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This is a special moment
 Not only do we have a newly transcribed full Primal Diet Workshop;

we also have 2 important bonuses! Please read through my entire (brief) message here to see what is yours because you are (or can become) a subscriber.

First, the transcript includes Aajonus giving details he has never given elsewhere. To view this now,

log in with your user name and password then check in. He is among friends so is casual and comfortable about giving details he has never given before – for example what happens when you eat only egg whites, not the yolk. Or what happens if you only eat the yolk.
In this Primal Diet Workshop, Aajonus talks comfortably about himself, (about things I never knew and I will bet you didn’t either) the Primal Diet (TM) and what those intending to do the diet strictly are often missing.

Bonus #1: we now have our own community – the forum within the website for subscribers only
(log in with your user name and password first)This is where you can really open up and feel at home. There have been attempts to connect the members of our community in facebook and other pages but now it is our own.

Log in then see the link in the Member Content dropdown menu:

It may look huge but realize it is just now being released broadly to subscribers. Go ahead and post something; you can add to it later. Let us know where you are.

Bonus #2: The audio recordings of the last 7 times Aajonus spoke publicly. This will be accessible through the end of July then 7 more recordings will be posted. To you as a subscriber, there is no cost. Contact me at for more details.
Highest regards, Jim

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If you have arrived to this page after clicking an article, this means that you are not currently a subscriber or are looking to subscribe. Continue to read and find the details regarding becoming a subscriber. Here is what some subscribers says:

I have finally had time to peruse the website. How great is this?!? Makes it soooo easy to not only stay on the diet, but inspire you to try new recipes while guiding you in happy healing. LOVE IT!
Thanks to all for all their hard work.

-- M.S.

Thank you for all that you have done over the years to get Aajonus's work out there to those who need it.
I for one know my life would be in a much different place today if it weren't for his work, and many facets of it would have been very difficult to access without your continuing efforts. You are appreciated!

-- Lucas S.

The Q & A's are fantastic because most importantly you end up with a much deeper understanding of everything - it's like having Aajonus there to ask lots of questions about everything until you really get it. Also there are always little tweaks you can do with your routine to increase detox, healing etc that can be picked up with this information. With every new Q & A session I read I always pick up at least one very valuable piece of information that I did not know before. The more you understand, the better you'll be able to look after yourself, and others.

The topics are wide and varied. It's hard to give one example of how I have personally benefited because there are so many. His head was so full of valuable knowledge. Q & A sessions are like picking the brain of the expert. The expert that I trust more than anyone else.

-- Amanda G.

"This library of seminar transcripts represent dozens of hours of Aajonus’s work and how his research had evolved over the years. It is an invaluable reference resource that I draw upon when seeking Aajonus’s opinion on the conflicting world of nutrition. We are indebted to Jim Ellingson for his dedication and hard work in bringing us this body of knowledge."

-- Randy Roach, Author of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors

There is a ton of info here. I have read through much of it, and yet I feel there is so much more that I can learn from. It never ceases to amaze me how prolific Aajonus was in regards to the amount of knowledge he had - it is just astounding. No other nutritionist that I am familiar with even comes close to the level of mastery that I feel he had achieved with health and diet.

-- B.G. Los Angeles

Follow The Trail Of Research

To follow the trail of raw research about human health by a world class nutritionist, subscribe to the Primal Diet newsletters – all archived for you – along with articles dating from the publication of his first book. Read essays written during these decades. You will additionally receive MANY media interviews.

Primal Diet Of Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Click here to see answers and topics covered in the first two years of Primal Diet newsletter archives

Here is a paragraph requested by several members of the Facebook group The Primal Diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz:

Here is the segment of the Q&A I am currently proofreading:

"The bubonic plague, the black plague... Do you know what that was from? England was making their first killing on a big product besides salt and tea from China: coal. They sold coal. People were burning coal in their homes, cooking with it, heating their homes. Do you know what’s in coal? Mercury vapors. A hundred and ten years of that and what happens to all generations? You’ve got three generations full of mercury in their lungs. Finally it breaks down and it takes three generations for a whole civilization to disintegrate according to Pottenger's work and Howell's work. So all you have is this lung disintegration. It didn’t happen to the people who lived on farms; they were still burning wood. They didn’t get the bubonic plague or the black plague. In was only in their cities where all this coal was being burned."

