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Thumbnail sketch of Primal Diet Newsletters in 2006

April 2006 Soy Toxicity in Poultry Meat and Eggs Ask your grower to select better feeds.
Details of processing that cause the toxicity
Taste of poultry fed soy
Why "organic" is a misnomer in specific cases regarding soy products fed to poultry.
specifics of what to ask for
Remedies to remove soy toxicity

Arsenic in Poultry Meat and Eggs; another cancer connection- avoiding arsenic in poultry and eggs lab tests and EPA standard
specific brands of chicken & amount of arsenic in each
avoiding arsenic in poultry and eggs

Benzene, Cancer and soft drinks connection The FDA continues... There is no limit of Benzene set by FDA
Interview of the whistle blower who re-opened this issue
why the industry wants specific chemicals in soft drinks
remedy for people who have consumed soft drinks and want to remove benzene before it could cause cancer
You are invited to subscribe right here.
June 2006 The first article for this issue was motivated by two questions frequently asked of Aajonus:

Will we have an Avian flu epidemic?
Should we be afraid of an Avian Flu epidemic? Important facts never explained to the public about what a flu is
Scientific work showing a cause of cancer
What the media says and promotes, and what is behind it (you have to see this newsletter as I am not naming names in this summary)
earlier cases of who promoted and benefited from flu
two dietary regimens so you don't have to suffer flu or flu medicine, given in detail
aluminum and barium our forced exposure to these and other chemical hazards and how to stop this exposure

Diarrhea-based Detoxification Hotel by Medical Doctors And you thought Aajonus was just a little nuts...
a $40 million (US dollars) misunderstanding of how to eliminate the problem (my words, not Aajonus')
home-made raw food remedy to reduce vomit and diarrhea

September 2006
Dental Hygiene, Causes of Decay and Reversal, and Re-enamelization consumption of certain foods and compounds in our everyday life that affect us through our teeth
how the pollutants in environment and our food get through to us,
how these affect our brains, our nervous systems
what we can and what we can't prevent among these
Very specific raw food recipes for plaque, strengthening teeth and improving gums

Fermented Vegetables; the Good, Bad and Stinky
Exercise; the Good, Bad and Beautiful
Medical Terrorist Propaganda about Inflammatory Breast Cancer
The FDA Approved 5 viruses for food treatment (None of the foods involved are on the Primal Diet)

Special Newsletter:

E-Coli in the news What is really going on behind the smokescreen of the contaminated spinach scare in 2006.
Background and links provided.

December 2006 - Part I
Will Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Agribusinesses Control Our Lives Through Federal, State and Local Governments? Information to be taken calmly and rationally...
This touches on goals, safeguards (for us or for them?).
Factually, what causes diseases today?
Vaccines are the ... with real life examples
Is the push to medicate our greatest demise?

We Have Incredibly Advanced; To Where And What?

We did not have many diseases in the USA about 400 years ago....
Longevity is increased nowadays, mainly due to heat and air conditioning, giving a false impression about how much longer we live.

Will We Have Good Food That Creates Good Health?

A look at specific big chemical and agricultural companies pave their way to dominate...
[How the dice are loaded...] GMO whether we want it or not.
Have ... and ... Threatened Our Meat Supply Too?

Are We Facing Outlawing Natural Farming And Legislatively Imposing Only Chemical Farming? [This one shows actions and by whom, too insidious to even mention here]
The future of this scenario
What if we choose to not swallow what their campaign is telling us?
Should I get my own plot of land to farm now, or are there other actions I can take to help turn this around?
Links and references are provided so we can see for ourselves.

December 2006 - Part II
FDA rules that 6 viruses used for treating meat are safe for human consumption. Where the FDA studies got de-railed and approved viruses as a food additive.
Are We going to continually pay for the medical mass poisoning of our neighbors and the human race?
No oversight on experimental drugs, which of us are their guinea pigs
Huge secret funds well hidden even from the Freedom of Information act.
Find exactly where your voice and opinion can make a difference and what simple actions to take.

