If Most Published Medical Studies Are Biased and/or Corrupt, Why Do We Still Believe Them ?

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition

Over the last decade, investigational studies found that doctors who participated in pharmaceutical-company-sponsored drug trials more often prescribed that company's drugs, and that clinical trials funded by pharma companies more often reported favorably for the drug. Many “scientists” failed to disclose their financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry and wrote biased and/or junk scientific determinations of trials that were published. In an attempt to harness such corruption, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) made its conflict-of-interest policy more stringent. (Journal of the American Medical Association July 12, 2006; 296(2): 220-221.) However, with the many ways to hide financial transactions, it is not likely to stop much of the medical/pharma corruption.

JAMA’s tougher policy seems to be a responsive twitch to the news that 13 authors of a published scientific paper about an antidepressant were paid by the manufacturer. The article stressed adverse health effects on pregnant women who stopped taking the antidepressant. The lead author received funding from at least eight pharma companies. That was just one of many conflicts of interest that had been an issue for articles in JAMA.

Considering that all drugs are non-biochemical constructions of laboratory chemicals, they all create side effects, usually long-term as well as short. Consider that all hormone and hormone replacement drugs are made of laboratory chemicals. The so-called natural hormones are not natural at all. They have no relationship to hormones in our bodies. At best, the so-called natural hormones are made from hydrogenated vegetable oils that have the same molecular structure as plastic, and from chemically treated proteins, such as from soy. The only thing that was natural about them is that some of the ingredients were derived from food. However, after processing, they are far from natural and nothing is left but chemicals of varying toxicity.

If we intend to remain as naturally healthy with optimal functions until natural death, theoretically, the only way is to treat the body the way that it has maintained itself for most of the last 4 millions years by eating raw, without industrial chemicals.