Aajonus Questions and Answers – 1st Edition

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This PDF book has 250 separate question and answer exchanges extracted from emails. The content has been edited so the person asking the question is kept anonymous.

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Aajonus Questions and Answers Book, Volume 1No one expected Aajonus to leave us when he did. He left an enormous vacuum. Not only was he a ground-breaking author; he had amazing abilities to accurately determine what was really happening with a person’s health, and to make very specific and appropriate recommendations, with a high rate of success. To our tremendous loss, he died on August 28, 2013, from an accidental fall.

Imagine being the person to receive all the shocked phone calls and emails on August 28th through the last few months of 2013. The questions “What do I do now?” “Who can I consult?” “Who is Aajonus’s replacement?” were asked again and again by email and phone. This, on top of my personal grief and losing a good friend and business partner, left me staggering and queasy. I was not sure I wanted to get up each morning.

Some of these people were in urgent need of advice. This very real need for answers to health problems as they occur has not faded away even though several years have passed. The threats to our health are real, ongoing, and can sometimes surprise us. Where can we turn for solutions that truly heal and do not harm? ...especially when we are bombarded by false solutions all the time.

"I will have all the information in books. They won't need me when I have all the information; that's what I'm working on. Everybody will be able to take care of themselves if I give everybody enough information."
~ Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Aajonus’s unique, ground-breaking  insight can be found in his two books, two DVDs, and 31 newlsetters on the We Want to Live Website.

But there is MORE! We’ve recently been able to recover a huge treasure-trove of more information!

After Aajonus’s death, it was discovered that his computer and backup drives held a tremendous number of his email responses to people’s health questions. Unfortunately, most of the backup drives were damaged and could not be accessed. But one of the top companies in the field of data recovery was employed and they were able to recover the data on all but one of the hard drives. It turned out that the recovered drives contained thousands of his invaluable emails wherein he answered almost every conceivable health question!

Aajonus had made a point to be available to answer questions and give guidance. When he received an email question he would respond quickly. If he didn’t know the answer right away, he would often drop everything and research that particular question or disease. He could find many scientific studies which were buried from the general public. He may have had research data from other cases of his own patients and results more recent than what was written in his books.

This has taken much time, effort and money (to pay the high-tech specialist company for decoding and decrypting) and is an on-going activity to prepare the emails and get permission from each person to print them.

Nearly five years later we have Aajonus Questions and Answers – First Edition. This 320-page book, with 250 separate question and answer exchanges, gives Aajonus’s answers to many, many questions. The persons asking the questions have given their permission to publish these; their complete anonymity has been preserved.  This is a PDF and is completely searchable.

As this work continues, a new edition will be created that will include all entries from the first edition plus 250 new entries – all as one PDF so all 500 can be searched. We aim to release a new edition of 250 entries a few times each year.

This is the additional resource by which each of us may utilize Aajonus’s ground-breaking knowledge for our own health and the health of our families and friends.

When you become familiar with Aajonus’s recommendations, his genius and intuition will ‘rub off on you’, helping you to understand and answer your health needs as they arise.

Aajonus has given us ways to begin to take care of ourselves, using our own minds, hearts, research, creativity, and intuition to develop our own healing abilities. It is time for us to take more responsibility for our health by using what he taught and the information he left behind, and by uniting and sharing with each other.

If you are like me, you’ll want to have all the resources Aajonus left us, including these email Q & A’s.

Here are a few of the topics found in the early pages of Aajonus – Questions and Answers:

  • Penicillin destroyer recipe
  • thyroid issues?
  • dental care
  • strep Throat
  • getting lead out of my child’s body
  • baby’s diet
  • baby with constipation
  • blocked arteries
  • high meat amounts and frequency
  • graying hair
  • cotton mask while flying in airplanes
  • endocrine glands
  • no immune system
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • preparation of a new bath tub
  • weight gain and loss
  • sunburn
  • colostrum
  • wheat grass questions
  • acupuncture, homeopathy & herbalism
  • flu
  • kidneys
  • symptoms – detox or from cooked food?
  • hormones, % of herbs
  • fasts
  • high blood pressure & stroke
  • mammograms
  • ill plants
  • fish/mercury dilemma
  • phlegm, mucus, congestion

… and much more.