Top Aussie doctor says pick your nose and eat it... This is too good to summarize; read it yourself.

Thumbnail sketch of Primal Diet Newsletters in 2007

March 2007

Quinton: Just another marketed 'Magic Bullet or a real health boost?

Quinton or celery juice directly into your veins: which would you prefer?
[I am making fun of it you might find it important to read though].
Real life examples are given.

What is constipation and how do we resolve it? Vegetarians should read this. Remedies are included.

Note the role E. coli have in nourishing our brains and nervous systems.

How much energy should I expect to experience?

Individual factors, with a remedy for energy loss resulting from impaired digestion.

My research and experiments questioned.
Vaccines: all harmful or some beneficial? Get your data from a doctor formerly employed my major pharmaceutical houses and the US government's National Institute of Health and now giving the inside story under cover of anonymity and in black and white, no gray.

June 2007
Lobbying in Washington, D.C.
Digestive problems: causes for most intestinal diseases including colic, inflammatory bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease.

See these traced to their cause, with a raw foods remedy to handle it.
Find what is the most easily and quickly digested food.
Learn to counter poisoning from vaccines, with a specific raw food remedy.

TB testing for teachers and health practitioners. How to get your TB test without being affected by it.

Mercury in fish; do we absorb it? Details of lab experiment, results and conclusion in favor of raw food diet.

Subscriber's questions

House construction involves many chemicals that out-gas, causing many problems such as emphysema, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies and severe chemical sensitivity...
how to cure rooms...
NASA and Associated Landscaper Contractors of America have done a study. See the details poison by poison - and which popular varieties of plants are recommended.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine (making this mandatory for girls?)

Why girls?
what is the reason to even consider this?
and what are the results?

Man eats live frogs and rats for health.

A wonderful ruling in communist China that we should adopt. (comment: you must see this.)
October 2007
Is raw chocolate made from whole raw cocoa beans addictive or harmful? How much raw chocolate could most people safely consume?
Delicious and safe raw food recipes:
Aajonus' natural bitter chocolate recipe!!
Aajonus' raw orange chocolate cheesecake recipe!!!

If most published medical studies are biased and/or corrupt, why do we still believe them? Caught in the cookie jar. Toxicity varies with various drugs.

Considering chemotherapy as an option for cancer? Personal data plus UCLA study - no proof that it is better than doing nothing.

New source of stem cells: mouse sperm. Scientific definition and link. Recommendation.

Fall (December 1) 2007

This issue is dedicated to subscriber questions:
1) Why mercury is not absorbed when we eat raw fish.
2) Iron on the Primal Diet (TM) is it a problem?
3) What about Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus?
4) Vaccines; Nice Shots Or Not?

Thumbnail sketch of Primal Diet Newsletters in 2008

Spring (March 18) 2008

Subscribers' questions:
Please, Aajonus tell us your views on the medical establishment.
What are safe cutting boards? (and what about plastics, glues, etc.)
Bruises, Injuries and Pain--do we apply Ice or Heat?
How to deal with Abrasions, Fractures and Breaks. (Including Aajonus' story of his motorcycling accident while in a foreign country)

Late Spring (May 23) 2008 The first subject is Electromagnetic Fields and how they affect our health.
Where in the environment are the worst offenders? What are the means of
detecting these? How can we reverse their effects in order to prevent or
reverse disease, with diet and other means? Aajonus also gives some websites
where more information is available. Then there are more answers to
subscribers' questions, such as about food-borne bacterial contamination.

Aajonus also explains how the petrie dish is different from your body,
and so testing and conclusions from tests should be done intelligently.

Another subject is about bacteria and other micro-organisms who can try
to clean up/detoxify our bodies, and how we affect these organisms and the
process of detoxification if we eat cooked/processed foods. And there's more!

Late Summer (Sept 19) 2008.

