Getting Pregnant excerpt – May 9, 2009 Primal Diet workshop

Two years ago I went to a do a workshop in Dayton Ohio, and I walked into this big church and there were a couple hundred people there to hear the free lecture, and three couples came up before the lecture started and said, one of them said "we have been trying to have a baby for 11 years. We've been to fertility clinics and did everything. Just a year on your diet and we were pregnant. And they said we don't do all the raw meat and all that very often but we did all of the milk shakes, two milk shakes a day and we drank some vegetable juice and we had extra eggs and mainly did the dairy. And we got pregnant" And all these three couples met at the fertility clinic where they were spending tens of thousands of dollars. One couple got pregnant on a month on the diet.

Another couple got pregnant three months on the diet. And they been gone anywhere from 6 to eleven years without getting pregnant. It is your FOOD that makes the difference in your functionality, not drugs, not hormone replacement.

It is all tactics to make money and to keep you just as confused and to keep you buying. Oh you are not taking it up! You are also doing something wrong! It is always some excuse and not the truth. The truth is always what you eat, always...

Note: the full audio recording from which this is excerpted is part of Aajonus - Collected Audio Recordings, see /shop/aajonus-collected-audio-recordings/


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