Enduring and Persisting Through Difficult Detoxification

By Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PHD Nutrition

As I promised in my last newsletter, I will update you on my health condition as a result of the forced anesthesia and injections in this newsletter. I will focus on my detoxification. Since most detoxifications are treated with drugs/medication or supplements by medical doctors and "alternative" practitioners, I will discuss why I do not utilize them, ever.

What Are Drugs And Supplements ?
Drugs are industrial chemicals combined in different ways to create a change in bodily conditions. Industrial chemicals have no relationship to nourishment. Nourishment grows, maintains and renews the body every moment that food passes through our digestive tracts. As food passes through, usually in 24 hours, bacteria digest and release nutrients in the food that gives us energy, vitality and bodily stability, that is homeostasis.Drugs cannot create homeostasis. In fact, they create the opposite. They create disease and suffering. If we were to try and live on medication and supplements without food, we would quickly become ill and die. Even eating ultra-processed foods can quickly make us sick and diseased as proved in the documentary "Supersize Me". In the film, the subject ate nothing but McDonalds "wholesome" food for 30 days. He gained about 30 pounds, diabetic symptoms, depression and anxiety in just 30 days.

ALL supplements are chemically derived even if they are from food sources. In order to isolate a nutrient from food, heat and industrial solvents must be utilized. In "natural" supplements, kerosene, kerosene-derivatives and/or ethyl alcohol are used. Although they are considered natural, they are highly toxic, and to varying degrees damage animal/human cells. Kerosene, ethyl alcohol and other industrial processes are used to dissolve food from which substances will be extracted and negatively alter those substances sought.

Do we think that rinsing it will eliminate the solvents or are they etched into food molecules and sub-particles? What chemicals are formed with the interaction of the solvents and food? Would we soak our food in kerosene or ethyl alcohol for 30 minutes, rinse it for 30-45 seconds and eat it? That is a mild scenario of the industrial process. Laboratories usually soak food for 6-10 hours to dissolve it and rinse for 30-180 seconds.

Then they use various industrial processes to isolate parts of the dissolved food that they will sell as nutrients. All nutrients are complex. Once nutrient-complexes are separated, they no longer function as holistic nutrients, causing accumulation of fragmented nutrient-parts and imbalances. That does not include the kerosene or alcohol contamination within the so-called "nutritional" supplements. Deformed fragment and solvent toxicity accumulates, causing great imbalances on cellular levels.

In order for a company to grow and process foods to isolate and extract so-called concentrated "nutrients", they would have to produce at least 20 supplements to gain a profit. They would have to isolate at least 20 separate "nutrients" that they can package and sell in order to profit.

If, for instance, a company produced only 1 supplement from a specific food that they grew, one bottle or even one pill would cost about $1000 yet still not be truly natural and complete.

Vitamin E
For example, how many units of vitamin E are in one ear of corn to make one low-dose vitamin E capsule containing 100 I.U.? If the company and lab are very very lucky, they might derived 50 I.U. from one ear of corn, that is only 1/2 capsule. The average cost to grow one ear of corn is 50 cents.

First, let's take a brief look at vitamin E. Vitamin E from food sources is listed as "d-alpha-tocopherol" on food packaging and supplement labels. Synthetic (laboratory-made) vitamin E is listed as "dl-alpha-tocopherol". Some food-sourced vitamin E supplements provide other forms that are vitamin E-related, such as gamma-tocopherol, tocotrienols, and mixed tocopherols. They constitute the vitamin E complex. All of those must be present to utilize vitamin E efficiently to accomplish the many things that our bodies perform with it. Some people take large doses because they believe or hope that doing so will keep them healthy or lower their risk of certain diseases.

The myth is that we have to derive vitamin E from food or supplemental sources. The truth is that our bodies create vitamin E from completely raw natural fats through healthy natural bacterial processing during digestion. If digestion is healthy and uncontaminated, during digestion, our bodies' intestinal bacteria not only fractionate food molecules but redesign them, including the production of vitamin E. Cooking, processing and chemically treating food destroys creative bacteria in our intestines, causing massive deficiencies such as vitamin E. Consequently, absence of vitamin E causes oxidization and other toxic substances that result in symptoms of aging.

Returning to vitamin E manufacturing, the wastes remaining from "natural" supplemental processes are 99.9999% of the corn. Waste is voluminous and very expensive as well as harmful to environments. Therefore to be profitable a company and/or lab making the vitamin must find other uses for all of that waste. Most food manufacturers sell waste as animal feed that will grow inferior and diseased animals for meat, diary and eggs. All animals have grown and been vital on their natural raw diets, disease-free for millions of years. As Hippocrates stated, let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Processed chemicallized fodder is not a natural diet to any creature.

