Gout Relief from Pain and Swelling

My Bout with Gout

I am writing a brief description of my bout with gout because I am so much better now and I should let people know about it.
In April 2005 my left hand swelled enormously and hurt like mad like ground glass, like being pricked with pins and like being stepped on all at the same time. I went to the emergency ward of a hospital. They determined it was not life threatening, except for the medical bill which followed.

In June, I found out it was gout. I started taking the recommended pill which did cut back the pain for a while. My hand was in too much pain to move it, so I lost the use of it. Amazingly enough, it stuck in the open position & I could only close my fingers a small bit.

In the first few months, I had two rounds of taking the gout pills 3 times a day for a week or so then cutting back.
For the next few months I could go 3 days between pills then all the hurting would come back so I would have to take another pill. This was all overseen by a medical doctor. She said at some point I would need to quit taking the pills altogether but did not give me a clear-cut path as to how to achieve that. The pain shifted somewhat to the bottoms of my feet around then.

I saw Aajonus

Then I saw Aajonus at a local potluck three months ago and noted his recommendations for toning this down to the point where I don’t need to take the pills and can just handle it myself. I followed his recommendations pretty closely.
I am happy to say that I have been ten days now since the last pill. The pain has not come back and I don’t expect that it will. My left thumb is a little bigger than the right and a bit more sensitive, and my left hand does not close quite as tightly as my right but pretty darn close.

This recovery is not considered likely or even possible by the medical professionals, even the specialist who diagnosed it. I have since found that at the exact same age my father got gout that caused him to quit working, sell his business and go on full time disability for the rest of his life. Gout supposedly is hereditary.

You can certainly appreciate how pleased I am to have the use of both hands and without any pain.  It gives me a feeling of confidence that it is possible to handle things that come up, and to know that this sort of restoration is possible.

JE 62 years old

P.S. I just heard from JE who at age 74 hasn't had any gout for at least 10 years, except when visiting relatives and eating shrimp that were frozen then extremely cooked.  The soreness in the left big toe went away in just under 2 months on the regular Primal Diet without doing anything special.

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  1. Were you eating raw meat prior to this? What were the recommendations made
    By Aajonus?

    Were you then and or now on the primal diet before the gout situation?

    Thanks Jim

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