The future of raw milk

[Tuesday, October 9, 2007]

Note: The Petition and Report in Favor of Natural [raw] Milk is available at no cost.

In a discussion of recent efforts to bring the truth of the value of raw milk to congresspeople in the USA this summer (2007) (by Aajonus, assisted by Nathan and others who may be featured on this blog from time to time), Cathy Raymond states:

"It all goes to good, my guess. We'll be out of the dark ages one day soon, and then have a hard time recalling what it was like...". We'll tell stories to our grandchildren: "I had to drive hours to buy just one gallon of raw milk...".
They won't understand, because it will be so easy to buy, and of the freshest, cleanest, most delicious and nutritious quality.\

Raw Milk is legally sold in 10 states now: click here to see the map.

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