Rawesome Data Comes to Light – Poisonous Chickens, Eggs, etc.

Aajonus (creator of Right To Choose Healthy Food) Vonderplanitz' response to Mike Adams 'Health Ranger' accusations and misreports:

There is a great chasm of shallowness to not only the issues in the Rawesome/Palmer/Stewart fiasco as reported by Mike Adams but the details of his investigation of it. Mr. Adams has made so many errors in his reporting and comments that it goes beyond reporting and is libel. I demand that Mr. Adams retract his libelous statements immediately or face legal action.

Let's look at the confusion and diversions Mr. Adams has created with his inaccurate reporting and many unsupported accusations, theories and conclusions. We should also ask, what was his intent with the smoke screens? To him the issues are the laboratory tests and my credentials but why? Is he a government agent inciting conflict among those most protective of our food rights? He appears to be protecting the culprits corrupting healthy food, food clubs and food rights? You be the judge.

 Facts of the Stewart/Palmer/Rawesome Case

Upon an independent investigation by an investigative firm, it was discovered that Sharon Palmer and people working for her bought commercial product from several suppliers and sold/distributed it to farmers' market shoppers, and to Rawesome members through James Stewart. That is the final issue that landed Stewart and Palmer in jail with 37 counts of criminal activity. www.UnheatlhyFamilyFarm.com

