Naturally, people have everything they need to live without disease. Aajonus’s Primal Diet book tells how.

On this page (and 26 other pages) are many of the written testimonials telling of good results on this raw food diet:
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"I was 69 years old and felt that I was near death when I began the primal diet. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and two leaky heart valves by the cardiologist AFTER I had a three-way by-pass in 1996. Doctors stressed that my heart lacked enough oxygen and prescribed drugs that weakened my heart. The reason I know that my heart was normal and was not the problem was when a nurse in Grossmont hospital gave me an echo-cardiogram, and told me privately that I had a beautiful heart with no problem there but the doctor in attendance wanted to give me a pacemaker! He had my family lined up at my bed in the hospital begging me to let him put in a pacemaker. I refused, and demanded to be released. After making all kinds of threats to me about how I would die if I left the hospital, they made me sign all kinds of releases for them for liability for anything happening to me, and let me go. The doctor told my husband that I was crazy and threatened to have me declared mentally incompetent! To top it all off, the hospital doubled m y bill a nd tried to collect the money from collectors for two years after my release. There is a very dark side to "medical treatment".

"Raw Meat Made Me Feel Phenomenal!"

I was half way through the book We Want to Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz and by Christmas day I decided to eat in the raw. I had to try it. All I had was some organic lamb meat from New Zealand. I put raw organic unheated honey on it with some organic dried basil... I had my organic raw milk from Organic Pastures and made raw egg smoothies with it. I was already making the transition to raw foods by the time I got the book; I just had not implemented eating raw meat. I had been consuming raw milk for three years.

The way eating raw meat made me feel was phenomenal! Just after three days my body order went away, my hair was nice and soft, the oil in my hair was not making me feel dirty like I have to shampoo everyday. My skin felt softer, my teeth felt stronger, as my body
did and my legs. My toothache went away! I thought I would have to have another root canal. But, wow I cant believe it, raw meat is a natural painkiller! I was waking up fully in my body and not groggy. However I was a little giddy and I loved myself more. If this is the only side effect than wow, give me raw meat every day! Plus, eating raw meat seems to have helped me to regulate my hormones. I really like not being over emotional and needy. I just feel fantastic! How wonderful is that? Life is so wonderful! I love life even more.
Lili Alice B. of Sonoma,California

"Aajonus helped me get over sciatica in a week by following his instructions!!!" Paul C. San Leandro, California

"I love milk and I couldn't drink the milk from the store. I would get cramps and other unpleasant symptoms. I can drink and enjoy the raw milk without any problems." Liana D.

I have tried chelation therapy, a macrobiotic diet, low-fat-low sugar diet among others in my search for wellness. The primal diet has far surpassed everything else I have tried in its ability to improve the functions of my body in 6 months, as you can read below

constipation-diarrhea, store stomach - gone
lump in right breast largely gone
reduced medication by half after 2 weeks, no problem
hypoglycemia under control
pounding heart lessened
blood count normal for me the first time in my life
still problem with sleeping all night
abated symptoms of the thyroid over-activity that caused morning shakes, palpitations and sweats.
Skin stopped itching for the most part, dryness is much less
Still have swelling in leg and fingers from medication
Keratoses has not been a problem now that I am eating good fats
Nervousness and agitation much less a problem
Plenty of energy to do whatever I want

Three year after following [Aajonus's] Primal Diet about 80% of the time, I am enjoying better health than I have for years. I am now 73 years old and take no prescription medications, and no vitamins or other supplements. While there are times when problems arise, such as angina or sluggish bowel from taking antibiotics during cataract surgery. Aajonus has a formula for making it all better. With patience and careful attention to his directions the problem is completely or partially resolved.

I am grateful that Aajonus has been motivated to spend the time and money on the research necessary to develop the Primal Diet. He has taken information which, for the most part, has been around for years and put it into a workable diet plan which is useful, useable, and effective. Thank you, Aajonus, for taking the trouble to share the wealth of your knowledge with the rest of us who so greatly benefit from it all.