3 reviews for Aajonus Questions and Answers – 1st Edition

  1. J.M. San Diego, California (verified owner)

    While reading through the newly released e-book of client health problems and Aajonus giving his recommendations to help solve them, I ran across his explanation on what to do for a severe rash. I have been on the Primal Diet for 15 years.

    On July 5th, 2017, while helping my neighbor with a flea infestation in her house, I was bitten by a flea on my left ankle which caused an allergic reaction rash that after 2 1/2 months spread around my entire ankle and was red and rough but not itchy. It went partly up my leg as well. It looked very bad.

    I was going to a natural doctor at the time and she gave me a few non-pharmaceutical lotions to try, but they did not make any difference, so after 2 1/2 months I panicked and went to a Dermatologist (I should have known better than to see a Dermatologist). The Dermatologist prescribed a pharmaceutical ointment to apply to the rash.

    By the time a day had gone by, the rash spread to both legs, both thighs, both arms and to a lesser amount to my chest and face. My arms and legs became very itchy and I could not stop itching them, and of coarse that made the situation worse. I could not sleep or even lay down in bed for about 10 days. I was in excruciating pain.

    After 9 months of appointments with my Natural Doctor and a huge outlay in doctor payments to her, I became much better through doing daily hot baths and refraining from doing something that would make me worse, but I still had some persistent heavy rash on both ankles. My Natural Doctor said that the pharmaceutical ointment triggered a massive detoxification throughout my entire body and the 9 months of hot baths has removed most of it. If this is true, then I have detoxed a lifetime of toxicity. My line of work exposed me to paint fumes and toxic cleaners for 45 years.

    In the first week of April, 2018 I read [in Aajonus – Questions and Answers] Aajonus’ recommendation for heavy rash in the e-book which I quote:

    “Aajonus: Severe rash on chest: No matter what, such a detoxification is toxins passing through the skin and irritating cells. To help arrest the toxins, so that cause less irritation and cellular damage, I suggest that you rub lime (not lemon) juice on the area. 3 to 5 minutes later, apply coconut cream.”

    After 3 days of application of the lime juice and coconut cream and 2 times per day, the heavy rash is gone.

    I still have some redness on my left ankle, but the skin is smooth. The right ankle is free of rash. The light rash on my chest and face is not helped by this procedure, but I am much better with only mild itchiness. I suspect with time and patience I will be free of all the light rash.

    I can’t help but wonder if I had know about what Aajonus said to do and did it when I first got the rash, I might have been cured and would never have gone to the Dermatologist. Again, the Dermatologist’s pharmaceutical ointment recommendation made me enormously worse, which is exactly what Aajonus always said.

    J.M. San Diego, California

  2. Mr. J. (verified owner)

    Hi, Jim! Aajonus – Questions and Answers is an important book to me already.

    In the fall of 2017, I was having increased back pain, leg pain and foot pain. I was trying to figure out if this was beginning arthritis or some special thing that a chiro would adjust. I had the $150 ready for a first visit to a chiro, then I thought – why not check in the new Q&A book. There was only one mention of arthritis but it was exactly what I needed, sending me back to things ‘I already knew’ from earlier readings of Aajonus’s books, but I had never put to use.

    One simple remedy (tomatoes and lemon juice) showed me clearly that this is arthritis.

    When this remedy worked one time, I thought OK – I am ready – and that I would use it as needed.

    The back pain never came back. Sciatica? Schmiatica! Not only was the back pain gone but the leg pain – gone… and no foot pain either. It has now been 6 weeks with none of these pains.

    At age 73, this means a lot to me and thought you should let people know.

    Mr. J.

  3. Kyle Obermeier

    Some interesting things for sure to look at, really good to download on your phone and read when about.
    Buy the living without disease book first***

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