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I was Near Death at 78 Pounds; The Only Thing That Saved My Life Was This Book... (See Jeff's photos -->)

..."For three years I struggled with chronic fatigue and an unexplained, uncontrolled weight loss down to 78 pounds. I took every conceivable test and tried every remedy. I also followed diets from several different nutritional philosophies. Nothing really worked until I met Aajonus. In six months on his diet I gained 70 pounds of athletic weight and my body felt recharged. Two years later, I feel healthier than I did prior to becoming ill." Jeff S., age 35 St.Louis,MO




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Weight loss (control) is what I need to know about, not weight gain: " thirty-something patient was 280 lbs. and was addicted to ice cream. I trusted her instincts, that she needed the cream. I gave her recipes to make raw ice cream ... Within 5 months she had lost 140 lbs. and the craving for ice cream. After only 4 years on my Primal Diet...she maintained her weight at 125 lbs., without having to think about her weight to this day..." from an interview with the author Aajonus Vonderplanitz by Dr. Rae Bradbury

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Hear what the author Aajonus Vonderplanitz has to say about his own journey and how he makes it possible for you, because he fought these health battles himself "Three doctors declared that I would die at age twenty-one after I had received medical treatments for cancer. I began searching, experimenting and exploring other means to gain my health... I discovered that good health most often comes when one eats a diet consisting of foods that supply the most bioactive nutrients; they are mentioned throughout the following pages." Aajonus Vonderplanitz, nutritionist and author
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A teenager has a life again! (I cried at seeing this one - the webmaster) I have been following Aajonus' diet for two and a half years. On his diet, I have recovered from severe ADHD [attention deficit hyperactive disorder], autism, IBS [irritable bowel syndrome], GERD [Gastro esophageal reflux disease], osteoporosis, social anxiety disorder and a speech impediment. It gave me a life and hope for my future when everything else had failed. Matthew M., age 17 Omaha, NE"

([note from his mother] He additionally was diagnosed with stomach cancer, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, overanxious disorder and Gastroenteritis. He also had severe fecal impactions for months at a time, gross and fine motor problems and little to no motor planning skills.)
a post script from Matthew's mother: "This summer Matthew has run the lights at a local theater for their Musical Festival and he will be performing in a musical at the ... playhouse next week. These are things he would never have been able to even dream about doing prior to the diet."

Update a year and a half later:Hi, Aajonus,Just a short note to let you know we are thinking of you and feeling ever-so-gratefulfor your work.
You saved Matthew's life and he is looking forward to going to college, something that he would never have been able to do without your knowledge and expertise. I don't know that he would have made it through high school without the PD.
I am looking forward to my Golden Years with all my body parts in place and working. I see other seniors with hip, shoulder and knee replacements and so many degenerative diseases and am very grateful that I don't even have to give a second thought to my health.
Thank you again!

Mary Beth, New Mexico

To learn more about the author Aajonus Vonderplanitz and his here
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A Sonnet dedicated to Aajonus:

On Being Told I Have Advanced Cancer

Along with what my doctor said, I swallowed
A wave of fear that swept and nearly drowned me.
Then from the mighty undertow there followed
A calm, uplifting faith that somehow found me.

I summoned all my strength to help ensure
I'd keep afloat, to breathe and not get battered.
I looked around for help to find a cure
And reassured those folks who really mattered.

I've watched the progress of my life take form
And as the months roll by I see I can
Rebuild the ship anew amidst the storm
Because the faith I have is who I am.

When friends and family ask me how I'm feeling
And am I cured? I pause and say I'm healing.

Copyright 2006 Barbara Ellingson

Note from Aline G. to Barbara, following a phone conversation: "I just wanted to thank you very much for the time you spent with me today.
...You are a very inspiring, strong and smart person who does not give up when faced with adversity. I admire people with such character traits, especially that they are not that very common these days.
I know that you will prevail.
I am looking forward to the books." Aline G., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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