Here are a few questions answered in Q&A sessions, that are now available to subscribers:

Here are some of the topics covered in the group interview (Q&A) of November 20, 2005.

  • fine points of making coconut cream
  • natural make-up for women
  • what are dark berries for? What are light berries for?
  • What is good for breaking down toxicity and scar tissue in the intestines?
  • A case history shrinking and eliminating a cancerous tumor on a musician's face caused by smoke/spray-filled rooms
  • An easy way to get rid of wrinkles in the skin
  • What is cream good for & what is butter good for?
  • What is the difference between detoxifying by bacteria and parasites vs. by virus?
  • ...about teeth, dental implants, root canals, infection
  • Should you work with bacteria or against it?
  • What do antibiotics do in the body?

in the group interview (Q&A session) of Feb. 22, 2009:

  • Aajonus' latest heavy detox..., use of bone marrow, how to keep cheese from molding
  • storing cheese at room temperature, various things about rotten eggs, naps
  • how to stay alert all day, liver spots – what they are and what to do about them
  • about the back and vertebrae, dealing with rattlesnake bite, good foods during pregnancy
  • what to do about skin wrinkles, aches in teeth, advice for recovering from surgery
  • mattresses & beds, detoxing through your teeth, proportions of red meat to white meat
  • antibiotic substitute, goat milk vs cows milk, better skin, ideal food for a child under seven, cold hands and feet

In another Q&A session we hear about his very fast recovery from the first accident in Thailand at the beginning of 2004. He also gives vital data about starting out on the Primal Diet, about yeast, about candida, details about honey under various conditions, truly natural skin care, improving soil through minerals, constipation remedies, too much protein?, raw fat amounts, pH percentages, acidity, cholesterol, royal jelly, freezing, egg cures, glaucoma, coconut cream, allergies, skeletal and spinal problems, how much green drink, sugar addiction and any exception regarding supplements.

Aajonus told me exactly what he wants from the subscriber portion of the site (restated in my own words):
A site where those who are truly interested will have access (with a user name and password) to search and find what Aajonus says in all of his written works.
To accomplish this, I need to a) collect all of his works and b) make them searchable. I have a good head start on the collection part - including the Primal Diet newsletters, articles, interviews and essays that are already in the site.
There are expenses involved so the subscription amount has remained the same. Also once the new Trustee of The Right to Choose Healthy Food Trust is in place, a percentage will be forwarded to that trust, as Aajonus would have wanted. The Right to Choose Healthy Food Trust has a very important role in making good food available now and in the future.

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from someone upon hearing a recorded Q & A session with Aajonus:

Listening to one of the Q&As..., I learned some very very important things, or was reminded of them. I didn't understand why I would sometimes become so unhappy, so frustrated, so antsy, so irritable, when I was working hard at things that required long times of concentration at the desk. Hearing the Q&A reminded me that Aajonus had noticed I had an unusually high number of activity rings in my eyes -- 9 or 10 it was, and he told me that I actually NEED to do some physical activity every hour or two during the day. I don't have to be an exercise nut (as I was my first 45+ years, resulting in broken knees etc.), I just need to let myself get up and do SOMEthing, even housework or walk around the block or drive to the store, etc. So while I kept my heavy work load, I began giving myself that again. It was as if a hammer had been lifted from my head, as if someone had filled my world with sunshine again. Amazing. How did I ever forget that? What else have I forgotten of the precious wisdom he gave?

What You Get

Within the membership pages, you will find the articles and information used by Primal Dieters with the following successes (just a few of hundreds of customer testimonials):

  • Health and Wellness - the precise research into how raw food affects your overall health and wellness, food preparation and exact eating schedules to improve your health and what foods you can eat to handle specific health conditions.

