Quick Alternative Cure For Arthritis; True Or False ?

Answer to subscriber's question

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition

There is an arthritis cure on the internet that is basically a therapist injecting the joint with a formula of Lidocaine (an anesthetic) and common dextrose (sugar water). What do you think about it?

Rather than curing arthritis, I think that the therapy is not a remedy but a destruction of the nerves in the joints and a loss of pain is all that is beneficially experienced. Most often, pain is Nature’s way of telling us something is wrong, that toxicity has accumulated in an area or system from malnutrition, accident or contamination/poisoning. If we ignore the cause of pain, often toxins remain and disease develops.

To be thorough, let us look at arthritis. It is a swelling of joints from toxicity that has stored there, inter-cellularly or extra-cellularly. I guestimate from experience that 90% of arthritis is from leaky gut. When a person’s intestines fail to produce enough or poor-quality mucus, intestinal walls deteriorate and become thin. As intestines thin, they begin to tear when a lot of food is eaten at one time. Undigested food particles pass into the gut (called leaky gut). Most often the undigested food is moved to joints where cells are stronger and more rigid, and food will be digested with the least damage to surrounding tissue. However, the process often causes joints to dissolve along with the food and waste products collect. Ten percent of arthritis is from other toxins entering joints, especially antibiotics and vaccines.

Let’s also evaluate Lidocaine that is most often used by dentists. Lidocaine causes numbness and nerve damage. When our bodies cannot remove it, our bodies try to neutralize Lidocaine by surrounding the molecules with concentrations of minerals. That process hardens nerves and surrounding tissue, and often causes permanent mild to severe sensory loss. Consider that processed sugar is an acidic compound that, even in resilient intestines and bones, gradually dissolves our villi, bones and teeth.

Therefore, since Lidocaine was produced to enter and alter nerve cells, Lidocaine carries sugar into nerves and nerve destruction occurs. Lidocaine and sugar do NOT carry toxins out of the joints. They contain toxins, and our bodies respond with minerals deposit, hardening and damaging tissue. I have seen several of those cases end in joint replacement because pain that was designed to make us change and correct the way we feed and treat our bodies was ignored. Some of the joints in those patients dissolved painlessly from toxicity without further notice, and mobility was lost. Some of those people began to re-experience excruciating pain when deterioration was so advanced that new and surrounding nerves were affected. It is a very young “therapy” and most of the results won’t show for many years as more people subject themselves to it.

However, there were 2 cases that had the Lidocaine/sugar-water "therapy” which removed their constant arthritic pain and then immediately adopted my Primal Diet. They did not experience pain as the foods provided their bodies with nutrients to remove the compounds of toxicity from joints that previously caused them painful arthritis.