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A set of 14 recordings made available for free for site members.

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Format: mp3
Playing time: 33 hours, 45 minutes
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Important Note:
These Q&As are being opened to you as a subscriber because you are someone I trust and that Aajonus would and/or did trust so he could really speak to say what he has to say, according to his 1st amendment rights.

Enjoy these and learn from them.

When Aajonus is misquoted or quoted out of context, he can be made to appear as someone completely different than the unique and brave researcher, grass roots spokesperson and author we know.

Included recordings:

Q&A September 26

Q&A January 9
Q&A May 29
Q&A July 10
Q&A September 11

Q&A March 11
Q%A May 20
Q&A May 27
Q&A October 14
Q&A November 18

Q&A January 27
Q&A February 3
Q&A May 26
Q&A June 16


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