First things first. Mike Adams made a frivolous contention that he was impartial to any party in his reporting of this matter can be adamantly contested by the following facts.
1) Without any proper investigation, he adamantly spouted accolades for Stewart and Palmer as downright honest food-freedom fighters instead of the fraudulent food suppliers that they are/were. Now, with the truth at hand, Mike Adams looks like a pretty frivolous reporter trying to cover his now bad reputation. Or is he a mole for government?
2)  He told me when he contacted me about 2 weeks ago that he was very very fond of James Stewart and Sharon Palmer and that I was the suspect of wrongdoing.
3) His tabloid-like mention of me advocating the consumption of raw, rotten meat and moldy animal organs was superfluous and prejudicial in the context used because the average reader is brainwashed that those activities are harmful and dangerous. Since he seems to be a government mole, I must assume that he too has a truly brainwashed mind to the truth. He did not explore that subject anywhere in his article or video commentaries. There was no mention of why or when I would advocate such consumption nor the success that it has in certain conditions. I told him that I rarely ate high meat. He is playing the sensational scenario to simply discredit me.
4) Further, his use of the word "Bombshell" in the title is sleazy tabloid-rallying for attention meant to also incite emotional reactions rather than incite objective scrutiny.
5) He did not mention the fact that Sharon was convicted of 2 felony counts of defrauding elderly people out of their homes and life-savings and spent time in prison, and she is under indictment again for the same thing now. Adams did not state that Palmer turned state's evidence against her husband for the elderly fraud. He did not investigate the validity of her claim that it was all her husband's doing and she was a dupe. He did not investigate the testimony from the victims that Palmer was the main agent in the elderly fraud and her husband was simply the closer. That research is directly related to the validity of everything Palmer said and says yet Adams does not go into any detail. If my doctorate is fraud, it has not hurt anyone but Palmer's and Stewart's fraud have poisoned people with commercial food laced with industrial chemicals.
6) He did not show the evidence by the Los Angeles County District Attorney that Sharon Palmer purchased tens of thousands of dollars of commercial product from commercial food suppliers and sold it to Rawesome members and farmers' market shoppers as grass-fed and grown organically at Healthy Family Farms at very high prices.
7) He falsely reported that I was the key witness in the cases against Stewart and Palmer yet I am not even on the witness list. I told authorities that I would only testify to what I new about food fraud. The charges related to food-fraud are few of the many charges. I told authorities that Stewart was simply the manager of the club for the dates of the charges stemming up to 2010 and was not guilty of the charges relating to Rawesome activities but only guilty for the fraud he committed as manager with Palmer.
8) Does he have any claim and evidence that I applied for any position to gain a government contract or job to defraud anyone with my honorary doctorate?
9) Does he have any evidence that I touted false transcripts for any position or job? Or that I even received such from Richmonds University? No he does not.
10) Adams claimed that my website UnhealthyFamilyFarm.com and Larry Otting caused Sharon to be unable to pay her rent on the farm without any evidence to support that statement except her claim and Stewart's. Adams gave no evidence as to how many people know about the website or visit it to give support for her claim.
11) He failed to investigate the fact that Palmer continually failed to pay her rent and property taxes, forged deeds and other documents, burned down a barn and built illegally without permits causing Otting to be charged with many crimes when she committed the crimes. Neither Mr. Otting or I were responsible for the charges against Palmer or Stewart. Their actions created the circumstance.
12) Adams failed to mention that when selling food at farmers' markets in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, the farmers have to sell their own food grown or produced on their farms. Palmer sold commercial food produced on other farms as if they were grown at Healthy Family Farms.
Mr. Adams has his priorities skewed with character-bashing. The real issues are:
1) Did Sharon Palmer promise and contract to grow and supply eggs, meats and dairy only grown and produced on the farm she rented and called Healthy Family Farms completely and utterly organic?
2) Did Sharon Palmer commit fraud by buying commercial meats, eggs and dairy from various sources and selling them to Rawesome members and farmers' market shoppers as grown and produced organically at Healthy Family Farms?
3) Did Sharon Palmer charge Rawesome members and farmers' market shoppers very high organic prices for commercial product?
4) Did Sharon Palmer cause harm to any Rawesome members and farmers' market shoppers by supplying commercial product laced with industrial chemicals to Rawesome members and farmers' market shoppers?
5) Further adding insult to injury, did Sharon Palmer purchase frozen meats, thaw them and sell them to Rawesome members and farmers' market shoppers as fresh?
6) Did James Stewart knowingly order and obtain product from Sharon Palmer that was not grown and raised at Healthy Family Farms?
7) Did James Stewart knowingly order and obtain commercial product from Sharon Palmer and distribute it to Rawesome members as completely grown organically at Healthy Family Farms by Sharon Palmer?
8) Was James Stewart notified by various people that Sharon Palmer was supplying commercial and or non-organic eggs, dairy and meats to Rawesome?
9) Did James Stewart charge Rawesome members very high organic prices for commercial products supplied by Sharon Palmer?
10) How many times did James Stewart commit all of the above offenses in the years of his close relationship with Sharon Palmer?
11) Did James Stewart cause harm to any Rawesome members by supplying commercial product to Rawesome members?
12) With up to 60,000 industrial chemicals used in commercial farming and food production, did Rawesome members suffer any detriment to their health from commercial food supplied by Sharon Palmer and James Stewart?


