New Source Of Stem Cells: Mouse Sperm

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition

Science has taken about 20 years since Playboy magazine issued its report on nutritional value and benefits of sperm to drop its public moral block and explore semen. At Howard Hughes Medical Research, scientists have been experimenting with stem cells from mice sperm. They found that those adult stem cells can morph like embryonic stem cells.

For those who may not understand what stem cells can do, I will give you a crash explanation. Stem cells are basically growth cells. Embryonic and adult spermatogonial and marrow stem cells can morph into any cellular structure within our bodies, from toe nails to heart cells, from bone to brain. Normally, adult stem cells cannot morph into any other cellular type than those to which they are RNA/DNA-specific but spermatogonial (ScienceDaily – Howard Hughes Medical Research) and some marrow adult stem cells can with a little help, scientists say.

Occasionally, I experimented with sperm as a remedy for various skin maladies. Applied directly to skin, I have seen sperm revitalize skin, follicles, eyes and lips; I have seen it remove wrinkles slowly when applied once or twice weekly.

About a year ago, I was exposed to rat poison for several weeks without realizing it. I developed a tumor on the back of my left hand under the skin that grew rapidly to 1.6” diameter. I applied the following individually or in combination with 1-2% shrinkage of tumor with daily application: coconut cream, honey, lime and/or lemon juices, papaya and pineapple. I thought that since I consumed my Primal Diet for over 24 years, it should be dissolving quicker. I thought about all of the amazing changes that occur in stem-cell research and I wanted to try it with cancer. The only place for me to get fresh stem cells was from sperm. Twice weekly, I used my sperm on the tumor and it shrunk by 3-5% with each application. Those results indicate to me that the sperm is unusually therapeutic. As nerve cells reproduce on the PD but not the SAD, I could reasonably conjecture that sperm developed on the PD may be exceptionally therapeutic.

I supposed that the quality of my sperm was excellent since I have been eating 99,9999% raw for 35 years and eating raw meat for 31 years. However, I do not know scientifically if the quality of spermatogonial cells is significantly improved by diet except that in a Petri dish, my sperm lived 1-5 days rather than 0-3 days. Ova may have the same properties but they would be difficult to extract.

A caution must be considered. Sperm may contain toxins, especially caustic metals that stored in the testes because testes are fat-rich. Our bodies normally store toxins in fat, wherever it may be found. If sperm smells metallic or like a hot old steam iron, I suggest that it not be used for therapy.