In "natural" supplement-manufacturing what actually happens is, a well-meaning person representing a company approaches representatives at laboratories and asks for bids or estimates for cost of producing an "all natural" vitamin supplement. The lab wants the work. The representative tells the company representative that they will produce an "all natural" supplement in which they will not add or use any thing that is not a natural substance. Usually, no one knows that ethyl alcohol and kerosene will be used since they are "natural" solvents.

Most supplemental companies do not grow or utilize raw food from which they derive their "natural" supplements. To make products viable and profitable for both parties, the lab goes to food-manufacturers and buys their waste. Food-manufacturers sell their waste (already chemically and industrially processed with thousands of chemicals) to the lab. The lab dissolves the waste without adding new chemicals that are not "natural". They use the "natural" solvents mentioned above: ethyl alcohol, kerosene and/or kerosene derivative. They label their supplements "All Natural". NO SUPPLEMENT IS TRULY NATURAL, ORGANIC AND BIOACTIVE.

Now, let's consider the composition of synthetic vitamin E. It is made by combining industrial chemicals completely unrelated to food. They are as able to create real vitamin E as laboratories are able to build an apple from chemicals. It is impossible and ludicrous to make such claims. It simply cannot be done.

In fact, did you know that most synthetic vitamin E is the byproduct of film-developing chemicals? Film-developing chemicals are extremely toxic. They are expensive to contain and dispose of the waste. Sometime in the 1960's a scientist noticed that petroleum-based film-developing fluid waste looked about 70% like vitamin E. Instead of film-developing companies paying enormous costs of waste disposal, they diversified into processing and selling the toxic waste as vitamin E. Ninety-five percent of supplemental vitamin E consumed in the world is, or is very similar to, toxic filmdevelopment waste.

Controlling Fear and Panic During Illness (Detoxification)
Industrial toxins create all illness whether mild or severe diseases. The first thing that should be our concern is not to panic when faced with severe detoxification, even if deforming. Going to a medical or "alternative" doctor will usually result in the same experience, that is, terrorization followed by poisoning. They will terrorize you into believing the worst-case scenario.

They are trained to scare the "living daylight out of you". Literally, that means to scare you senseless and stupid. They will convince you with chemistry nonsense, microbial and auto-immune myths and other horror stories to confuse you into accepting harmful substances or "therapies" whether they be medication or supplements.

Herein, I chose to document and share my grueling experience with you so that if such detoxification happens to you, you do not panic and seek harmful medical help. Since all such detoxifications are the result of industrial toxins accumulated and stored in the body, the cause is never bacterial, fungal, or parasitical. Taking antibiotics may stop the detoxification of stored industrial chemicals but does not remedy the problem.

The problem is that stored industrial toxins cause internal imbalances and damage. Taking an antibiotic adds industrial toxins and causes more harm. In other words, the body simply changes its priority to harnessing and detoxifying the new industrial toxin that is the antibiotic, and suppresses detoxification of the old accumulated and stored industrial chemicals.

Since April 2, 2011 until September 7, 2011, my last annual detoxification from those forced injections and anesthesia caused severe attention deficit disorders when I attempted to write. The area in my brain relating to writing became unresponsive and agitated when I attempted to write complex thoughts. It took me 3-5 times longer to write anything. Consequently, my newsletters have been tardy.

Besides the brain disorder, I suffered shoulder, arm, chest, buttocks, leg and foot detoxification similar to those that occurred for 6 months immediately following the forced anesthesia and injections 19 months ago. Other symptoms I have endured since that time are:

  • low skin luster with grayish and/or greenish
    tones especially in legs
  • numbness of feet especially in soles
  • thick callused soles
  • deformed whitish or tarnished toenails, some as thick as 1/8 inch
  • severe increased hair loss on top my head
  • severe reduced ability to neutralize, dissolve and discharge industrial toxins from my skin, causing dryness
  • cellular death and scarring
  • appearance of aging from many dead cells in skin
  • sporadic farsightedness
  • loss of much sensuality, feelings, sexuality and 5 teeth
  • and every time I breath, I smell harsh chemicals even in remote forests.

Most of those symptoms are normal indications of "aging". However, that malignant aging is simply the result of industrial contamination gradually destroying cells.

My body moved much of the metallic and industrial chemical poisoning from forced injections into my lower legs, most of that settling/storing in and/or discharging out my feet in the last detoxification from April to September 2011. From indications in my irises, detoxification of injected industrial chemicals could take my body 3 more years to discharge the majority. I do not know yet how long it may take my body to correct cellular and functional damage, such as my sense of smell, sensuality and libido.