drawn by Adams' shoddy reporting and libelous statements:
1) Los Angeles County's case against Palmer and Stewart (Case # 2011013198) was not based on any laboratory tests conducted by members of Rawesome for Right To Choose Healthy Food (Aajonus Vonderplanitz).
2) The lab tests were for club members' determination if foods met the standards as contracted and promised by Sharon Palmer and James Stewart to Rawesome members.
3) The laboratory tests are not any part of the prosecution and I did not give them any test results. I did not even mention our laboratory tests to authorities. However, they may have seen them on the website UnhealthyFamilyFarm.com.
4).Neither I nor Mr. Otting are informants to any law enforcement branch.
5) Mr. Otting was called before Ventura County authorities because of Sharon Palmer's building and safety violations on the farm. Since Mr. Otting is title-holder, he is legally responsible. He has had several felony charges against him because of Palmer's crimes at the farm.
6) I went to the Ventura authorities to file a complaint against Palmer for her food fraud, buying and selling commercial food as organically grown on her farm to Rawesome members and shoppers at farmers' markets.
8) Palmer has had a history of non-payment of mortgage since the farm was financed. She failed to pay property taxes. She has cost Mr. Otting at least $60,000.
9) Palmer's claims that Otting and Vonderplanitz are responsible for her inability to pay the mortgage is false.
10) Palmer is not the innocent little farmer that Adams portrays her to be. Palmer bought and sold commercial food and represented it as organically grown on the farm for more than the 6 months she now admits. She vehemently denied that she did that until authorities subpoenaed the records from the commercial meat and egg suppliers from whom she bought. She lied then and she is lying now.
11) Larry Otting wants Palmer off of the land because she is responsible for the continued building and safety violations for which Otting is responsible because he is the title-holder, and she fails to pay rent timely.
12) Otting nor I are stopping her from farming. She has her animals and has all of the freedom to make money with that art.
13) Palmer's ineffective farming is responsible for her inability to pay her rent/mortgage. That is why she bought and sold commercial food instead of providing produce from her farm.
14) Mr. Otting closed UnheatlhyFamilyFarm.com with the agreement that Sharon stay current with her payments, including taxes, and correct building and safety issues. She has done little to comply with her part of that agreement.
15) I took over UnhealthyFamilyFarm.com because I hoped that it would shine a light on Palmer that would keep her more honest. However, I discovered on July 11, 2011, Palmer continued to buy commercial food and sell it as if it were from her farm at farmers markets and Rawesome. The big raid happened July 3 on her farm and Rawesome.
16) Rawesome was developed by Stewart and me. 90-99% of all members were from my diet from diet and referrals. I created the club and the organization that kept it together. I dealt with the authorities when they trespassed onto our club. I kept the law away and unraided until Stewart got involved deeply with Palmer.
17) ALL commercial feeds are contaminated with industrial toxins. ALL commercial chicken feed contains arsenic, and/or mercury and/or antibiotics whether detectable by current testing methods or not; see my article about commercial chickens at /why-is-aajonus-so-concerned-about-toxicity-in-commercial-chickens-and-eggs/

Primal Diet Newsletter April 19, 2006; articles: Soy Toxicity In Poultry Meat And Eggs; and, Arsenic In Poultry Meat And Eggs; Another Cancer Connection. Therefore, we do not have to prove by laboratory analysis but merely by proof of the feed. We have proof that Palmer fed all of her animals commercial feeds. Palmer admitted the fact only after people testified that she had fed all of her animals commercial feeds.
18) The commercial eggs and chickens Palmer supplied were contaminated.
19) Against our agreement and contract, Palmer fed her chickens commercial feed.
20) All industrial chemicals are poisonous in degrees. There are none that do not have ill-consequences to health.
21) The people at Rawesome club were members so that they could avoid industrial toxins in their foods.
22) Palmer and Stewart poisoned members with commercial food contaminants.
23) Because counterfeit reproductions similar to mine exist does not mean that mine is counterfeit. All of the other documents that someone submitted that they got with their counterfeit documents are not mine and do not apply to me. I do not have such documents.
24) Doctors Data performed the tests and the test-results are on its letterhead and format. Mike Adams does not care who he takes down in his zealous plight to defend Palmer and Stewart, including possibly ruining the Doctors Data.

Note that all Mike Adams argued was test results and validity of my credentials, creating a smoke screen over the true and important issues. I reiterate, he ignored completely the issues of commercial products distributed as genuinely organic and industrial chemical-free. Isn't that what trashy side-stepping tabloid-reporters, politicians and lawyers do? Mike Adams did not interview the people who testified against Stewart and Palmer in the independent investigation or testified for the law authorities' investigations. He did not investigate their allegations that they witnessed Palmer's deceptive practices of buying and supplying commercial food and selling it to Rawesome members and farmer's market shoppers as grass-fed organically grown at Healthy Family Farms. Isn't it telling that Adams, who claims to be such a good reporter for our causes, character assassinates instead of persisting on the real issues of relevance?

Am I in a nightmare, or did Mike Adams really attack me viciously for a credential issue and has created a rage about it but failed to attack Palmer for defrauding elderly people of their homes and life-savings, and in partnership with Stewart buying and supplying commercial product as organically grown on her farm? Was robbing elderly people of house and lifesavings and selling chemical-laced food to members harmful? Is my credential harmful? I will visit the non-issue of my credentials in Section 2.