Donna Robertson, southern California
I have never had (what I call) a 'politically correct' diagnosed disease (cancer, cerebral palsy, et al) - the ailments for which society sympathizes (and rightfully so). I was a non-functional human being for 5 years, that whole time told by western medicine that I was as healthy as a horse . . . but because I seemed to be a bit down, they would be happy to prescribe antidepressants. Then they finally told me I had fibromyalgia, and would be happy to prescribe antidepressants. A friend told me I was menopausal and I passed this information on to my doctor. He rolled his eyes, explained that I was too young for that (42), but consented to doing the blood tests anyway. Surprise, surprise, I was post-menopausal, and he suggested I start hormone replacement therapy. I refused to fill any of the prescriptions, which led to my doctor telling me that if I wasn't going to take his advise, why was I asking him? He was right. I turned to acupuncture.
I was exhausted and in bed most of the day, although I never slept. I had a lot of muscle pain, mostly on my right side (head, neck, shoulder, leg, foot). Migraines that made me wish I were dead, though I would never have been brave enough to take my own life. Dental pain so severe that I begged every oral surgeon I could find to pull all my teeth (none would). My teeth were also so sensitive to heat and cold that I could not open my mouth to smile in the winter, and I had to microwave yogurt before I could eat it. Then there were the menopause symptoms, all severe - hot flashes, night sweats, brain fade, bloating, stomach cramps. Sciatica in my right leg. I had problems with certain chemicals for many years prior. Things like gasoline, weed killers, carpet shampoos and other strong cleaning agents. Sometimes I would have an instant woozy reaction to a smell, and at other times I would wake up feeling like I had a hangover, then try to figure out what I had gotten into the day(s) before that caused the reaction. When I was a child, I had bouts with horrible blistering behind my knees and elbows. The doctors then (in the '60's) said it was a nervous condition (the problem was in my head, wink, wink). I have family and acquaintances, today, who feel that my ailments were all in my head.
When I gave up on western medicine, I had all the metals removed from my mouth, and started acupuncture at the same time. My acupuncturist was also an herbalist, and did many other types of treatments (magnetic, for example). He told me I had severe chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue syndrome. For the first time in my life, I had someone telling me that I had every right to feel as horrible as I did - that I was, in fact, very ill. He could help me. It was music to my ears. I had an immediate, positive response to his treatments, and for a year I did wonderfully, only to regress to the same sorry state I was in before I met him.
By this time I had a wide circle of sick friends. Kathleen (whom I met at the acupuncturist's office) was a sweet little lady who was so frail that you might think a hug would break her. One day I noticed a sparkle in her eyes, and rosiness in her cheeks. I knew right away she was on to something, and asked her what she was dong. She did not want to tell me. I had to choke (!) the information out of her. When she came up gasping for air, she was muttering, " Aajonus . . . Aajonus Vonderplanitz". OK, I thought, now she is incoherent, but she is still ON TO SOMETHING!!
She had only been eating the raw diet for two weeks, and there I was, observing an obvious improvement. I ordered "We Want to Live" that day, and read it in one sitting. It all seemed so simple, so logical, so RIGHT.
That was three years ago. As I mentioned, I stopped all other treatments and concentrated solely on the diet. With the exception of the dairy, I have never enjoyed the diet. I eat to fuel my body. I have had steady improvement for the entire time, which is the reason (a very BIG reason) why I have stuck to the plan. I have all the normal cravings (salt and sugar) and, being human, cave in to them from time to time. I suffer ill effects when I do, but I've learned not to beat myself up about it, and then I get back down to business.
I gained weight easily (40 lbs), probably because of my love for the dairy (ice cream every day). After two years, I had a consult with Aajonus. I expressed concern that I was not detoxing because I had had so few symptoms (just two separate days of diarrhea and one six hour cold). I did have a series of blisters that moved around very systematically in my mouth for over a year. As each blister opened, I would have tenderness for a few hours. Something I could easily live with. The iridology confirmed that I had, in fact, been detoxing by leaps and bounds. He said my weight gain was the buffer.
As for the weight gain . . . I love the way I feel, and I hate the way I look. It's especially difficult with warm weather approaching again. I woke up one night, not long ago, to a message (dream?) - my body was telling me that I am now healthy enough to lose the weight. We'll see.
I am now sleeping soundly, ~ 6 1/2 hours each evening, with wonderful dreams, waking refreshed and with abundant energy. My body still determines when I sleep. I cannot fall asleep before 12:30 am. If I lay down before that, I just stare at the ceiling. (Just the last two evenings, though, I drank a glass of warm milk, and was able to fall asleep an hour earlier. I'll see if that continues.) If I set an alarm clock, I do not feel good all day. But I am waking up naturally around 7 am each morning, so I cannot complain.
I have occasional minor stiffness in my right shoulder and right leg. Again, I cannot complain. Aajonus said I had quite a buildup of toxins in those areas, so these may be mild detoxes. I believe the day is near when I will be completely symptom free and 40 lbs lighter. 🙂 I plan to continue with the primal diet for the whole of my life.
As an aside, when I started 'coming out of the closet', family and friends were generally fascinated and full of questions. (Again, with the winking.) Even though I do not 'preach', it appears I have lost many friends. I have come to the conclusion that many of them do not want to see me doing well. The primal diet might be a threat to them . . . They do not want to think that their quest for that 'magic pill' is unattainable - that they might actually have to take responsibility for themselves. A fate worse than death, some have said. How sad.
I guess it DOES have a lot to do with what is in our heads . . .
Love to all,
Joy Green
51 years old
P.S. Kathleen is also doing very well [on Aajonus's Primal Diet].

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