The Benefits Of The Paleolithic Diet. Eating Raw Foods For Better Health

Learning The Benefits Of The Paleolithic Diet
Eating Raw For Better Health

A paleolithic diet is one that consists of the same foods the early hunters and gatherers consumed during the Stone Age. This involves eating wild foods and only foods that have not been processed all-natural unprocessed foods, meat and nuts.

After all, many foods commonly eaten today are processed in order to be safely consumed. If not processed first through cooking or other extensive processes, some foods routinely consumed are actually toxic. How could these foods possibly be good for the body?

The paleolithic diet, combined with the practice of eating raw dairy foods, is better suited for the human body. The reasons for this are quite simple: the human body had millions of years to adapt to this sort of diet. As such, it learned how to process these natural foods in a more effective method.

In addition, it involves eating foods in their natural state, ensuring they are truly safe for your body. For this reason, combining eating raw with a paleolithic diet is ideal for the body. It allows your body to function with more natural, cleaner nutrients and fuels.

Following a diet that goes back to our roots also naturally goes hand-in-hand with Holistic Alternative Medicine, which is a form of medicine that involves treating the entire body rather than just one part. In addition, it focuses on prevention rather than on a quick fix.

The same holds true with eating food that is raw. By following specific raw diet recipes from Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz books, eating raw foods, your body will be able to effectively metabolize the foods you eat as your body progresses to its original primitive vitally strong healthy state.

A letter to the Whole Life Times journal that published an interview with nutritional scientist and author Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz titled DIET OF OUR ANCESTERS:

Note that aprox. 2 years ago you ran an article entitled Diet Of Our Ancestors. That article as I recall at the time was somewhat controversial because the nutritionist who was interviewed, had his clients eating raw foods, including raw meats and raw eggs.

Note that a few months after that article, I submitted a Letter to the Editor, entitled The Raw Truth, which you published. My letter stated that I had been on the diet for several years and the [Primal] diet had done me 'wonders'.

I would like for you to consider that...I ... have been on the Primal Diet for five years with ever-increasing health. Will you run a small 'follow-up' article on me , let's say even a paragraph or two which would be like a status check on how my health is doing, 2 years after the Raw Truth letter was published? I noticed that your Fll issue is dedicated to Food and Nutrition. What I could do is coordinate probably several people in the LA area (including former vegetarians) who are on the Diet of our Ancestors and they can all be a part of the testimony, or whatever.

This solicitation is of my own volition and I have no ties with any food or supplement organizations, nor would I be implying anything other than the powers of Mother Nature - with her raw foods. .

Daniel K.
Los Angeles ('5 Years on the Diet of our Ancestors')

People on the Primal Diet come from all walks of life.

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