A Subscriber asked: Do we really need to cook foods to
release nutrients that we wouldn't otherwise be able to assimilate? See what
Aajonus has to say about that, in relation to energy levels, shrinkage in
height with age, and distortion of our physical bodies with age and other
things. (He even inserts a cameo version of his own story of diseases leading
to cancer at a young age.)
The next part of this newsletter describes finding the answers
and fine-tuning the primal diet. For example, by December 1982, the primal
diet was 70% developed, but some discoveries were yet to come:

  • see what he says about effects of carbohydrates in excess
  • how to control emotion by food intake and enjoy life more
  • how to combine and schedule foods
    See the details of these things on pages 40-41 in "The Recipe for Living
    Without Disease".

Aajonus Vonderplanitz also alludes to some of the research studies
and books that went in to formulating the Primal Diet in its later stages:
he looked in to how our bodies make glycogen products from protein as opposed
to carbohydrates, and how this difference contributes to our health--or
illness! Don't miss this one. This concept is one of the defining
features of the raw food diet that has helped many of us to achieve excellent
health, and better control of our own feelings and behavior. And the research
data is presented in this newsletter.
Also, there's another look at the subject of "good" or "bad" fungus,
bacteria, etc., and how dangerous are the ones that live naturally in our
bodies. Yes, there are dangerous ones, but see this newsletter to get the
list and also ways of averting the dangers.
The last part of the newsletter is how to use an EMF (electromagnetic
field) Meter, to detect high levels of these.

Early Fall (Oct 7) 2008 In this newsletter, a subscriber had the temerity, the effrontery, the
audacity (the guts) to ask a loaded question:
How toxic is our civilized world?

And did we really want to hear the answers to this??? And
with all the referenced studies as well that pull no punches???
Then Aajonus Vonderplanitz answers more subscriber questions:
Is raw milk beneficial even with much bacteria?

What place do energy therapies take in healing?

And to top it off, there are graphic pictures and a
description of how to heal a finger using some natural methods.

Mid Fall 2008, November 5th Newsletter

In this one, Aajonus addresses: "What is our likelihood of
developing Cancer".

*Find out which foods are most conducive to
the development/spreading of cancer

*Find out which medical treatments should be
accepted and when

*Find what are the ways the body uses to
detoxify cancerous toxins, and how to help in that process

*Find out what kind of testing is best

*Find why he says "cancer is not something
to fear, it is something to prevent or reverse"

Aajonus also talks about emerging "plagues",
and the publicity associated with them--and what is behind all of that, as
well as how to protect yourself, of course.

There's also some research showing how
friendly bacteria can help with Diabetes, type 1 and 2, along with the sources
for that information.

It's good to have his research in to scientific journals, etc., showing
up in our news letters. (I wouldn't have the time to research all those
journals myself!)

Early winter 2008, December 31st 2008 Newsletter
In this issue, Aajonus talks about how to reduce the fear of microbes, and embrace the
benefits they offer, to facilitate optimum digestion especially for the feeding of our brains and nervous systems. This includes actually supplementing with bacteria: and what those parameters entail. This can include even severe digestive disorders, such as Crohn's disease. This is very comprehensive information, but with easily do-able steps to take.

Aajonus speaks about the toxicity of Japanese foods: shoyu (soy sauce) and miso, and why they are toxic.

He addresses the various "Super-foods", and why they are less than "super" (and why they may increase the feeling of temporary well-being, but don't give long term health).
He gives 2 foods that he does consider to be super foods.

Also, in keeping with the "gift giving" season, he give resources along
with photos for natural toys for children. That wraps up 2008, and we wish a
Happy, Healthy New Year to all!

Thumbnail sketch of Primal Diet Newsletters in 2009 and 2010

Early Winter February 28th, 2009 Aajonus quotes an article written in India, announcing the manufacture of a drink from cow's urine mixed with herbs--supposed to be tasty and nutritious. We can look for a drink called 'GAU JAL' or cow water, in Sanskrit. Their plan is to compete with the cola drinks that are rampant in India.

In this issue is the first report Aajonus makes of an indigenous tribe in the Philippines. Their diet (all raw) will surprise you, as will their ages, and long term marital relations.

