‘The Story’: Voume One of We Want To Live

Curious about the raw rood diet for healthy living?  See We Want To Live: The Primal Diet Book
We Want To Live! The Raw Food Diet For Living Healthy.
In these books you can find the truths about living a healthy life, free of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer: recipes for living without disease.

Learn about the life and health-restoring actions using the raw foods diet The first five chapters are free! See the links below.
Read this story of courage and commitment to life that goes beyond reversing the effects of his son Jeff's 'fatal' automobile accident. Order now. Download and start reading immediately. If you order the hard copy book, you can start with Chapters One through Five below while the book is being shipped
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In the same book find more than a thousand remedies for over 200 diseases!

Get the facts of how food affects health - specific foods and specific preparations. Learn what not to eat, what to eat and basics of how to prepare it. This information is detailed more in Aajonus' recipe book, The Recipe For Living Without Disease.

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Begin with the first five chapters of The Story: 

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