    I have had bones removed from my feet just to be able to walk and have had both hips replaced. [Now, on your Primal Diet], the difference in recovery is totally amazing! I have healed at a much faster rate with little or no medications. I was taking injections twice a week for my arthritis the month before surgery but haven’t had any since.”
    - Pearle, Helena, MT

  • How those on the raw food diet have reverted cancerous conditions as well as the raw diet plans and nutritional information they used to overcome these conditions.

    Thank you for your book and all your research.
    I read it just as I discovered the possibility of a recurrence of breast cancer. I postponed some of the usual tests, so I could eat [foods you recommended]. Now several weeks have gone by, and my site of the problem seems to be getting much better. The wound is crusting over and getting smaller.
    -- Nancy D

  • How heart conditions - even such severe conditions as heart issues, palpations, etc... have been reported as healed using the raw foods diet plan by Aajonus. Within your new membership area you will find the articles, videos and information they used to bring about such results. Here is one such result:

    Months before going on the diet Aajonus recommended, I started recording my average heart rate after each regular strenuous exercise program. My average heart rate was increasing, quite alarmingly actually, but since I've been on the raw food diet even with a more strenuous exercise program of up to 13,000 jumps at a time using a boxers jump rope, my heart rate at the end of exercising has been steadily and significantly decreasing [from 177.7 to 120.6 in one year].
    - Pem W., 57 years old

Some of the additional things you will find as a part of your membership are:

  • How do you make juice and save time
  • How to find quality sources of food
  • Find friends on the diet and connect with the community
  • How does Aajonus do things in the kitchen
  • How to detox smoothly
  • How to shop for the best items
  • How to find chickens that are not fed soy
  • How to prepare meat dishes

Healthy Life Expectancy - Official Statistics

A brief editorial from the webmaster of the site

There are charts kept both by the United Nations and by the CIA including a ranking of healthy life expectancy in each country.

How is it that the USA was ranked 24th in the 1999 chart and 36th in the 2005-2010 chart?

Where are we heading? And why? If you live in another country, are the statistics on health getting better or worse – and why?

Raw Food Benefits

We – as mankind - have had the technology since 1969 by which to land men on the moon and get them back safely.

Don't tell me we couldn't have figured out how to conquer disease so each of us lives a long and fulfilling life! This is why I mention the smoking gun.

We not only could have found routes to better health, but WE CAN DO SO NOW. It is not too late. The raw food diet can play a crucial role in our recovery and in our ability to live healthy lives.

Our shortcoming has not been technology. We - as mankind - are lacking in organization and coordination – such as setting of priorities – and instead get completely mired down by political and economic factors which are not always geared to our own interests in bettering our health.

Our problems are ethical problems now. If we could harness the technologies we have now in an ethical, unified and coordinated manner our lives would be much better.

Aajonus is a world class nutritionist. In the process of researching to find what are actually the best sources of nutrition for humans, he has run across some parties whose interests are not what is best for the consumer but what is best for their particular faction – for example, the big pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

In the newsletters and other interviews, you will discover details of how these interests oppose our good health and what you can do so they do not affect your good health and the health of your loved ones.

As a NEW subscriber for the low price of $85 annually (or $22.95/month if you prefer), you will get access to an archive of Primal Diet newsletters. In this password protected area, read decades of interviews and essays. In Primal Diet newsletters, Aajonus is writing for people who have some familiarity with his books and for people that he can trust with sometimes surprising or even disturbing findings. Aajonus always gives us answers for the problems and never leaves us stranded in worry and fear.

The password protected part of the site is growing tremendously over the next year to include transcriptions of 12 years of 'question and answer' sessions - around two hours each, full audio recordings of specific Primal Diet Workshops delivered on various parts of the world, and much much more. This data compilation project started years ago; the pace has been accelerated by public demand. Aajonus is no longer with us. We now are in the position where it is really important for each of us to understand how our bodies work and what to do in various circumstances, with certain challenges.

This is a $125.00 value and in one place, right here, right now! In these newsletters Aajonus can 'tell it like it is' without restraint because his subscribers are special people who seek the truth about health and nutrition. There is no need to wait longer to find out important information to assist you to achieve health goals you would like to set for yourself.

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