Fats and Cholesterol Made Simple

Q: You say that cells of cooked fats are 10 times larger in the body than normal.

A: 10 to 50.

Q: 10 to 50, so how come a lot of people that are eating cooked fat are skinny?

A: They don't hold fat, they don't digest it properly, they pass it through their bodies.

Q: There are hundreds of people who eat the same [cooked fat] diet and they are skinny or slim. I just wondered why that is.

A: They don't metabolize their fats. Well, they metabolize their fats but they don't absorb and digest them properly. They are for other things besides protecting the body. They may burn it as fuel but they don't do well in protecting their tissues.

See, there are three varieties of cholesterol. There's the variety that coats everything, the fat that protects, the fat that burns, and the fats that clean. To clean the system the body makes solvents with that, soaps, to clean the body. So they may have the one that metabolizes the fat, but they don't make the soaps well and they don't make the protection well. And you can tell that if they have very dry skin like a lot of your athletes. They'll burn the fats but they don't metabolize the cholesterol that help lubricate and protect their skin and the rest of their internal tissue, cells.

Q: What were those three again?

A: Lubrication, fuel, well lubrication is protection as well, Fuel and cleansers.

Fats that Clean

Q: The fats that clean are soaps?

A: Those are soaps, like virus. Just like all soaps are made from petroleum, we used to… - 60 to 80 years ago - 80 to 90% of all soaps were made with coconut, coconut fat. Now they're using petroleum - chemicals derived from gasoline, kerosene - to clean things. That penetrates and damages the cell. Coconut cream is fine. That didn't damage the body even if it was mixed with lye. Now you get everything as chemical; nothing is clean. And if you take the coconut cream when it's soured, you use that as soap. Mix it with a little water and lather up, there's your soap. Good soap. 

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