Follow A Recipe For Living Without Disease. The Dangers Of Genetically Engineered Foods

We Want To Live: A Recipe For Living Free of Disease Acknowledge The Dangers Of Genetically Engineered Foods And Eat Only Organic And Raw Foods

In order to live in the way we want to live, it is important to follow an organic and raw food diet. This is the only true recipe for living without disease.

Unlike other diets that have garnered attention, such as the eskimo diet and vegetarian diets, raw food diet plans have been proven to have positive effects when they involve raw food diet recipes, best created from only organically grown foods that have not been altered in any way.

Far too many people have chosen to ignore the dangers of genetically engineered foods, even when creating raw food diet recipes.

These foods can potentially alter the gene pools of vegetation in manners that can cause pure varieties to become extinct. As these genetically altered plants cross-breed with pure varieties, they can become the dominant variety and literally choke out non-hybrid breeds.

The thought of hybrid plants taking over the gene pool is particularly disturbing because the dangers of genetically engineered foods on the health of humans are still unknown. If these super plants were to take over, and we later learned that the plants have harmful effects on human life, how could we possibly reverse the damage that has been done?

The lack of answers to this question and several other questions surrounding the dangers of genetically engineered foods has caused many countries to ban growing these foods. In addition, many countries will not accept produce from the United States because they cannot be certain hybridization has not taken place.

If we want to live long and healthy lives that are free of disease, we must incorporate raw food diet recipes into our lifestyles and select those that have been organically grown. This is the only recipe for living without disease a recipe that has stood the test of time! These are the foods you will find recommended in Aajonus Vonderplanitz' book: The Recipe for Living Without Disease.

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