The following photos are of my detoxification that lasted from April 2, 2011 through September, 2011. During that detoxification, the 3rd since forced anesthesia and injections, I developed cancerous tumors at my outside ankle on my left foot throughout July and August and ending September 7th. I will explain how I treated that detoxification and tumors following the photos. I was in Asia when the detoxification began until I traveled to South Africa in May.

The sores on my neck, arms, shoulders, chest and buttocks were similar to those that occurred on my feet but they were few in comparison. I had one inside my right nostril that continued to seep and bleed from May through August. To save redundancy, I did not photo-record those and display them here except one on my left buttock and one of my right knee. Also, the sores on the rest of my body did not linger as did those on my feet.

As you will see in the progression of photos, the lesions were similar but different, indicating that different industrial chemical compounds released at different times, damaging the skin as they passed to the surface. The internal damage is not apparent but can be surmised from surface appearances. The internal pain was far more excruciating than the surface. I managed most of the pain with hot water soaks, hot tub soaks and hot water bottles applied to the most painful areas along with my various painformulas listed in my books.

I continued my normal diet while I was in Asia and South Africa. When I returned to USA June 24th, I began eating no-salt raw cheese frequently to draw any industrial toxins from blood and neurological fluid into intestines. Once I began eating cheese frequently, every 30-90 minutes, the detoxification mitigated. Upon doing the hot water foot and shin soaks every 3-5 days tremendously reduced damage to skin. I would have done the hot soaks more frequently but I was traveling, lecturing and consulting patients from 8 AM-9:30 PM every day and working on everything else through most of the nights, sleeping about 4 hours nightly.

Skin rashes began on April 2 and became bubbled, prominent and widespread by April 15th. The follow 7 photos were taken on April 15th: 4 of left foot, 1 of right shin and calf, 1 of right knee and 1 of swollen left buttock and upper thigh. Although both feet were involved, I recorded only the left foot because the detoxification was much more persistent and acute in my left foot.








The following 2 photos are 1 day later, April 16th. You can see how quickly the detoxification transitioned from mainly rash to oozing and blistering. Remember, this is NOT some ominous bacterial, fungal or parasitical cleanse, this was an industrial toxin discharge from forced injections. Some viral matter was involved simply because viruses are solvent detoxifications, not microbial. Therefore, DNA and RNA debris were present in dissolved fluids, that is, the fluids discharged from my feet.



The following 2 photos are from April 17th. Notice how much the rashes are seeping compared to the previous day and how jaundiced the foot is.



The following 2 photos are from April 18th; the industrial chemicals caused so much irritation and burn to
the cells that the skin reddened and foot swelled considerably.



The following 2 photo are from April 19th, showing the foot turned purple and 3 times more seepage that dried and hardened, some crystallized. When I removed some of the hardened seepage, it was flexible like plastic. When I tried to crush it, it did not flatten or break apart, just like plastic. Some of the injected matter from 19 months ago must have been a type of plastic polymer.



Late in the afternoons of April 19th and 20th, I soaked my feet and legs half way up my shins in 105° F. hot water with 2 ounces coconut cream and 3 ounces raw milk.

The next photo is from April 21, after having soaked the foot for 2 consecutive days, for 4 continuous hours each day. It shows a cessation of seepage but very chemically burned and damaged skin.


The following photo is from April 23, showing the detoxification subsiding and skin beginning to heal but little reduction in swelling. Remember that swelling is the result of increased nutrient circulation to the swollen area(s) for proper cleansing and healing.


The following 2 photos are from April 25th, showing that the detoxification cycle has begun again. Rather than redundancy, view the second set of photos above down these to see how the detoxification repeated itself.



The following photo was taken May 7th when malignant tumors began to form at the ankle.


As in April, all through May, June, July, August until September 7, the detoxification cycle pictured in all of the photos above repeated itself twice monthly. During August, kaposi sarcoma repeated itself 4 times at the left side of the left ankle as shown in the following photo of August 17th.


Finally, since September 7th, I have not experienced any more rashes, sores, swelling or tumors, including the kaposi sarcoma.

During August and the first week of September, I realized that if I soaked my feet daily in 105-107° F. water with 2 ounces of coconut cream, 1 T. sea salt and 3 ounces raw milk every 2-3 days for about 2 hours, the detoxification of chemicals exuded out the skin and into the water. The heat caused fluids to pass from lymph and blood into the connective tissue and perspire out the skin with very little skin damage.

The following photo was taken September 29th after 3 weeks of no radical detoxification and considerable healing. Notice how the toenails have improved in texture, color and tone.


Before abduction and forced injections: