Primal Diet Newsletter #28 (December 28, 2011)

I struggled for four decades to recover from multiple "incurable" diseases and death-cap mushroom poisoning. My work and Primal Diet focus on helping bodies detoxify from pollutants that cause disease, whether from medicine, cooking or other industrial toxins, and helping bodies heal themselves. Stored pollutants in our bodies can raise their toxic heads at any time in our lives and cause serious problems from infancy to elderly, including cancer. Also, I work to avoid and prevent pollutants from entering the body. My bi-monthly newsletters focus on issues that show the problem and solutions/remedies. All issues require subscription for reading at Thank you for your interest in and appreciation for my work. I continue to wish all of you wonderfully healthy futures!

At the time that I wrote these articles, any link referenced was functional. I do not control those links or websites that contain that info. If a link no longer works when you click it, search on the internet for other locations for the same info


by aajonus vonderplanitz, ph.d. nutrition It was reported to me that people were saying and even writing on the internet that I had kidney stones caused by consuming dairy and/or eating so much meat, depending on who said or wrote the rumor. I did not have a kidney stone that I was aware of at…

Aajonus had plaque in his artery. He decided to see how long it would take to dissolve it using food, testing with ultrasound to gauge his progress. This was completely successful as shown in objective tests.

Answer to subscriber's question by aajonus vonderplanitz, ph.d. nutrition Science claims viruses are structured and self-replicating. It even details their unique genomes (1). How do you account for this whilst claiming they are non-living, solvent detoxifications? -- Trevor Aajonus: As I stated many times, science observes that the accumulation of cellular waste increases as time…

Answer to subscriber's question by aajonus vonderplanitz, ph.d. nutrition You claim rabies is a myth, whilst science calls it a virus. What are purported 'carriers', such as frothy-mouthed dogs, detoxifying from and is there any danger from being bitten? -- Trevor Aajonus: In all of my travels, especially living off of a bicycle for 3… %POST_META|archivist_post_content%

Until my next issue, I wish you happiness along with radiant health.

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