Raw Milk: Some of its Benefits

Include Raw Milk In Your Diet For Improved Health

Raw milk garnered a bad reputation pasteurization began. The fact is, Raw milk has a volume of benefits that are overlooked and is perfectly safe even when so-called pathogens are present in the milk, as reported by William Campbell Douglass, Jr. MD, and John Hopkins cum laude graduate Andrew Berstein.

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Raw milk is an integral part of the Primal Diet (c).  It should be a part of any diet because of the benefits it provides. While pasteurization was developed to destroy so-called dangerous germs, it also destroys all beneficial bacteria, all enzymes and vitamins, and at least half of the calcium. Those beneficial bacteria greatly help in regulating the body, including helping the digestive system function properly and giving the immune system a boost.

The traditional FDA approved food nutrition guide calls for getting plenty of servings of dairy products --- and so does any good raw food nutrition guide. The main difference is that a raw food nutrition guide calls for raw milk, not adulterated pasteurized milk.

The reasons are simple: in addition to biotic benefits, raw milk is filled with beneficial nutrients and vitamins. For example, it contains higher amounts of vitamin C because part of that vitamin is destroyed in the pasteurization process. Even worse, pasteurized milk makes part of the calcium it contains insoluble. This makes you more likely to develop bad teeth, rickets, and problems with your nervous system

Another downfall of the pasteurization of milk is the fact that it destroys approximately 20% of the iodine that is naturally found in milk. As a result, you are more likely to become constipated after drinking pasteurized milk.

The nutrients found in naturally occurring raw milk, as well as other raw foods, is the reason for the strong correlation between following a raw food diet and weight loss, as well as the prevention of a wide array of diseases and disorders. So, why choose anything else?

Excerpts of a letter from a mother whose whole family is on the Primal Diet:

" . Sydera [my daughter] is more patient and is not so quick to throw a tantrum. She is able to remain calm when she is upset and listen to reason instead of screaming at the top of her lungs until she gets put in her room. She talks about what she is feeling instead of resorting to an all out hitting, kicking, screaming fit. On the rare occasion that she experiences a moment, as we now call them, I can always trace the cause back to something [off the diet] that she ate. Thanks to the [Primal] raw diet we spend less time in conflict and more time enjoying one another.

"For Chelsea, [my other daughter], the move to raw food has been a relatively easy transition. She was a breast fed baby until she turned one year old, but had problems. When she was weaned, she went straight to raw milk and ground [raw] sirloin. We noticed a change in her almost immediately following the introduction of raw foods into her diet. [When breast fed,] Chelsea had always been small for her age. Each visit to the pediatrician had the same result, she always measured below the 25th percentile for both height and weight in her age category.

"When she was nine months old our pediatrician prescribed an iron supplement for her because her iron level was too low. When she was retested after three months there had been no change in her iron level. We were instructed to continue with the vitamins and have her retested again in three months. At this same time we began the raw diet. The results were almost instantaneous. Chelsea nearly doubled in size, finally reaching her ideal height and weight, her teeth began to come in, she began to walk, she stopped being sick all of the time, and even though we had discontinued the iron supplements, her iron level reached a safe level on its own.".

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