Aajonus – An Intimate All-Day Workshop Video


Aajonus is video’d during the all-day Primal Diet workshop, answering questions and bringing light as only Aajonus can.  The videoing and setting are very informal, leading to an intimate and revealing presentation.


Aajonus workshop

Aajonus was video'd doing this intimate all-day Primal Diet workshop in Campbell, California. It is being made available to you now at a negligible price.

After the intro, Aajonus gives in-depth answers to questions such as:

what system in the human body parallels the importance of the circulatory system?

He documents a teenager who was put on the diet and within one year became the top student in school and top performer in ballet. How was this accomplished?

Which types of clothing are unhealthy for the lungs and which are healthy to wear?

What really causes food poisoning? How do butchers use disinfectants on meats and cutting boards? What can I do to prevent that?

What does Aajonus use for shampoo and shaving cream?

Part 4 is mostly a Q&A session where various questions are taken.

In part 5, he gives palm readings to various attendees all on video where he analyzes each person's condition and recommends a diet and program based on that.

This presentation is in 6 parts. The Intro is about 46 minutes and the next 5 parts are about 1 hour and 2 minutes each.


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