Regarding the inconsistency in tests, especially in the case of the chicken and eggs that were tested between Anonymous-couple and Hanson, commercial farmers have a variety of industrially produced products from which to choose. Industrial chemicals contaminating their animals will vary. Therefore, one farmer may use arsenic and another use mercury laden feed and medications. The fact that the test-result from the meats and eggs differed is evidence that Sharon Palmer was buying commercial product not grown organically. The fact that the products from Sharon Palmer one week that were tested by therapist Tamara Hanson did not contain mercury does not exclude the commercial products supplied by Sharon Palmer that contained mercury and caused Hanson her high mercury heart problem for many weeks or months prior. The test results for Anonymous-couple and Hanson were simply the impetus to investigate the products that Sharon Palmer supplied to Rawesome members.

I just spoke with Ms. Tamara Hanson (licensed therapist) when she called yesterday after Adams article was published. She told me that she could not implicate the food she had tested because it did not have a detectable mercury reading. She told me that the chicken she had tested was breast meat with Palmer's label. She stated that Sharon and Stewart had been caught by the Anonymous-couple's tests just weeks before she tested the food she got from Palmer and that Palmer might have supplied better food at the time she tested it. However, she ate the same food that was tested high in mercury weeks before Palmer supplied that probably caused her mercury-heart-related problems.

How many times was the commercial product Palmer and Stewart supplied high in mercury? is not the driving issue but that commercial food always has several toxic industrial chemicals? The entire reason for having a private food club is so that members can be assured of industrial chemical-free food. If you cannot trust your food-club manager and farmers, you may as well shop at a regular store, save money while you get toxic.

At this time, I cannot reveal all of the other witnesses that will be called in court to rebut any denial by Stewart and Palmer in court about the fraudulent supply of commercial food as organic from the farm but there are many witnesses. Thanks to Mike Adams bad articles, I received a call from another witness yesterday with even more information, including documents of Stewart and Palmer's fraud.

This was Ms. Tamara Hanson's response to Mike Adams' abusive and skewed reports yesterday:
"[Doctor's Data] usually responds to my email/phone messages promptly.  He still hasn't responded.  Now I am thinking it has something to do with the way THE HEALTH RANGER has depicted you and me in his article in NATURAL NEWS.  No one interviewed me for this article, yet they use my name freely.  Honestly, I am not interested in conflict right now because I need rest and quiet to heal, but it irritates me that Mike Adams has his facts wrong or twisted.
"Thanks for reading this, Tamara"

The smoke screen of details about the test results and which parts of chicken were tested could have been easily resolved. Mike Adams could have asked Ms. Hanson (a licensed therapist) whose chicken and which part she had tested. He didn't and ranted his belief rather than facts. Since the product that Hansen tested were not high in mercury, Adams rants are even more frivolous. If Tamara had submitted multiple product at the same time, there may have been a argument of whose chicken it was but it was only one sample of chicken that was Palmers. Is Adams consuming a lot of salt that is frying his logic and rationale, or eating tons of carbs or coffee?

I spoke with Larry Otting several hours ago and this was his response about Mike Adams reporting:
"I am exceedingly angry that he would focus on such inconsequential issues regarding my involvement in this nasty little scam laid at my feet by Sharon and James. They have caused me to be charged with two separate counts of ongoing criminal court cases. I want to tell my side of this con job story but my attorney as advise me against it.  The truth will come out in the trial and not the press. I told Adams this in advance of his latest stories and yet he bates me with silly statements that have little relevance to the true facts of this case.”

I just spoke with Nathan Donahue, who was mentioned in one of Mike Adams articles. Mr. Donahue told me that Mike Adams statement that he apologized is an absolute lie, "I have nothing to apologize for. All I did was get Palmer's chicken breast from Rawesome and have it tested." He remembered that the sodium content was higher than is standard for truly organic food even though it was a lot less than what we had, at first, thought.

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