systems
@01:31:13  vegetable oils, margarine
@01:35:37  margarine and Crisco owned by Rockefellers and Rothschilds
@01:36:26  king and queen of England raise their children on raw milk
@01:38:59  Reagan and Bush families eat nothing but their own food
@02:09:10  smart kids grown up on the diet
@02:46:23  too much coconut cream or pressed oils
@02:49:40  bone marrow, digestibility
@03:03:07  frozen meat and butter animal experiments
@03:19:41  vegetable juice
@04:16:47  salt, sodium is an explosive
@04:27:31  eating at night with example
@04:33:15  start of Q&A
@04:33:17  hyperbaric chamber as source for oxygen
@04:33:55  heat, heating pad EMFs, infrared lamps
@04:36:40  what is rabies
@04:37:56  absorbing nutrients through the skin
@04:39:49  cholesterol levels
@04:40:25  cholesterol examples
@04:42:27  eggs: blending vs whipping vs Rocky style
@04:44:14  peanut oil is no longer available unheated
@04:44:56  Viagra, Cialis: how they work, animal tests, natural Viagra
@04:47:01  Aajonus’ forced injections
@04:48:29  fermented vegetables
@04:50:45  Sports Formula

20091024TO 24 Oct 2009 Toronto Workshop

Length: 08:35:59
@03:55:03  Dr. Mercola
@05:55:14  meat, red and white categories
@07:27:38  mini readings

20091114HM 14 Nov 2009 Hamilton Ohio Workshop

Length: 08:44:44
@00:09:17  doctors have no experience
@00:10:57  Aajonus books were written from experience and experimentation
@00:12:22  Mercola’s work is theoretical
@00:13:27  supplements, wood alcohols, kerosene, Kodak and Fuji developing fluids
@00:20:22  diabetes, Hippocrates was against chemicals, he cured diabetes with raw milk in 6-10 weeks
@02:36:06  visiting native tribe in the Philippines living on raw fish and coconuts
@02:39:00 powdered milk
@03:03:16 function of kidneys
@03:04:20 urinating, drinking water
@03:47:44  pancreas and brain growth was caused by toxins
@06:52:02  doing the diet partially, enzymes

20110822OM 22 Aug 2011 Omaha Q&A

Length: 04:48:44
@03:14:54 arthritis, Crohn’s, leaky gut
@03:24:22 dried food won't digest
@04:07:40 antioxidants

20120318SD 18 Mar 2012 San Diego Q&A

Length: 02:12:13
@00:50:00  how to grind meat

20120527SD 27 May 2012 San Diego Q&A

Length: 01:55:45
@00:00:01 three kinds of bacteria in milk
@00:32:00 lymphatic system
@00:33:01 digestive tract, enzymes, bacteria, digestion, vegetarians
@00:58:50 Ebola is man made
@01:01:10 we should be living to 147 years old
@01:12:00 shaving
@01:13:00 caffeine, coffee, vegetable juice to get going
@01:55:30 function of appendix

20130526SD 26 May 2013 San Diego Q&A

Length: 2:31:56
0:02:12 Bragg Liquid Aminos
0:02:20 Coconut Aminos are processed.
0:03:40 Aajonus's mixture for washing dishes: Apple Cider Vinegar, standard Salt & Coconut Cream
0:04:20 how to use hot water bottles; use 7 hot water bottles.
0:08:30 Bragg Liquid Aminos substitutes: onion, tomato, cheese.
0:09:15 hibiscus tea is fine as long as not steeped in hot water, sun tea is in book.
0:11:00 fluoride in water.
0:12:20 Wisconsin court case.
0:13:02 dental fillings.
0:14:05 ceramic fillings.
0:15:00 dental water jet, porcelain, composite fillings.
0:17:30 Aajonus uses Biocalex. He uses Britton in Tijuana. Britton uses water jet, so bit doesn't get hot.
0:19:30 dental anesthetics.
0:21:56 crowns
0:22:20 using beeswax to hold caps.
0:26:50 Aajonus lost 6 teeth because of the forced injections.
0:28:00 forced injections
0:28:25 use of ammonia from a shark or stingray as remedy for injections to bind with toxins
0:31:35 urine wouldn’t have been enough
0:32:35 Remedy for vaccines
0:33:50 to get rid of dental anesthetics: eggs, and heat on face.
0:34:30 pulling will help, pulling with cheese, then egg

20130616 16 Jun 2013 Los Angeles Q&A

Length: 03:16:14
@00:06:00 do the opposite of what the medical profession says
@01:02:17 diarrhea, gas: poisons mixed with digestive juices; have cheese
@01:32:11 freezing, animal experiments on frozen meat
@01:43:12 trichinosis worm

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