Primal Diet Newsletter #21 (April 25, 2010)

I struggled for four decades to recover from multiple "incurable" diseases and death-cap mushroom poisoning. My work and Primal Diet focus on helping bodies detoxify from pollutants that cause disease, whether from medicine, cooking or other industrial toxins, and helping bodies heal themselves. Stored pollutants in our bodies can raise their toxic heads at any time in our lives and cause serious problems from infancy to elderly, including cancer. Also, I work to avoid and prevent pollutants from entering the body. My bi-monthly newsletters focus on issues that show the problem and solutions/remedies. All issues require subscription for reading at Thank you for your interest in and appreciation for my work. I continue to wish all of you wonderfully healthy futures!

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by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition Most of us crave sharing, camaraderie. Whether from tradition or habit, we desire to dine with others rather than alone. We are conditioned for it. Add to that, the fact that food preparation takes lots of time in our work-busy world, we desire time to rest and eat in restaurants,…

Answer to subscriber's question by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition Many of you may not know that foods do not contain cholesterols, including eggs, unless we drink blood of an animal. Cholesterols are made from food, especially fats, by our bodies. When we eat raw fats, we do not construct any “bad” cholesterol. If we eat…

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition One hundred percent of the 291 freshwater fish tested by the U.S. Geological Survey contained mercury contamination. Sixty-six percent of those fish had levels higher than "level of concern" set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Mercury pollution occurs most from air-born emissions, primarily burning coal. We need to stop burning…

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition Although, as I stated hundreds of times in the last 13 years, vaccines cause every person receiving them the greatest harm to health that is thrust upon the “civilized” world, there are myriads of toxins thrust upon us daily made of at least 60,000 chemicals that did not exist 100…

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition Whole Foods Markets (WFM) has been around for over a decade. The company bought every successful chain healthfood store in America, including California’s Mrs. Gooch’s. Most of the healthfood stores they purchased carried at least 50% organic produce and meats. However, as soon as WFM took over the stores and… %POST_META|archivist_post_content%

Until my next issue, I wish you happiness along with radiant health.

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