Q&A: Skin Disorder – Liver

Liver Stress?

Q: For the last 16 months or so, I seem to have developed serious skin itching and what appears to be psoriasis that comes and goes;  a health promotion for a liver & kidney cleanse makes the case that it could be the result of liver stress.

Do products like this have ANY value in your view?

Could this be a temporary liver detox I am experiencing?

Do you have recommendations for liver detoxification?

For about ten years prior to starting the Primal Diet, I drank between 500 ml and 2 liters of carrot juice a day, which I believed to be good for the liver. Would resuming doing so help?


Aajonus: There are many reasons for skin disorders. Ninety percent of toxins and body waste are supposed to discharge through the skin, ten percent through the mucous membranes and intestines. We should expect skin disorders such as rashes, acne and hives.All skin disorders are caused by industrial chemicals. I have seen skin disorders caused by raw meat, when frozen. Freezing in a machine is an industrial process that causes many chemical byproducts. Do not eat meats that have been frozen. But I have seen all skin disorders reconciled by raw butter consumption.

Skin disorders result from industrial chemicals secreting through or built into the skin, damaging cells as they make their way to the skin's surface and evaporating and/or shedding as dead skin. The best way to harness the toxins and mitigate skin disorders, preventing them from causing ulcers, such as psoriasis, is to consume lots of animal fat, especially no-salt raw butter and raw cream.

Liver Problem Causing a Fat Deficiency

If the liver is not producing bile that digests fat, then you have a liver problem causing a fat deficiency. If you eat lots of butter and cream and your fecal matter is very dry, your liver is working fine. If your fecal matter is very oily and often liquid, your liver may not be producing bile. Eating no more than 3/4 cup pineapple with 4 T raw butter or 4 ounces of raw cream daily for 10 days, and afterward every other day for as long as it takes, helps the liver produce bile.

Most raw fat is absorbed and utilized prior to reaching the skin. The skin gets very little of the best fats. You can feed your skin directly by applying/rubbing a blended mixture of equal parts raw butter and bone marrow into the skin to help strengthen it, reducing skin cells' reactions to toxins passing through the pores.

The best remedy I found for psoriatic tissue is the Moisturizing/Lubrication Formula on page 146 of my recipe book. I suggest that you consume 1-2 daily until symptoms resolve.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

This question and this answer are from the Q&A of August 31, 2011.  Click here for Aajonus - Questions and Answers which includes the full recording of the Q&A session (20110831-0623)  and over 100 different lectures, interviews, Q&As and more.

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