Aajonus comments on the fact that home-grown vegetables were blamed for disease. There is more information on the lack of science in such a conclusion.

And finally, there are photos of an arm injury treated only with lime-juice, coconut cream, honey and meat (all raw of course). The outcome is an arm that is in good shape, having escaped infection and massive scarring.

Early fall, October 1st, 2009

In this issue Aajonus gives his Survival Kit, for Primal Dieters, in case of environmental disaster. It is detailed and thorough, and is what he himself has stashed away for emergencies where fresh raw foods might not be very available. And we all want to be survivors, right?

Another entry in this issue is "H1N1 (swine) Flu Epidemic, Fact or Hoax?" Aajonus harks back to 1976 where a similar hoax was perpetrated on the public. The reappearance of flu-bugs with added contamination of avian and human wastes and other disease-causing chemicals, is geared to inspire fear in our current population, and a rush to get vaccinated. However, please read the list of chemicals in the vaccines, and the side-effects admitted by the manufacturers--including death--a rather final side-effect.

Also see the list of articles, websites etc. that Aajonus has researched and refers us to, as well as quotes from recent laws passed, and legal issues if one finds himself forced to accept vaccines of this type. Aajonus arms us with a document we can use, and also antidotes in a worst-case scenario.

At the end of this issue, Aajonus cites a 12 year Japanese study covering 50,000 people, showing that skinny people are more prone to diseases than their counterparts who have more fat packed on their bodies.

Fall, November 25th, 2009.

In this newsletter, Aajonus exposes the actual abduction and injections which took place in his hotel room at night in a small town in the Philippines. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR READING THIS NEWSLETTER and viewing all the photos he took of the injection sites over a period of time, plus the remedies he used to get through the trauma of the toxic elements he received in those injections.

THIS IS A "MUST READ" NEWSLETTER in its entirety, along with his ideas of how this relates to the Swine Flu hoax mentioned in his last newsletter.

Late Winter December 7th, 2009.

This newsletter is mostly devoted to subscriber questions, including Aajonus' answers to:

What should we consider for health when buying a new car?
Do people on the Primal Diet have more gum and tooth diseases?
Are citizens being attacked by their own governments?
(Aajonus has never backed down in addressing controversies like this.)

The last entry in this newsletter is about the subjective effects of dietary and environmental pollution on children's sleep. And of course, Aajonus gives remedies to help children detoxify and sleep restfully.

In closing, Aajonus promises to reveal in his next newsletter, tests that show what was in those injections forced upon him on April 2, 2009, as discussed in his previous newsletter of November 25th, 2009.

Early fall, October 1st 2009

Late Fall December 21st, 2009.

In this issue, Aajonus gives photo evidence including iridology (eye) exam and also before/after lab tests showing the increase in certain toxic substances after the injections that were forced on him in his hotel room in the Philippines on April 2nd, 2009.

The rest of this issue is devoted to answering subscriber questions, including;
With Mercury found in wild animals, do we need to be extra careful?
What is the nutrient value of dehydrated foods?
What is the nutrient value of trace minerals; should we add more?
Is it true you eat buckets of cow dung? (referring to Aajonus)

Early Winter January 19th, 2010.

In this issue there are more answers to subscriber questions:
Oysters--special food in our toxic world.
Is eating pickled fish better for health than fresh fish; does pickling preserve fish?
Can we preserve raw chicken in vinegar or lemon juice?
Can we preserve raw fish in oil?
How to resolve early-morning racing mind.
Quick alternative cure for arthritis; true or false?
What if you have high blood-pressure while transitioning into the Primal Diet?
Are there aggressive treatments for cancer?

Then Aajonus closes with "Proof of long-term delayed detoxification; 58 years later" complete with photos of an injury received at 3 years old and followed by several tetanus vaccine injections and a skin graft, given at that time. Such photos are always good in pointing out that the body will attempt to heal itself (with good diet) even years after the fact.

21st Edition, April 25, 2010 Newsletter

In this newsletter,
Aajonus addresses:

Is eating out safe? The
answer is very detailed. Just consider how many chemicals does it take to
create shelf-life for any product? The only good news is that of the 30,000
plus industrial chemicals that are used to grow and process factory foods,
probably not all of them will end up in your meal. See the enlightening
information Aajonus has to offer about this.

Cholesterol, should I be concerned about LDL and
HDL levels? See what does/does not reduce these components.

Fresh water lakes and Streams polluted with
Mercury 100%. What does the Environmental Protection Agency do about this?

Aajonus' 22 year collection of data about
biohazards, hacked into and destroyed by who else but the government? Aajonus
does recommend another book that is not as extensive, but makes the point
about biohazards very well. See this newsletter for that recommendation.

Whole Foods Market, are they really telling the
truth about the wholesomeness of their foods? See what Aajonus has researched
about this. For example, would you agree with Whole Foods Market that cows
being fed donut wastes, are eating natural foods?


22nd edition, June 14th, 2010 newsletter:

This entire issue is devoted to Microbe Food
Poisoning; Fact or Fiction. And a very thorough issue this is, detailing the
prejudice instilled in us for which the source is the big food industrial
complex, and the additives they put in our foods. This is a fascinating
account of the manipulation of information and false "science" that really
bears reading in full!

Aajonus really wants us to thoroughly understand
about bacteria as a supposed "source" of illness, and so he has written this
newsletter. He also makes the point that we should bear the responsibility of
eating well, and that includes standing up for our rights to choose those
foods without interference.

23rd edition October 26, 2010 Newsletter:

In the last issue, Aajonus discussed the myth of
microbe food-poisoning, quite thoroughly.

In this issue, he discusses the myth of microbes
causing disease. This myth is largely put forward with lots of propaganda
from--guess who--those who manufacture chemical and industrial products that
are in our food, air and water and our clothes and personal-care products.

Read this fascinating account of how this is
done with "smoke and mirrors" plus Aajonus' explanation of the illogics of it
all, and the intentions of those disseminating toxic chemicals, including even

It seems plain and simple to get the idea that
bacterial presence in disease doesn't constitute causation of the
disease. He explains also what vomit and diarrhea really are, and what are
the real causes of the polio epidemic in the 50's, as well as some evidence of
the best treatment for it.

In this issue Aajonus gives some products that
contain such toxic substances that can be avoided by knowing about them.

And as usual, Aajonus tells us how we can
protect ourselves from these onslaughts, and remain in good health.

24th edition December 31, 2010 Newsletter:

This is another fast-paced, fascinating issue in
which Aajonus details the U.S. government's assaults on our freedoms of choice
in how we care for ourselves and those close to us. He talks about:


    • The fake "food safety" bill S.510 passed this year by
      congress, including the powers it gives to the FDA to limit our choices and
      the freedoms of farmers to grow and distribute food.


    • The structure of the government and the departments of
      Health and Human Services (HHS) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and
      the CDC (Center of Disease Control) and the USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) and
      the abuses of power on the part of these organizations.


    • The whole political "dance" to convince the public
      that our elected government is really there to protect the rights of people.


    • What the government is and whom does it
      really protect and defend.


    • The way Aajonus has sucessfully protected farmers,
      co-ops and consumers of healthy food, legally and effectively. Included is
      the June raid on the Rawesome co-op in Venice, CA.


    • His 2009 trip to D.C. to lobby and educate the
      politicians about the benefits of raw milk, and his attempt to introduce a
      bill legalizing its transport interstate.


    • The organization he has formed where your donations
      really count to make our freedoms a reality.


    • The actions we can take going into the future, to
      protect our freedoms.


    • How we can take away the government's self-serving
      autocracy, and put our elected representatives on an equal footing with the
      rest of the American people.


    • And more!
      Aajonus quotes Thomas Jefferson in saying: "When
      the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the
      government, you have tyranny." And "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."



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